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Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a week...

Well sorry i waited so long to write its just been sort of a busy and somewhat relaxing week. I did something really stupid but it all worked out in the end even if it was really stressful ( I accidently bought something online for 721$ when iment to hit back i hit buy . did it too fast) I FREAKED and had to go through a lot to undo it forsay. You cant do it through your bank or paypal it has to be the manufacturer which it was hong kong ooo sheesh i was so worried but it all worked out an di got the money back and thank god my bank refunded me the overderaft fees lol.. silly me ...

anywho made lots of yummy things this week check it out....

All the vegitables in the for the salad
Cherry tomatoes Carrots Cumcumber Celery Radishes & Mixed greens
Really wonderful salad filled with many many vegitables

fresh brocilli done purrrrrrrfect so good and good for calcium

Chicken with garlic onions and v8 tomato juice sooo tender and ahhhh

Yumm gosh it was sooo good

Better yet that dinner was made for 5 and i had my brother over with his wife and daughter and of course my daddy and I. Just wonderful i love my family and enjoy cooking for them!

Pancakes anyone in the morning???

Blueberry Or....


You tell me folks...

Both were to die for

My munchkin scarfed one of each up practically .. These remind me of being a kid and making them wiht my friends i just had to do it! Im not the best pancake maker but the were just right in fact. I usually dont like them that dark but they were delcious and the syrup on top and ahh yum!

Sausage Green Peppers and Pierogies

Whoops i almost forgot my mini shrimp salad
So that was the food for the week mixed in with some steak sandwhiches and fries and other food out to eat and of course lots of chocolate and ice cream and snacks.. hello 6 pounds i gained back lol

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday full of thingssssss

Tarot Cards of theeeeee day...

XII the Hanged Man-Rise above material concerns and the way things have always been. Try another avenue. Relax and rethink. Keep everything aboveboard. Allow others to change their minds and look at new options. Contemplate, dont agitate.

XV the Devil(reversed)Things are unclear for you now. Dont let yourself be intimidated and dont judge others too harshly. Others seem uptight set in the ways. Are you? Dont let past issues cloud todays progress.

X Wheen of Fortune-you made your bed, now yu must lie in it. Own up to your actions an dresponsibilities-or suffer the consequences. Be true to yourself. Try something new.
Knight of Cups reversed -Dont be in a hurry to get things done. Stop and think things through before acting. Take a vacation and stay away from responsiblities. There is life beyond work.

Knight of Pentacles-( OMG AGAIN I CANT BELIEVE IT)-The key to your future financial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at the bottom lines, what you owe, and to whom you owe it. .........................................................................

Today was a good day. Got a lot done and had a good time doing it.. even the four loads of wash vacumming the whole place cleaning the whole kitchen unloading the dishwasher and all that jazz...
The cooking i did today was delicious...

****I wanted to let you know i cook live on search for Jellabell and you will find me i have all my meals i cook on there and this meal and dessert was all shown on there!

You can still check it out and see the videos they are all saved as of now there are 21 videos so go take a look!!!

Salmon with rice and asparagus

My plate goshhh i devoured it too hehe

Look how cute i even made one for my little mini me! My daughter veona has been eating salmon since in the whom she loves it!

Yummy fresh baked apples with cinimon and sugar sooo scrumptious ... Not too hard skinn apples... slice them and add the topppings.
Whole apples washed
Skinned and Sliced
Sugar and Cinamin added

Put in the oven for 25 mins under 250degrees

And served for me yippie soo scrumtious


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day doesnt faze me...

Well happy valentines day and the only reason i care about it this year is for the love i have for my daughter.. to tell u the truth i dont even care about not have a boyfriend to smooch and be is such deep love with i mean its sooooo overreated and ur never satisfied 100% anyhow so its best if im alone...just like th esong i think your better off alone.. lol thats me for now.. im just glad im not moping about it .. I feel great.. all day ive been stuffing my face actualloy since last nite.. hehe.. PHOTOSHOOT WENT GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT... cant wait to get the pic i worked with a lady photographer named hatter photography and she was awesome real alternative and just so sweet.. had a blast and saw a lot of the pics they were awesome.. i do my job well.. so now its back to pigging out until i must starve the again.. its soo hard i love to cook and eat and yet sometimes i cant lol.. So been busy on my model mayhem trying to book shoots its just hard with me and not havin a car to drive there an di have about 7 photographers to book arhhhh realloy just 3 i REALLLy wan tto work wiht but..

Tarot cards...

I the Magician- do you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? Now is the time to strech yourself and test your limits.. Be adventurous, daring,man dcompetitive-within limits. Success and recognition will follow. It's an excellent time to begin new projects.

Zero The fool-Take things as they are. Matters are proceeding as planned. Do your part to settle outstanding disagreements. Kill others with kindness and let them suffer the consequences of their actions. "This is agood time to builly your investments or remodel your home.

VI of Swords(reversed)-Your greatest accomplishments come through competetion. Lear from the opposition. Look outside yourself for alternative courses of action. Solutions become clear when you get away from day-to-day duties.

VIII of Wands-All your oplans have a green light. Move ahead. Your understanding of people and their problems delivers opportunities to get what you want. Friends and nature ring remedies for what ails you.
*my yellow with black lined nails >>
Knights of Pentacles reversed-The key to your futurefinancial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at bottom lines,what you owe, and to whom you owe it...IF I GET THIS CARD ONE MORE TIME IM A GONNA GO BATZAAAAAA its true i have spent a LOTTTTTTTT of mula this week.. my hair 165$ products 16$ nails 40$ clothes 20$ makeup 127$ yes i know but ive been wanting that make up stuff from urban decay forrrrrr 10 months i had to i got my tax back and cha chinggggggg.. wellll anywho

My new hair black blond
and was suppose to be purple highlights which came out burgandy..likey? i love
The best mango i have ever ever had .. perfectly deliciouso hehe i just devoured in using 3 paper towels and all.

