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Friday, August 26, 2011

GT TV. New earrings :)

So I came across this last night as my insomnia really kicked in and well got consumed.  It brought back some great nostalgia of me and my extreme gamer knowlege and well my love for some games and graphics.  I can link it to some of my new items and got the gist on the new "rad" games coming about this fall and so fourth.  I think the most awesome thing is that the very first video game on the computer I ever played in the 90's which I am sure all of you know is coming out new.!!!
It is Counter Strike.  Gosh do I have vivid memories of playing this at my big brothers best friends house.  The shooting stabbing and so forth will never be forgotten in this epic game.  I really want it when it comes out in 2012 and will be waiting.
Also here is the link of this show
Neat people rating the new games coming out, their opinions, and the nerdy comments/advice.  I am happy to be caught up on it all as a matter o fact.

I must add I miss watching Halo, and Gears of War, and Call of Duty.  Even some others as well.  Do not forget old school either folks I do not even mean nintendo but tetras too!!!!

New Nerd Earrings!!!!

Computer number and letter earrings.  These "obviously" are number 8!!!
Neat ehhh.

So unfornutaly the hurricane Irene has caused me to have to cancel my art show tomorrow in Bethlehem which is the last one of the Bethlehem art walks. No worries though I have more to come in Emmaus and around other shows.  Plus my online shop guys!!!
check it!!!

How do you feel about these.  Recycling and neat idea huhh?  I find it fun.  I have so many other things but I sometimes feel to save them for the shows rather then online yanno.  Anywho just got done watching "the wheels of time" at our new home.  Happens every August where old time cars drive on main streeet past our home.  However, this year was epic.  A huge accident right next door occured.  This car pealed out.... as we call it "light it up" and knocked down lots of brick and such in the front of their home.  I feel bad but hey people asked for it and it was kinda sweet since no one was hurt.  People aorund here over react and well they asked for it.  The poor guy messed up his nice ass car and well go tin trouble with the police.  Tisk Tisk.  Anwho.
Good night

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breakfast with the V Monster this morning

Goodmorning all of you. This was my morning today :) Awesome thunderstorms and now packing for the move!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend full of Fun!!!!

Fair, Outdoor Fountain, Aunty Amy's, House work, Mall and so much more...

I love this one of Veona.  Its so. so. gahhhh funel cake face rawrrrrr!!
 Veona's first face painting time :)
 Fountain fun
 I love her little face here.  It reminds me of Veona's sister Trinity a bit.

 Promanade fountain.  So this was yesterday and today we went to the mall and played allllll day.  The promanade free day was all for kids and safety toys, fun and so much more.  We got sunglasses, hats, stickers, glitter, paint stuff, flowers, balloons, and photos for Free.  Very neat.

 Her new octopus squishy.  The new kiddo fad.  They are neat hell I love em too
 Fountain fun!!! So amazing to think that Veona was their at 7months old and now she is running around their having a blast.

 too cute!
 ahhhh balloon

The Easton fair

 This was soooo funny.  He was singing this "gator gator gator" CHOMP it was soo funny.  My sister and I were cracking up.  Loved it.

 Beautiful veona in her blue train cart on the cho cho
 bounce bounce
huge hot air balloon
 Veonas going fast weeeeeeeeee
Back to reading my book
watching breaking bad
Finishing school bookbag organizing and planning
Class tomorrow at 3
More house work
Oh and snacking haha

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smurf smurf smurf.

I took my daughter and niece to see "the smurfs" on saturday and it was cute.  It had some cute and funny parts, looked great quality wise, but was a tad too long.  They could have cut 20 or so minutes out of it and I would have been happy.  Also I could have done without the whole "jail" scene.  Kinda weird and did not really want my daughter seeing that,  however such is life.
 Veona getting silly later that night.  So halloween is coming soon whattttt should she be??? cat woman?? I shall let her pick this year.  I just got her a cute halloween shirt today that hhas an owl on it.  I love getting her sooo many halloween outfits since I let her wear them year round like me :)

