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Monday, January 24, 2011

Staying postive and Keeping busy..

Veonas 2nd bday cake for Wed the 26th!! It is homemade with love from Mommy. She will just lovvvve it since she has been bugging me for it all night lol. So I gave her a couple of the gum drop candies to hold her over for the next day. The plan is to go to build a bear on wednesday with my sister and Veona and then do more presents at our place with the imediate family and then her bday party saturday at chuckie cheese. I am not toooo too fond of it there just because its packed, has many germs, and its full of well hood ppl from allentown but yanno what. Thats life. But she likes chukie cheese and had fun when we went this saturday but just gets overwhelmed with all of the people since they redid it its nice but very crowded.

Here it is iced before the sprinkles and such.

The starting of the layers... these 2 then 2 more. It was pretty well executed I mus tsay.

My famous homemade icing from the best lady ever!! Where I get all of my cupcake recipes from....
I am revealing my secrets lolz no I just want you to taste the amazingness that I create from her!! She is just devine.

Delicious banana nut bread which actually I made up myself because the homemade cake recipe called for 3 circle pans and I only have two. So I added more flour banana and peacons and brown sugar and actually sour cream because I wanted it to be more moist. And boy was it scrumtious :) I wish I could give you all a good chunk!

Tonights dinner Raveoli a salad and eggplant. So call me blond, pink, or w/e but dont call me dumb cuz im not buttttt. I didnt know eggplant had seeds lol. I cut them up and was like omg what is wrong with this ... I have been seeing them at the store looking all shiny and cool and purple and I wanted to cook it so bad since I want to start to make things that are out of my comfort zone and branch out. Well it turned out fabbbbbbb. I fried them then addded mozz chees and tomato sauce. Delicious

Breakfast one day :) or should I say late lunch....

So these are my two favorite artists/illustrators on etsy!!I love these Ladies.
I bought this print well first because I loveeee it and second it is called Sylvia which is my gmas name :) It was very special that she wrote me a personal note and sent extras. It also was odd it came the day after my gma passed and I cherish it and cant wait to get more of her work!!!
No Jody Pham is prolly my fav!! She is just such a joy to deal with and has the most beautiful , creative artwork!! She sent me this awesome print which i bought as well as extras and a free necklace that I will model at somepoint :)
Ps my good friend meg got me that awesome spider ring I loveeeee it!
The awesome necklace
Off to more bday planning for my awesome daughter for her 2 year old bday and school work!!
Good news is I finished my 3 page paper 3 chapters of reading and discussion posts for my computer class but still have to finish my 2 hwk assignments for math and have a quiz tom in class. Fingers crossed I must do well. Then let Veonas bday begin :)
Many pictures to come of this coming week folks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Elton John - Your song

I love you Grandma.

Dido - Quiet Times (with Lyrics)

In Memory of my Beautiful Grandmother.

I love you always and forever my beautiful, independant, caring, loving, honest,fun,patient,sweet Grandmother. You will always be with me and Veona will always carry your wonderful name ,Sylvia. I will never not think of you and my tattoo now means even more. My gma is very special to me and just passed away about 3 hours ago. I am still in shock since I dont know what will happen from here besides that life will carry on and I will always know she is looking down on Veona and I. She has suffered these past couple of months and I know she is in a better place. But gma I miss you terribly already. I love you I love you I love you. Which was the last words we spoke. Forgive me I may need a week or 2 or 3 before I post ... I dunno this keeps me happy and keeps my mind going though but class today went well but its a lot of work and I feel as though Gma waited for me to go to class to pass. xoxo
Embrace it with Grace

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Portlandia - Farm

You have to watch this!!!! Portland Video that I watch when I get home sick of Portland and well its sooo true HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy and will get more busy :)

2 Fabulous dinners I made. A homemade tortilinee salad and sausage with broc. and This delicious Homemade mac n cheese with broc and 2 different cheeses and turkey with cucumber salad. This was dinner the last 2 days and a little cookie for dessert on my new plate I just got :) As you know I am very into japanese/chinese culture and stuff and well I loveeeee those flowers/trees. I used to wanna get it tattood until I found out 8,39393 billion girls have that and I was like Noooo way! I lead not follow :)

My Pure Sin items are now sold at the Merchant Square Mall in Allentown. This is like a Q-mart of a flea market on the weekends and it is soooo neat there. It is very odd that I have lived here almost my whole life and NEVERRRRR heard of it or new it was there. I tell ya what it is sooo cool. So take a look at my display so far. It is at a shop called Jewelry by Dale :)
Pure Sin Models :)
Well this is a New Model and her name is Diana Serena she is from Eugene Oregon!
She is modeling my Skull bottlecap choker in this first picture :)
And modeling A Pure sin hairbow and Diamond Necklace.
You may remeber Christina Mathews from before :)
She is wonderful and From The East Coast modeling my Cameo Necklace.

