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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Killer week is over!!!

FIRST GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made my first sale on etsy last night!!!!

Yes indeed 2 necklaces I sold to a lady from nebraska so it totaled almost 18$ yup it made me feel GREAT. I was soo shocked since it was the day of the convention and what a terrific way to end my night ...checking my email and getting that sale made my day! So the art show was good i made about 50$ but boy was it hot and i got sooo burnt butttt also there was a lil issue with the fact that i coudlnt sell all my stuff there but thats a story for another day ....possibly after i make my resin necklaces so then i can shove it that there hand made!Anywho.....

Ohh btw my photoshooot went AMAZING!!!Il post photos later this week!!!

Tonights dinner which was for 6 people but only 2 ended up making it not including me and veona. My best gf sabrinas moms here from oregon and i promised her i would cook a big dinner for all of us which would be her and mom plus her two kids then veona and I. Well her mom ended up having a headache and Jr was with a friend so it was Me sabrina and alicia her daugher. Veona ended up sleeping at the time lol. But man was this meallllll FABULOUS and deciciousooooo - yes ment to do that in espanol. well it was Chicken a green bean salad like from the dinner party with nat applesauce mexican rice and squash/zucchini boy it made me stoked and can cook for so many though and have it all ready and wonderful......The rest of the meals of the last 3 weeks are below ive been slacking. ...........................................................................................................................................
Oh my gosh what a great surprise to get these earings ive been wanting for over a year now!!! yup my octopus gauges and boy are they Rad!!! There from oregon too which is even more baddass!! Gosh i cant wait to get more! Etsy i tell ya there the bommmmmmmb

Veona taking a bath yesterday!

Tonights Desert!!! Lime lofat yogurt with rasperries blueberries strawberries and green grapes. Yummmmmyyy

Food for the rest of the last 3 weeks ive been slacking on posting....
Steak salad

Another Steak salad

Veonas Pasta

Homade turkey burrito

Dinner date with kyle salmon which he bough this all for us after he took me out for drinks and such ... salmon with sweet potatoes and green beans with a beginner salad...

.............................................Tarot Cards.....................................................

IX of Cups (reversed)-Postpone decision-making. Weigh your options. No one minces words now. Beware of arrogance- try to be easy going

II of Swords-Tensions begin to mellow. Help is onthe way. Slow down and relax- you're entering a deisurely phase. Make yourself available to others, but don't spread yourself too thin.

Queen of Pentacles-You may be doubting your ability to live up to your responsibilities. Believe in yourself, but don't look for too much aproval from others at this time. Rewards will arrive when you work independently, in your own way.

VI of Swords(reversed)-Learn from the opposition. Look outside yourself for alternative courses of action. Solutions become clear when you get away from day-to-day duties.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hum i na hum i na hum i na!!!!

Gettin a move on soooo many things i cant wait till this week is over but yet im excited for it and happy about it but its stressin me for sure. I am releived though finally my school teacher put up our calendar but i stressed this whole time thinking an wondering when this 6pg project was due and wondering when i had to have these 77pages read by which i though it was this week. Especially since this weeks so busy and well on top of it work is just blehhh. Anywho here are some new items to add to my etsy and sell on Sunday at the Artisans Market in Downtown Emmaus 10-2 come see and support Pure Sin and other local artists!!!
Woman skull cameo necklace
Mustash( i forgget i now thats spelled wrong tho and im tired and dont feel like looking it up lol) they ARE AWESOME omg i ahve sooo many friends who want them too and well i think they will be a hit! omg forgot to ssay i sold 2 things at Wizards World III. Tattoo shop in emmaus where my things are selling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Suuper stoked. And i am making more displays for my things to look very snazy.
Badass Rib cage necklace

So i got this isle (mini ) for my newer business card which will be changed again soon....
isnt it adorable!!!

So I got some supplies today at dick blick and made some displays with my buddy and ended up pickign that up as well as pricing things i want for the near future and well man i love art and can get lost in a good art store and just ahhhh *sigh* love it. Dick Blick is special to me in the sense that it used to be right across the street from where my Granny lived (she has been dead since i was 13) so well we woudl go there ALLL THE TIME and get so many things . Its
pricy but good good quality and well ive been brought up around art and art supplies all my years and well going back there at there new location was so special and as if its a new start since i am now a business owner i suppose... anywho this is the coolest ting ever below..... I got it from a 2nd hand store for like 2 $ neat ehhh.

