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Friday, September 30, 2011

another day. another dollar at the office.

Here was my day.  Making more cupcake earrings and making rings.  I also got another sale today so put together that order.  Have some rather fun things to show you.
 Vanessa, she is lovely ehhh?  Made her today.  Yup im a strange bird.  No this.
 Like my new frankenstein duder.
 The awesome new gift boxes for fall.  every order will get one with some things in it (depending on your order what will go in it)  They are cute and so fun and colorful.  If you can not tell they are paint switches cut and molded into tiny little boxes.  And they all do not look the same.  Many colors and varieties folks.  The ribbon is the perfect touch ehhh?

So its full on fall.  Did some more decorations and tomorrow is pumpkin patch picking day and painting pumpkins with the kiddos.  Today we got some new shoes for the kids from stride rite.  Funny I proved to my family I could fit into a size 3 in kids.  Yes I know i have tiny feet and Veona will be able to fit in my shoes soon bahahah.  Cute.

Its getting cold and my love for coffee always grows strong this time of year especially the pumpkin sspice. yummmmmm.  Its  time to break out the sweaters , comfy clothes, boots(yesss) and buy some new items to add to your wardrobe.  Yes!!  Also time to hang with good friends and cuddle with a boyfriend, loved ones,  and your darling children.  I am soooo blessed and happy to be in our new loving home.  How I love family.
Have a great weekend all.
Stay tuned for some great things ahead.
Yes I will do house stuff soon haha.(gosh dont I always say this)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Productive day art wise :)

Made new pearler bead jewelry.  I made many variations of these cupcakes!! Tooooo darn cute.
I added them to my etsy with some computer earrings.  btw I am watching always sunny in philly right now an d it is HYSTERICAL more then ever. OMFG I love charlie.
 Fresh tortilini salad I made with beans, cucumber, green beans, salad dressing, and tomatoes.
 Vegetarian chilli.  19g of protein mannnn omg.  It was yummy too.
 More cuppycakes
 Bow for halloween I added
 Other colors,  I also did purple, orange, blue and so on.
 I am making my rag rugs again. Still working with thousands of old pieces of veonas baby clothing.
 Its a huge rag rug.  Never made such a large one, and I think thats why its so hard to finish and tackle.  However, I love it because it is the most special, and sentimental one.  
Goodnight Love

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty amazing how long I have been doing this and the number of posts I have and the number of views.  It is ever changing, getting more interesting, and simply intriguing.  My views is up to 4811 views!!! The red number at the top was from long after I have had this so I think the one that tells me my viewers, their locations, etc is correct. :P  Its exciting. 

A friend, model, and good pure sin lady....
Miss Mischief

Attn. These are 18-21 viewers only that should view these photos.  They are not nude just implied.  Thanks

Shes wearing 2 of my duck tape bows a blue and purple.  They are on my etsy for about 3$ and come free with any order for this season!!!!  Get them while they last at

Like us Both on Facebook guys!!!

 My new flip video camera.  Well I have been wanting this for eons it seemed so I got it about a month ago.  boy am I glad I did!!! I love it.  I just wish I had good video editing skills since it takes me forever to upload it to my You Tube(which have you guys seen all the rad videos I have been putting up of the kiddos, crafts and such)
It is the greatest.  His name is Ted.
Ted will go with my sister to Scotland in a week and I am tad nervous for him.  His first big trip.
 The cool news Is I just ordered---EEEEEEEE
Juxtapoz magazine for a year and got a free art book!!!!
Soooo happy.  I have bought a couple over these last 3 years and always wanted to subscribe so I did it.  I am sooo stoked to get these each month.  If you do not no juxtapoz you are no art fan and must live on the moon. 
 Just entertaining my insomnia with this late night post.  Got a 100 % on My English test today!! So happy :)
Went to the school brand new gym.  Had two classes, cleaned, cooked homemade cx soup, and now am blogging and enjoy our beautiful thunderstorms!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

Here is one of my favorite songs by Trentmoller. This is who I will be seeing in concert. EEE EEE EEE eee. So happy I really need this night out in Philly to dance and have a great night. Love me some philly and good music.

Trentmoller concert here I come baby!!!

So I did it!
Bought my ticket this morning.  It was only 29 bucks so I am happy.  As you can tell it is oc 13th in Philly  at the TLA so happy.  Loveeeeee Trentmoller so much.  He barely ever comes to the US and I really know this will be offffff the hook.  I saw lots of youtube live shows and he is sick.
 Veona and I dancing and prancing around this morning.  She really was shaking her little booty how cute.  Haha.  Now she even goes Mama the music stopped can you put some more on please.  Its adorbs.
Might post later of the before and after of the kitchen and Veonas room.  Have lots of school work to catch up on since I did many touch ups of painting around the house.  xoxo.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bits and bobbins

Well class went good today.  Things have taken a very different toll in life lately and I am so so happy about it.  People who I love and enjoyed meeting have came into my life and I am so appreciative.  School is going great and my daughter is growing so fast.  My buz is doing good considering I am not out promoting and selling everyday.  Plus halloween is right around the corner.

Anywho here is a great saying I saw on a friends FB.

My Halloween costume this year.  However, I am making it a bit diff and not so short sheesh.  I have a nice body but not that skinny.  Do not want to show that much skin as a hostess.  Even though I do have the mostest haha.  Well off to read then bed.  Music music music


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tushiba Game of Luv

I recorded this myself since Tushiba no longer has her music available online. So this is the best I could do. I suck at video stuff. Wish I could edit and use awesome pictures and captions but I don't sorry. Love this song enjoy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween cupcakes, evil ones, rad ones, monster ones, eyeballs, pumpkins ahhhh Yes!! Enjoy the awesomeness.  I know I love looking at all of the colors and creatures. 

Nice zombie cocktail I had today at dinner with my family at Red Robins

Some of my OriJnel photoshoots that remind me of this time of year and Halloween a bit.

Cya guys Just going back in time looking at my long beautiful hair I miss so bad and all my looks, shoots, fun times, and hard work in that industry.  Who knows when I will get back into it.  Not now for sure, to many other priorities.  Back to relaxing, and possibly doing soem school work again.  I am almost done with 2 books now.  One on berthe morisot and Kiss the Girls is the other. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today exactly :)

Well it was a cook out chore out school out kind of a day.
Finish tonz of the worst work Ihave to do.  Business Law.  Soo soo soo difficult I can not spin into words of how ridiculously mind boggling it all is.  So to the point and there but too many twists and turns and well if this happens then this could be the case.  I hate having to take it for my Major but I am determined and so be it then!!! Fine!!!
Dinner my brother made
 Lunch I made
 BFast I made
 Sneak preview of our new kitchen designed by all of us.  I will show before and afters this week.  Number one most improved room and it will blow you all away I promise.
 One of my top 5 favorite movies I watched this week.  Ravenous.  Great flick that is passed over and under rated.  ONly a select few have seen it or know of it.  Rocks.
 Movie I watched tonight so far with my favorite wine!  Great movie I thought.  Love gossling sexy sexy man and was in the mood for this type of style.  Sexy, sweet, provacative, innocent, and so much more.  Check it.
My fav wine and new wine stopper.  Yeah I am corny sooo what.
 Yup thats right "royal witch" haha.  Happy Halloween.
Tomorrow shall be a productive and great day.  It is important to me in some aspects, nerve wrecking in others and down right nice.  I have not felt this (excited,nervous, curious) way in about 4 years and hoping it goes well.