Stay tuned for more to come and many many more models :) From all over the US folks.

XoXoP.s Have you heard about these new Zodiacs ??? It is Ophiculuss or something wtf I am sooo madddddd I will ALWAYS BE A GEMINI not a tauras because I am sooooo very much a true Gemini I have many books on it so this crock of chaging things, dates, and such is fooweeeee! Oh and school starts Tuesday thats gonna be a whole new story I have soo much to announce and the awesome books I got on graphic design book (awesomesauce), computer book, adobe book and a photographty photolighting book , psychologybook , and more :)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Stufffffff!!!

So here it is guys!!!!!
The big secret :)
Well dont judge me yet lol they are not all done yet. They must be polished and then glazed and holes and clasped for necklaces :)
Arnt they AWESOME! I know thats an understatement right???
Well yes these are my first ones and they turned out well so I know I gotta get better right?? Hehe I am soo happy with these and what my progress and future will bring. Speak of which I have sooo much planned *squealssss
So I have good things in the works with advertising these puppies and stay tuned the next couple of months awesomeness will come!
So I am sooo happy with being a designer/ owner of Pure Sin now that well.. sadly
I have almost lost complete interest in modeling ;/ quite frankly I just dont have the time, money, stress level, or desire to work my but off and put all the effort for well no money :( Im tired of the industry really.. and sadly I know many are. Dont get me wrong I do enoy it buttt I may be taking longer of a break then I wanted to and well im ok with that. Also I have pretty well accomplisshed what I wanted to with it. Im good at it yes, I got in an online magazine yes, I met a lot of ppl yes, I was in a runway event in Philly Pa Yes, and well have a TONNN of great pics to show for it so.. Pure Sin is my 2011 resoultion to blow it up. And many models shall be helping me :) Diamond necklace some special lady got :) You shall see

Just finished this nintendo pendant .. I know tis nnot perfect but hey for my first time and a toddler jumpin on me its purdy :) It also needs to be glossed .

Veonas Moon Dough...
Dude best present for her and me lol...
It was a blast.. If you have any kid under 13 I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND IT!!!
So fun, Easy to clean up, and harmless :)
Never dries out its da bombbbbb
So look at the cute village we made of animals and Veona and such

Sooo cute

One of my new favorite mugs
"Lets be honest ladies who doesnt like BIG packages" lol best thing ever... So many meanings as well {if yanno what i mean} anywho it was on clearnace at hallmark gosh i love that store :)

Homemade chicken roast dinner....
And boy was it DELICIOUS

Welll back to making necklaces and networking...
Hey each of those pendants takes about 30 mins cuz the shrink to half the size in the oven :( But its worth the neat look and durable affect. xoxo
PS where getting a snow storm right now yayyyyy we shall see they first said 8 then 4 now 10 lol.. weatherman wtf kind of job is that.. ur wrong and get paid millions

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just breath... Just believe

So I have been wanting to share this with you all for quite sometime. I seem to forget that my blog is called "dinner craft movie" well I have the dinner and crafts down but I forget about the "movie" part a lot just beacause well sadly I dont see many and its a lot of work and time that I rather put into other pictures and such... Butt here we go!!

Wall Street !
I love it. First, I love this picture to the left because well it was a neat scene and I like it because it reminds me of the Max in portland and all the many many times I was on it. The photo below wellllll FAVORITE PART OF MOVIE and best quote "Stop lying about me and I'll stop telling the truth about you"
and Gosh darn do I love it!!!! My fav quote of the year in movies I believe or top 5. I love Michael douglas and well that kid is even growing on me ... hes a decent actor very emotional. Anywho I enjoyed the flick not because I like politics or wallstreet in fact, I HATE THEM BOTH. I feel its a waste of time and energy in fact. But anywho good movie.

