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Monday, January 27, 2014

Veona at Peepsfest 12-30-13
There is always so much to do from art areas to wildlife exhibits and many other activities.  It is always a pleasure and we look forward to it each year.  This year she wanted to be painted like hello kitty of course haha.  She colored in a guitar and I got some great pictures.  She also had a very great experience watching a woodsmen make her a custom top just for her.  Veona was intrigued and filled with such ambiance that not many children carry when it comes to watching someone make their own artistic creation and working in their own personal medium.  She enjoy watching with an eager eye how he spun and chipped away the wood.  I was so pleased with her it made me proud.  The man was a great friendly artisan and took time to give her undivided attention and explain the process.  He also gave her the choice or how it looked and the colors he used in it.  I will never forget it.  Truly was a good memory...for us both.  

 Veona with her guitar...

 The special Top experience

Build a bear.  Part of her birthday surprise and gift.  

Dave and I took Veona on a Sunday.  I love this picture of her... she truly is so beautiful.  

Dave always making me laugh:)

 She still wanted Mommys help:)  She is getting older 5 yanno;) and she likes to try to do as much on her own as she can but Mommy still gets to help at times too;)

 I cherish this photo.  The best one of us possibly all year.

 Very focused on Pure Sin creations lately.  Etsy is packed with newly made items and I am ready to tackle shows soon enough.  I also got a lot of peoples attention with these new necklaces and rings lately.  Feels good to bring in a new item that I like and others do too!


Sapphire and Dragons breath

Home made soup.  With kale;)  Yes I know I finally am on the band-wagon which i rarely do but I have been so swamped with kale this kale that lately I just gave in and wanted to try a recipe.  So I made cx soup with some kale.  Was great.  I am going to try to make something with kale 1x month.  Has many great health benefits but in moderation.  A new article just arose now that it may cause some thyroid issues if juiced or eaten too often.  Therefore, I will not eat a lot of it as I never really have.  Cauliflower seems to be the 2014 veggie they say and I have been eating that ironically more the last 3 years.  I have always been knowledgable in healthy eating never fully organic but always high protein and healthy due to always watching my weight and just wanting to be healthy.  I also have a better knowledge since my college nutrition course.  Very beneficial.  Also, now that I go to a gym and not just do pilates at home I see myself feeling and looking great!!  It has only been 1 and 1/2 months but the toning has started and the inches are coming off.  I always loved going to a gym but not until Veona was almost 5 could I join one.  I never had someone to watch her consistently, the time, or the money.  Luckily I can now.  Anywho the soup was wonderful.

Veona's 5th Birthday Adventures.

Started with cupcakes...of course.  So we went to acmoore and got a icing kit so they look professional and pretty to match the hello kitty birthday theme. 

 She wanted them purple with pink sprinkles and hello kitty wrappers.  She helped make the first batched and put all the sprinkles on.  Was nice:)  The goal was to make these, hello kitty cupcake cake that looked like hello kitty head, and ones with bows and individual hello kitties....well 6 hours later, hands cramping, and 50 cupcakes later here we are haha!!!
 Pretty happy with my first time using all pro stuff.  Also these are all homemade!!!  Turned out yummy too!

Twas my aunts birthday this week too so we made her a cake.  Was fun to try to ice it best I could and do lettering nice.  

Flowers Nanny sent from Seattle.  Veona screamed with joy when the mailman came with them on Saturday morning.  It was so sweet and made me so happy with how filled with joy she was from this.  Like Mommy she loves getting flowers and it made me feel wonderful.  The knock knock on the door and she ran and was so pleased to hear they were for her!  The screech and jumping up and down got me thrilled.  The day before her birthday and the fact that she got a whole bouquet made her feel like the best 5 year old on the planet!

Veona on her birthday Sunday Januaury 26th 2014

The party this year was at the sisters new house.  Its lovely, big, remodeled and felt perfect to host her 5th year party.  The weather has been awful here with snow and cold temps so many had to cancel but it was a really great day.  The sister and I did a lot.  Many decorations Veona was specific to have haha and other surprises.  

 Birthday sash!  Also she was spoiled with homemade cupcakes,
3 birthday cakes.  I made one, sister made other, and my mother got another.
(Hello kitty cupcake cake, hello kitty ice cream cake, and other cake from bakery)

I spent  a lot of time and effort to make this pretty and healthy.  I decided to use a heart cookie cutter to give a better theme of hello kitty love.  So heart shaped pbj, watermelon, cucumber, cheese, bananas and then other odds and ends.  Looked adorable and I was very proud and happy:)

Birthday hello kitty cake pinyatta   

 Present time & more

Indeed more cakes;)