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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hat making and Food and slacking!

*hugs* ohhh blogspot how i missed you soo. Well sorry i just have been alll over the place with the end of school which i passed both classed 70 math and 78 in sociology which math im not happy about but hey doing online which means teaching myself and not being in school for 4 years i think thats pretty damn good considering. Anywho photoshoot and making stuff still slowly working on my rag rug and of course the little V mister buttttt things shall improve i should start to post more....

Oatmeal cookies
Ok soooo cooking wise it hasnt been much since ya no the practically always on a diet and well yeah anywho i made those cookies for some cool people and did make a turkey burger with some veggies that was my ssplurge.!!

Omg isnt that awesome i MADE ITTTTT. soo cool see the lady who was supposed to make my custom hat lives in tennesse where that major flooding is so well leave it to me i can pull most stuff off and this i think i did well! Enjoyed it took me 5 mins cost about well hmm 3 for hat(clearnace at clairs had to rip of bunny ears) ice cream cones 4 each sheesh and well so 11$ but if you didnt have a glue and glue gun and the white mesh and skelton hand prolly 25ish$ but people sell these from anywhere from 15-80$ but mine isnt REAL GOOD QUALITY but ya kno. I want to sell it but want the skeleton hand for a necklace haha so boo i cant.

One outfit Dragon ink images , the corsett girl, sibyl vain clothing, OriJnel(me) , Komis Coture necklace & bracelet(she has an awesome blogspot u should check it out)https://feeds.feedburner
Yea krista is awesome such a pleasure to work with she sent them to me then i modeled the

Love this one too more to come but its a peek. Anywho so trilled wiht all the support from my friends with the comments and stuff and what can i say its my passion you can love me or critisize me you choose!!!
ps sry ive been majorrrr slackin on the tarot cards but yeah well i suck i guess