So I my best friend nat and I got sooooo much done today and yesterday at our house.  Finised 2nd coat on kitchen.  First coat on living room and it just needs some touch ups.  Did half of the hallway.  And finally got the first coat on my room omgggggg boy was it work the past 2 weeks getting the wall paper down. Plastering, sanding lalalala good lord.  Well I am beat, sick of the smell of paint, cleaning the brushes all the time and dripping paint, dirty clothes, stinky pits, hurting body specially back and feet lol yea.
It looks sooooo wonderful though and feels so new and homey and cleaner since its all new.  I am soooo happy and loving it. Just dreading moving.  Gahhhh class starts Monday and Wednesday too from  22nd to 17th of December.  Oh man it will be a busy busy time of year once again.  I looked up all my teachers and I hear they are awesome online.  Plus the math dude is a hottie I hear woooot wooot got hots for teacher??? muahahha I love smart, dry humor, nerdy men. raaawr.  Next one? bahha we shall see.  For now gotta get this schtuff done.

Monday, August 15, 2011


A few today todays.... Fun, and so forth

My new book for pleasure to read love you gma


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well deserved relaxing/pampering

Well after a long 7 hr school work day.  I finally deserved a long relaxing night.  I had a great dinner, splendid bath, and great couple glasses of wine.  I finished 99% of my 3 classes today and have 1 final to take tomorrow.  I am sooooo jazzed.  It will be a long week of house work however ;/  But lets look on the brightside we are new homeowners to a wonderful house full of memories.  
 A new wine a tried.... It was ok.  Justa riesling I suppose.  However it was organic but I don't think I will get it again just because it did not realllllllly satisfy me.
 Wink. Ps I have some great new items I made from Pure Sin and I can not wait to share!!!!
 Yummy Asian bistro food.  My fav wine(you know that one ofcourse) and some miso soup with chicken rice veggies and spicey curry!!! muahahhaha
Bath time :) oh and exfoliating lol. ahhhhh

Off to read my book which has a sweet but sour memory.  I found this at my grandmothers on her chair beside her bed before I made it into Veonas room.  I told myself I should try to read it because my Gma always wanted me to read more and always said I would love to read.  It has been bittersweet.  The granddaughters name in the first pages of the book is Janelle.  I nearly fell.  I was soooooo flabbergasted and happy I was just shocked.  However, like all my friends asked me "did she ever mention that to you" sadly she did not.  But it is very very neat.
Nose is in the book within minutes guys.

Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse Tragedy, Indianapolis, Sugarland Conce...

This was awful! I screamed when I watched this video and I was not even there. If I were there I would of started crying. I mean what do you do??? Help the people under there. Run. Scream. Wow I would feel so helpless that stage was HUGEEe. My heart goes out to those 5 that died and 50 who were injured. OMGGGGG!!!!I do not watch the news often but last night when I heard of this I could not help but check it out. The whole event was dark, dreary with the thunder noise and so fourth. Wow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy week.

 Cutest panda piniata ever I did not want them to hit him.


The weather here the last week in Pa has been rainy :)
I am in soo need of it and boy the environment is too!

 However, My art show on Friday was a hot hot day.  It was not supppper busy but nice to be out.  This is the S side of bethlehem by the fahe bridge which when you cross it gets to the other place my shows are and musikfest which is still going on i believe.

 Us before the show
My new addition to my desk.  I love her.  Her name shall be suzy.
 Finals week.
grub and that homemade salsa is amazinggggg

veona :)
 Her new shirt she begggged for.  so cute
 Monster taking a ride.  Dont worry any animal activists he was having a ball and did not want to get out.  We love himmm soooo much and spoil him with nom noms
 The new art dom Athena got.

 Yesterday before we had to run 80 million errrands
xoxo of to study for finals and do more work.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Bethlehem is where it is at!!!! "Art Walk" "Musikfest" ya dig!

Tonights flyer!!! Isn't it Rad!!  I am really looking forward to tonight however, the traffic will be a downer.  It gets crazy in Bethlehem this time of year.  I love musikfest and all but the traffic kicks my bootaayy.  This is the first "move to the music" show they have done so we shall see :)  Regardless, it is a night out, being around awesome people, and doing what I do being involved in art and surrounded by creative people.  So lets do this guys :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Art walk woot woot!!!! I will be in it later this month on august 27th

Frist friday!!!

Bethlehem lineup for the next several months!!!

Musikfest is Epic.  
This year does not have a great line up like last which was counting crows which I went to and Leonard skynard and so forth this year the only one I would maybe see would be Maroon 5 but I only like a few songs and I dunno if that is concert worthy.  

Wish me luck