Next. The town. Ben affleck and so on . Loved it as well.. Very action packed, interesting and some neat things. As well as a cute love story which was well bringing back some relations of my past and well how sometimes people who were once bad or a bad past get the best of you and believe it or not once you find out your discusted but you still love them.. Anywho good flick :)

Last Mad Men. Its a show but its FABULOUS and im watching it as Im typing lol I cant say as we speak cuz well were not really speaking ;)
Anywho I have been watching it for about 5 or longer years but have been really watching again on netflix and I just love it. Its funny I am which is odd to many fascinated with the old fashioned / retro / olden days I suppose. I love many of the "looks" with how the dressesd and the woman and how sexy Don Draper is my WORDDD gimme a break!!! .................................................................................................................................................
Kick Back...
Light Candles...
Have some wine...
Take a BATH
Just tonight after a long day ahhh it was ever so relaxing with some of my burts bees oil in the bath and all.. It was a great end to a long day.


Yesterday and my Aunt Caroles Russian Christmas 1/7/11

Her very beautiful diner room :)

Veona that morning with her hello kitty I gave her for russian xmas and her 2 year old ornament :)
And Veona at KOHLS shes silly

A new favorite:) She just looks DARLING

So one little secret reveled of the plastic designs I was telling you about.. sorry for the horrible flick buttt its a tooth and will be made into a ring and then larger ones for necklaces . It darn cute I might add :P

Well Back to Mad Men !

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Take it Easy on Me...

Well Nat came over yesterday so we could do more exchanging and it was awesome!! She knows mesooo welll and got me more wine glasses my fav wine which is lambrusko a plant you put together and the cutest ccupcake playset for Veona. Look I also got my dr martens but I choose the brown ankel ones that well will be worn more :) I love them... Alil big but soo nice and well made and its funny cuz they came from Portland. But check out the dinner Nat and I had with some wine :)

Veona and Mommy with no make up lol I look horrible sorry but its cute

Our new dishes!! Beautiful good, sonoma ones from kohls. The banana bread was delicious and soooo moist very happy :) And well A drink :)

So my best girly from cali got me that awesome postcard. Its super pin up like and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT. Its on my one cabinet and I think of her every day from this and the cute tinker bell stuff she got for Veona

Making homeade banana bread.

A yummy quesodilla I made. Well I have always LOVEEED mexican food big time and well this is what I have been making a lot as well as burritos. Filled with chicked and beans and rice and cream cheese and broc, and so on. I miss the Portland Taco carts and just the awesomemexican food out west. Its not the same out here besides Cali burrito but its pricy :( Any who I love me some tacos.

Dinner one night was Ham, green beans, pasta, and rice with eggs and seasoning and tomotoes. Dont ask it was random because I wanted to prepare leftovers. haha

Delicious Salad with black beans ,cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, cranberrys, and rasperry dressing

I forgot to share with you the snow that came but here it was not much this was hmm before or after xmas I think after but this weekend we are supposed to get a storm :) Gosh I am stoked I wanna go sledding again this year since last I only went once.

My busy busy Crafting... Pure Sin has come a longggg way :)
Well not only am I up to 32 Sales but they are happening more and more and I am getting featured in many treasuries and blogs and well its just soooooo delightful. It is the feeling you get when you open up a present every time you get a sale and such :)
So here is a ring a made and made sooo many others but sadlly my cameras are kind of broken... :( I am very VERY upset because now I cannot take professional pictures of my new creations and refuse to use blurry pictures. I also refuse to pay a photog to do it its just not im my budget nor is my camera taking a poop. Arrrrgggg well It is bad timing I just got a bunch of new projects and well now How will I list them on Etsy and show you all . It is what it is and I must get creative and come up with a new way . Shrugs. I have no idea.
A resin necklace :)
Which is another huge project I have been working on with many stickers colors glitters and so on. It is fun but very tedious and actually difficult on some aspects.
My new clay baked skulls I made :)

So with my new big project of these necklaces I need drawings. This is MY DRAWING done of a friend of mine :) I might use this as a necklace pendant on this super awesome plastic (kinda a secret I shall show you all later) I will be doign many tattoo inspired things and many other things but my friend Damian should be helping me with drawings and well I can draw too im just not real good and dont have the total mind for it. If I see something I can draw it and alter it and do some other creations but can not just make up awesome things in my head and put it on paper. Thats why I craft and such buttt I can use many different artistic mediums and here is proof :)

Ps. I forgot to mention that december was my blogs year anniversery :) YAYYY buttt I am very pleased and have come a long way...