This was my dinner the daddy made it such a wonderful potroast just fell off and melted in me mouth!

My crafty side today.. well here are the flowers the cutting arranging and delicate bow tieing on that beautiful vase. I even put little glass crystals on the bottom of the vase how cute!
So i first started with this vase and cleaned it thoroughly and added glass gems inthe bottom and filled it with cool water....
Later I Cut The pink ribbon and tied a bow. Then cut the flowers apart and angeled the stems and chopped 3' and then aranged a bit till it was where i liked.....
Tadaaaaaaaaa... beautiful simple delicate flowers.. bring such a great joy to my heart.. ba boom ba boom...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard daysss


Its been snowing since last night and has yet to let up they say were suppose to get 18 inches and so far it seems we have 15 or so id say... sooo awesome totally due for one of these days... take a look

So dangerous but yet soooo beautiful look... just beautiful

All these cars will be covered even more...and this is after some plowing!


So i cooked a ground chicken salad with green peppers garlic ground black olives and celery over spring mix with cooked spinach on the side... sooo yummy and easy and fun and healthy! I havent eatin cx in a while and for my diet its not too bad cause its mostly protein which is good...
Some slicing and dicing of green pepper garlic and celery...

The ground chicken with some of the goods added

Spinach cooking... hmmm

Finished product then drizzld with some blue cheese dressing watered down.. i am dieting remember lol...

Well i still have yet to make it in to my grandmothers to shovel im not lookng forward to my hands being numb and back breaking butt gotta do what ya gotta do right.. oy vey soo much snowwwwww....

That is the pathway i must walk in see you can barly see the actual "pathway " lol... wow


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All in One

Look at that sweet little girl! gosh she makes me melt... *beaming* i just love her to pieces...

Well sooooooo i cheated... look.. this was before the super bowl and well let me tell u super bowl day i ate even more and i freakin gained the 2lbs back out of the 4 i lost lol.. so now its strickly salads and 1 egg a day until the shoot this saturday well if i am 1-2lbs overweight i guess i am lol. i coudlnt resist the good super bowl food i caved...

Sooooooo back to the salads.. this one was a tuna olive mashed cranberry balsamic vinagret salad.. yummmy in my tummy
I made no art this week sadly.. been lazy kind of and worked today 11-4 and just not too motivated this week...
BUT I GET MY HAIR DONE ONE THURSDAY yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
its been about 2 hrs since i got my hair professionally done and im stoked.. not cut but crazy highlights im so excited. My salon is called SHE i go to and my hairdresser Wanda is the bomb diggity at what she does!! everyone started gogn to her after i did and i mean a lot of ppl because they all would ask me where i got my hair done it would look soo stunning. I used to get highlights all the time back in the day when i had 2 jobs and looked mighty mighty fine and blond and well yea... sadly those days are gone but good ones are here now.. im now brunette butttt will be getting blond and some red highlights i believe.. i want it to look unique tho some thick and soem thin which i have never done but we shall see...
taataa for now

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fridayyyyyyyyyy sigh

Hiyaaaaaaaaa guys...
My painting called Smooth trees...

was feeling the greens and black..hmm
made all the colors mixed with many others

Busy week stressful and not yet over. work this week was stressful very im just getting used to all the computer stuff i need to know while taking care of veona at the same time its a lot. Did pricing invoices items recieved cashing people out and answer phones and more... im beat.. school work this week was hard i got 1 A and 1 b and my first c grrrr... i still have to take a quiz but in the midst of all that my daughter decided to mash bluberries all over my carpet and onmy shirt humphhh set me back.. cooking well not much of it besides salad making and my daughters food i b arely get to make anthing sticking to the under 800 calories a day till after next week i can make my first meal... sheesh i miss it... just got doing sooo much cleaning im beat.. smoking well i starting after sooo long of quitting but need to lose the weight i hate it though smelling like it even the taste of it is annoying me but stress wise i need it a lot is changing. art wise not much either.. well here we are............

tarot cards

X wheel of fortune reversed-Luck isnt on your side just now. Dont get embroiled in anything you'll regret stay constuctively selfish. This is not a good time to be alone,though. Ask questions seek answers,try options.

Knight of pentacles reversed-The key to your future financial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at bottom lines, what you owe, and to whom you owe it.

Knight of cups-A break from responsibilities soon arrives. Let others pamper you. Do something nice for yourself.

Page of cups-Dont get upset if things arnt going as you hoped. Be open to alternatives and prepare for a change of plans.. Think before racting, beware of childish behavior.

IV of Pentacles reversed-The demands of presonal security weigh heavily on you now. Confusion and loss are liekly if you let gree or insecurty take over. Challenge and opposition are on the horizon. Meet them head on.

* I seem to get the same cards specially the knight of pentacles reversed i suppose i do overspend specially on my daughter hehe i cant help myself i will just always be broke for the next couple years its ok i can deal with that for now im happy and life is good.

My yummy other tofu salad...

olives and pecons and roamin lettus popeseed dressing and cubes of tofu
justtttttt look at that close up ohh boy i could eat that off the page....