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Friday, June 13, 2014

A little of what has kept us occupied:)

Flowers my love got me for Mothers day.

A night before going to see one of my friends gigs.  A nice guy I met from a craft show in the lovely Bethelehem.  He has won many awards and I always said I would go see a show and 3 years went by haha.  Finally made it.  Dave and I had a lovely time and he even announced our names as a thank you for coming and called us husband and wife and we had to smile and kiss;)  Was a sweet compliment. It was a neat duo relax chill and fun just truly was a great night.  More pictures below from that concert and 2 others.

 Chicken salad I made
New gamer girl bows

 ohhhh yes baked cafe and there amazing infamous baked oatmeal.  Duh and coffee Love it!

 Veona's first chalk and hopscotch of the season

 PRFM show
 Amazing jewelry box Dave got me for my birthday.  Handmade from Etsy.  It is so incredible<3 p="">
 Shhhhh.  Kinda a secret;)  But who sees this and follows it anyways!  My first wedding I am in and I am looking forward to it.  This is what the bridesmaid dress is and the shoes.  I was sick this day but still looks nice.  October wedding will be here so soon.  I cannot wait to see Veona being the flower girl and many of my loved ones that day.  Lots to do and plan yet and the bridal shower is in August.  Yikes!  I am happy with it now.  At first I was not sure I liked the dress but it is growing on me.  After all it is all about what my sister wants.  It will be very nice.
 One of our special days.  Painting and being happy.

 New glass chandelier necklaces...

Homemade feastage...
Turkey meatloaf, rice, salad, and chicken alfredo with fresh broc.

 The Alternative Gallery.  Painting in the top left is my very favorite there right now...

Another salad creation

 My new Money tree.  It has grown so much from this too.  They are said to be good luck and they have the most awesome rope chain like trunk.  They grow up to 4ft and are really neat.
 My bonsai
 and last but not least the ficus.
 Yum!This meal looks harder then it seems to prepare.... Homemade sweet potato and carrot soup I made for the first time.  It was fantastic but lots of work!  I also have made a cauliflower one a few weeks ago that was great too!  I have now signed up for the Rodale ASC food every week and have got my first two shares and they were amazing.  Fresh greens like kale, broc raub, sage and other herbs, radishes, lettus, spinach, and much more.  It is 15$ and just great for smoothies and cooking up.  I am happy I decided to support the local organic farmers and such.
Yes the dishes mess.  Ugh I love cooking but geez the cleaning up sometimes is a pain.

 Roller girls show.  I got a characture haha!

 Love them.

 She is so beautiful.  I love this photo

Another local concert my buddy is the drummer for...

So handsome

 Vintage star wars stuff we put together.  Sisters neighbor gave them to the kids at easter and we all put them together.  Which was not easy!

Most recent picture of us three siblings 

The new guinea pigs...Veggie and Diamond.  

Of course my homemade cupcakes.  These turned out really great.  I got myself the icing kit and now my cuppers look stellar!!!!

A day trip to New Hope we took.  I adore that little town and Veona and I went on our own and it was so nice.  Saw the train, ate out, went to the steampunk festival and had a lovely day.  

The Psychedelic Furs

This concert was amazing!!!  We really had a magical night:)

My friends little dude:)

 Homemade shredded chicken rice and bean enchiladas I made for the first time.

The duo...