So I took Veona to Spongebob night at Pizza Hut with my sister on tuesday. I dont let Veona eat fast food more then 2x a month and well pizzza hut isnt that bad. She just lovessssssssssssss spongebob aand i really wanted her to see him even tho she screeeeeeeeeeeeaeaaamd but then when we sat down pointed to him sayign spongebob spongebob then we say you want to go see him and shed squeal lol. shes funny.. so she had a personal pizza and ate decent and had some of my tomatoes and cucumber from my salad. I must say I am such a good mom (especially)in the food sence because she eats what i eat and I eat VERYYYY HEALTHY since i am always dieting and well now extremely cause my runway event and photoshoot this saturday. So she eats fruit with me every night and veggies its awesome.

My craft table just thought id show you my mess of maddness creations!!

Veona the beautiful blowing on her hot pizza with Aunt Amy

Too Darn Cute. Love her soooo much...
Sorry ive been slacking on tarots i just dont feel like typing them but have been doing them ... specially lately and well lastnight with Nat and some fine wine!!!
Off to do my exercising!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

School tomorrow *nods*

Save the best for last right??? Well at the end you will see all my school books/items for school!!*squeals* i am sooo excited for the art history i already read the intro yesterday and i LOVEEEEEE IT ALLLL so many beautiful artists and paintings and sculpturs and designs and omg i WANNA TOUR THE WORLD of all the fabulous museums!!! well anywho these are the newsest items on my etsy!!! check them out pahhhhleaseeeee!!
Rose necklace

Fishbone necklace

Punk Zebra necklace
Spider clippies
Along with many other clippies i love love love these!! so fun.
I have cupake ones skull ones and many more go take a peek!

So here is the inside of my AWESOME new bookbage!! Jansport of course (man i have had a jansport bookbag my WHOLE LIFE) its to die for! Love it!!!

check out all the neat supplies i got though which is all covered under my 450$ grant for books/supplies how grateful i really am! Thanks!

So my PHONEBOOK SIZED BOOK but i love art so its okie dokies
folders and notebooks!business management books

Yay my bookbaggggggg folks.....
Well school starts tomorrow online of course until january which i will be physically taking one class a week at LCCC in schnexville at main or in allentown at donley! *sigh* im soo proud of myself that im sticking with school. I feel great life is JUST BEAUTIFUL and im soo happy and thankful for the little things as well.
But another notefunny story.... so when i was leavingthe desk at the school when purchasing all these items with my grant money i put my bookbag on with all my stuff in it and starting laughing and said to the big black lady who was checking me out i said im sorry i cant help it this is soooo weird for me to put a bookbag on again with actual books in it and as a mom its very strange SHE STARTING LAUGHING SOOO HARD and said i bet hun i bet! lol. it was cute... anywho adios im at work!!
ps have a great weekend wish me luck in school!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well the count down begins for many things!!!

Veona how beautiful and talented you are! Well i must say she is a natural in the music/ dance seen... It is soo darlign to watch her as well.. i cant wait to get her in piano lessons she loves it! you cant take her from it man she just goes into her own world!

gosh just look at her :))) makes me melt!

Getting framed!!!

Her daily gifts!!!

veonas sun zoo hat
and new hello kitty umbrella.

Dinner party and auntie nattys!!!
I made the chicken , vegitarian sausage (first time trying) it was fabulous it is sooo healthy for you too with `3g proten 2 g fat and 170 calories thats great!!! and they didnt taste bad either like man o man tofu i have to gag on to eat but this was delsih!! perigies , sliced length wise squash and zuchinni and a salad! let me tell you what me nat doug and veona ate like champs it was soooooooooooo good!!!
btw check out veonas old vintage high chair from when aunty natty was a baby!!!

At auntie nattys once again with her beautiful new kitchen... our dinner

Came out delicious!!! homemade burrito. but hint hint its actually egg roll tortia which i figured out is WONDERFUL to work with very easy no breaks and less fat...

A gift i recieved from someone very dear to my heart.! itsjust beautiful its a mother candel and i ADORE IT and light it every now and then when its ultra special and i take a nice warm bath relax lotion up and relax and just feel liek a beautiful proud woman / mother!!!!

