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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh yeah things made!!

Top hats #1 this one is awesome there are more views but didnt feel like uploading all the pictures!

my Geek necklace its a memory stick cut and made into a necklace!

Some of what my table looks like while doing this just wayyy more stuff and messy!
ahhhhh yummy my salad... tomatoes cucumber cranberrys chicken and lowfat ranch sooo good!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me today well yeah its been a great day!!! I got some great stuff from work like a new 4gb usb pen drive i call it gig stick but anywho yeahhhh half price so i got it for 7 and there normally 24 at walmart and stufsf. yayssss and i got mem and comp parts to make necklaces for my etsy im stokedddd im actually going to acmore an dmichaels today with my girly michelle i beleive. im soo jazzzed i got so much going on right no wooo hoo..Oh and i looked super good today in my new dress!! and stuff so yea.. u cant see the bottom here tho :(( its cute!
Tarot cards
VI of swords-to achieve security and happineess you've got to plan your goals carefullly now. knowing when to say no will help you maintain your integrity. take some time for yourself .
VIII of justice-what goes around comes around. seek legal counsel, ask advice from elders. you may be embroiled in negotiations or tedious beureaucratic systems. do healthy things-spiritually and physically.
VIII of swords-gossip is in the air. be easy-going when you encounter oppostion from stubborn people. postpone ultimatums. dont acccept everything as a fact. update yur sesume and open your mind to new business deals. think about current and future financial needs.
King of Pentacles-stop trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. specialize. you have strong sensual an physical dersires just now. dont let your self disicppline interfere with your personal happiness and fulfillment.
Dinner and Dessert!!!

So i made chicken with tomotoe sauce and spices with some rice in it then greeen beans and Mac and cheese. Kept it easy since i wasnt eating any lol. For my daughter and well i had a tad of cx in a salad!!

Well a dessert i can and did eat!! apples with cinnimin and a tad of sugar!! baked soo good


Monday, June 28, 2010

do da de dot!

So ive really been playing around with makeup lately just for many reasons just to see how good i can do diff stuff for some shoots coming up and im bored haha but anywhosss had a good eventful busy fun weekend. Consisted of pool family time friends food shopping chores (big time) posters for work got cclothes YEAH! and...a tad of drinking with my buddy sunday and seeing my other buddy too whichch was a nice surprise on sunday cuz hes usually not around then.

Tarot Cards

Queen of swords-Lets others suffer the consequences of their actions. Be your own person and you wont get burned.

VIII of pentacles-You want whats best for your loved ones and co workers and you have the strength to provide it. But you have lots to learn. If you lack information, have the determination to find it!

Queen of cups(reversed)-Those arund you are acting stuffier than normal. Pay no attention. Take time to rethink matters, especially your eating habbits.

VIII of wands-All your plans have a green light. Move ahead. Your understanding of people and their problems delivers opportunities to get what you want. Friends and nature bring remedies for what ails you.
I also made a good dinner on sunday for my daughter father and buddy but i couldnt eat it... snuck a bit or so of chicken but in a salad!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Soo Bussssssssszzzzzzy!

Welllll to start it off here is my new project! I am making T-shirts along with my top hats which you have seen below in another post as well as some belts and other stuff fo!! my ETSY.COM account FINALLY i have been waiting to get this really kicked off and its gonna be super RADDDD and im having a blast doing it too! And if it fails i have back up ( ya always need a back up plan ehh) If they dont sell i have xmas-bday gifts wooo hooo. So here are 3 drawings to start it off but they also will end up being tats of mine SOOO DONT FN COPY THEM or ur a poser and loser anywho yeah so there getting altered still by my buddy cuz were collabing on some stuff and im modeling some stuff for him..
This is the awesome beautiful lady----My bat country wonderer And my heart rooted confusion(this one needs a lot of work) My work staion very messy inddeed. So on another excting note i just got asked to do a modeling big gig/show called REFLECTIONS it shall be in philly at polaris on sept 18th im stoked and gotta get bak in good shape which is happening with all my running working out and barely eating uhhh its whatever buttt
.. this is a huge accomplishment for me plus it will help me meet new ppl in the scene and i loveeee that.........................................................................................................
Ohh and a salmon cream cheese dip which was last week btw..All ive been eating have been salad 1 egg and yougurt and a 1 fruit all day this whole week... blah

And of course my tarot cards...

Which btw are dead on right now!!!

QUEEN- of pentacles reversed)-What you lack in daring, you make up for in perseverance. Stay focused; dont let others scatter your energies or sway you off course

VII- of wands-faith overcomes your current obstacles. You have the power to accomplish your goals. Consider all of the consequences, but act swiftly.

I- the magician -Do you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins? Now is the time to stretch yourslef and test your limits. be adventurous,daring, and competitive-within limits. success and recognition will follow. its and excellent time to begin new projects.(Omg duhhhh)
XX-judgement-a job well done delivers many rewards;laziness is punished. Make peace-dont nit-pick yourself or others too harshly. Patience brings success. Dont be cruel. Health improves, but it my take some effort on your part.

Wow best tarot cards in a while!!!
So im a busy bee and that doesnt even including my 24/7 single momming which is so wonderful as well! Love veona soo much and were going to the park and pool tomorrow and shopping soon as well as seeing gma and her new kitten!! *squeals * excited butttts i sads i still want and english bulldog named SUSHI :(((
BTW i just got over 1300 $ in grants for school yayyyy time to get my classes registered.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weird week meh...

Well to start things off i made a good dinner tonight...
Salmon squash/zucchini mix and applesauce and rice.
It was yummy but its whatever im just blahhh this past week and till today has been weird. Stupid shitty things have happened to those i love and care about and it just keeps piling on but there have been some good things too that im happy and looking forward to.

Bahhaha soo on another not i cut veonas hair and it looked terrible !! but the thing was that i wanted to be the first to do and and of course i put in in her baby book crafty me but i was sad for her cuz it didint look great and i made her look like a boy. So much for me wanting to go to cosmo school ever!! Sheesh buttt i mean the scisors were dull and dont forget shes oly 16mths and movedddd ah! But shes still gorgeous but get a load of this pic histeracle huh? !!! She was madd because she wanted to get in the fridge and i was takign pics of her and i think she knew her "new" haircut was LAME. lol. Soo the best part is then i cut mine to look short and bad just like hers and well yeah it sucks but my hair grows like a weed so ya kno its cool. I just had to i felt soo bad i messed hers up so i felt i needed to suffer lol how weird!

So artsy wise well ive been working my rag rug which is sooo nice cuz its peaceful and relaxing and thats what i need. But i wont post any pics cuz well u cant even tell i spent time on it due to it being sooo huge and such. So i just worked out cuz the diet and such is on again due to well ive had enough leisure time to do whatever and i have to do a photoshoot in prolly 3 weeks or so and i wanna just be looking mighty fine but its not bad i dont have much to lose. Well yeah im done.