So i am soo busy the next month! OMG SCHOOL STARTS THIS SATURDAY!!! ITs my art history class which i heard is hard, Art show the 29th photoshoot the 28th actually too and then reflections the 18th then another art show then another class and then OMGGGGGGGGG HALLOWEEN i already and planning and getting stuff for the huge party i am having this year at my gmas with a skull theme i cant wait to share things with you all!!! I cant wait to bake all this stuff and trick or treat with veona she is gonna be the queen of hearts (teehee she is the queen of my heart) and well i love alice and wonderland so yup thats her costume. Sadly i cant do the haunted barn this year due to my dad wanting to go hunting ::::((((((( i am very upset. I will miss it terribly!! But i might go to zombie prom in philli so thats cool and well its ok its halloween every day for me and well i want a halloween weddign i think! hehe

Janelle ^-^

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Philadelphia Day!

The most beautiful picture of my day! Can not wait to frame it!!! I just loved these tigers omg did they put on a show for us we literall watched them for about 20 mins i think i snapped sooo many shots!!
Awww so sweet adn they were playing and just adorable

True Love

Gulp Gulp Gulp

her present which were little animals and soo cute she picked it from everything i asked her and me and michelle showed her all these cuute stuffed animals and she said no and pushed them away and she wanted these animals or these car animals so i got her these! I also got her an adorable sun hat thats pink with tiger paws and it says PHILADELPHIA ZOO on it.! Perfect cuz we go to the beach sept 2-3rd in cape may NJ i cant wait VEONAS FIRST BEACH TRIP and well my first east coast beach trip since 07 omg almost 4 yrs holy smokes I CANT WAIT.

Love these guys so cute i wanted there tails sooo bad

OK so this is sooofunny this guy was one of my favs besides the tigers. He was sooo cute with this longgggg tail and waltzed around like he was the SHITTT i loved it. Soo cute. reminded me of a old disney charachter but i cant place his name or what lol.

Otters i love them sooo much. i must say portland had cooler ones and they did way more and had a better aread out there but they were veyr active here but there were sooo many ppl in there and well we wanted to move on after 5 mins and it was the hardest to photograph :( sad there my daddy fav animal so i always get mushy when i see them cuz he loves me and well i dunno im a MAJOR daddys girl.

Neato pelican good pic too!
Veona watching the otters
Nothing like zebra buftssss
Flamingos soo pretty just alwalys amazes me how they are pink .!
Neato colors ehhTake a gander at these two birds just adorable and soo beautiful and in love and wow we were sooo close to them too awesomeVeona and michelle! so cute but sadly mommy adn veona have no pictures :(Ok so this is really funny. I was standing facing these other birds and all of a sudden i feel these wings and a flush of air and i turn around and this burn was right in my face it was sooo weird i was like OMGGGG haha he almost seemed like he was about to talk or something it was strangeBeatiful michelle and gorgeous Veona Sylvia...

Well today was spectacular!!!! I was gone or busy getting ready from 11am till about 8pm! What a wonderful day with my daughter veona and best friend Michelle. We went to the philidelphia Zoo and were there from 230 till 6ish. Just awesome. Sooooo pleased it rocked! Way better then the portland oregon zoo which i was at a couple o years ago. The Pitt Zoo was the last good zoo I was at but was there in 2004/5. So its been years since ive seen some great and lots of animals. The portland zoo didnt even have lions!!!! and missing some other animals and it was small and just not very good which was odd cuz i thought it would be great. And they had a polar bear there that was neurotic and sick and was avery sadddd. But lemme tell you what the Phili Zoo was just lavishing soo nice and well i mean we didnt get to see a couple of animals like the reptiles or gorrillaz/monkeys cuz we were too late and missed the rhinos and giraffe so i was bummd buttt its funny cuz we didnt have an elehpant we got rid of them and i think one died?? not sure but at portland they had a baby elephant there which was HUGE NEWS then and i got to see it with my daughters half sister Trinity it was awesome. I actually still have some awesome pics from taht zoo trip but this zoo trip i got some great ones too!!! OMG THE LIONS/TIGERS were BEAUTIFUL we got too see them play with one another the two girl/boy it was soo sweet to see animals in love and just adorable and the lions omggggg HUGEEEEEEE animals wow they were bigger then any other lions ive EVER SEEEN just amazing aned well i got sooo close to one it was sooo cool...Then after the zoo i went to Delicious Botique/corsets in Phili off of n american ave and got fitted for my corsetts for my runway event (Reflections ) i am a 26" for one type which i forget how to spell it but its basically a fullll corset that has the bust adn all the way to hips so beautiful omg i tried on a 455$ black leather corset i was GUSHINGGGGG INSIDE and wanted it sooo bad. I hope thats the one i model for. Then the other type of corset im a 24 " which is jst from under bust to above hips and well im happy a small or smaller is 22" and i felt good about that!. Well off Etsy!