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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas's !!!

So this is all the 3 diff xmas times we had.. and another to come!!

Just a sampler platter from xmas day :) We all watched a movie and ate some yummies well what was left over lol.. all the kiffles rice krispys and other cookies were gone but yanno.. Dinner I made today since I have piggged out the 3 days to awesomemeals I didnt cook so I wanted to cook too :)

LOL her crown and ring and mirror and brush.. since every morning she stands at my vanity with me from grandma and fakes putting on makup and uses my brushes lol

We got her this new echasketch ? Cuz she broke her old one :(

Love this Car... and its funny I never liked Bratz stuff but VEONA LOVES IT sooo i kinda give in.. and the dolls name was Joelle I had to get it lol its like Janelle and well she loved the car so I had to ...

More xmas night since Aunt amy worked so we saved gifts for xmas night so aunt amy could spend some time :)

Veona opening the gift from Gma Catherin in Portland Oregon...

I love the fact that I and Veona have loved ones in Seattle, California, and Oregon its soooo amazing :) I am very grateful for them sending stuff and well Christmas is about family and loved ones. I love Pa although I miss the west. xoxo
Veona at Gmas. This is the best pic I could get.. I forgot to tell you all we got pics with Santa but it was horrible.. she screamd and I had to get in the picture buttttttt its still cute I was just so upset the dress was not shown and she wasnt alone... The dress is GORGEOUS from Nanny very nice macys dress :) We picked it out and I love it sooo much

At aunt Lauras Veona and Hannah and of course veona playing with music and dancing and such.
I love this picture!!! Veona and I reading her leapfrog pen with many books. Shes a little young but i still teach her! Sadly I never gave her the v-tech gaming system we got her.. She was sooooooooooooooo overwhelmed with alll the gifts she could not open any more and was getting upset so she has a ton still for the Russian Xmas which is the 7th of Jan which my fam celebrates too :) Mostly my dad and hsi family but we do too and will make a big tradition for my Gma and such.. .So Im stoked for that .

Veona on her dora trike and Me and my bf michelle xmas day!
Loves her :)
Mommy and Veona
Her computer :)

Michelle got veona her first tricycle and dora of course and barney dvds Veona LOVEDDDDDDDDDDD IT!One of my fav gifts for Veona which sadly I ended up keeping for me then haha.. shes isnt really into since she has 3.373849 billion other giftslol its the voodo/zombie girl and dogg sooo cool!!

DD and Veona playing with the hick lol cabelas camping set he got her
Her first gift xmas morning with mommy!! A HUGEEEEEEEEEEE horse she loves!!!

Christmas morning :)

Cookies ready for santa :) hmmm who took a bite of that one... Santa ur so silly
Me pooped at night on xmas eve!

Veona passed out around 745 but shes sooo adorable with her new Tinkerbell blanky.

Cutting the Red Velvet and Veona had a melt down for about 15 mins it was nap time lol

Ohh (tear) so this is very very special to me. My gma got these for me for xmas (well my aunt did but bought by her for me) and its a cute story... I have been BEGGING my gma for her old cast iron pans and other cookware since I have been home and she would not give it to me lol even though she never uses them and was too sick to then cook but so she got me these and there gorgeous.! I loves them.... And my sister got me my moccasins I wanted so HAPPY
One of my fav pics of Veona :) soooo adorable My little elf. Gosh she looks like a model here ;) hehe
Veonas very first xmas gift of 2010

My very firt homemade cake and boy did I Ace it! It was a lot of work but so worth it. So not only is red velvet soo pretty but its a great holiday cake but it i sNOTTTT easy to make. Very hard along with all the icing and display and lalala. But I was proud and it was Gorgeous :)

Let the baking begin... OMGGG i have not done so much home MADEEE baking IN MY LIFE... I baked alll day Christmas eve as well until 4 lol. I made Red Velvet cake, peanut butter cookies , rice crispys and did i say it was all HOMEMADE omg a lot of work.. I was jazzed at the end it all was delicious and a huge hit !!
Her beautiful Elf dress from Nanny(Deb) along with many beautiful jackets and tonz and tonz of toys and art kits :)
How I love my little christmas elf ...Christmas Eve morning getting ready to tackle the day!
God Bless :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jumble of everything :)

Let the Baking begin... and this is only from the last two weeks... More to come baby!!! Isnt my new cupckae apron sooo cute!! Im not really a pink person buttttt I luhh it :)
I always make her giggle... such a bigggg realllllll smile. Mommy loves you Veona!
2 B's im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY and made many proud... so 3 classes start in end of Januaury... And well Gma is hanging in there but sadly very very ill buttt its ok I love her!!!
The Xmas tree!!
Well this was soo special
Veonas first xmas tree and my first one I got to decorate since I was 12 or so....

Love this picture even though im ragged and doing my hair lol...
Well at first she cried because the ornament we gave her first to put on was the tinkerbell my gma got for her and well she did not understand but then she got the hang of it and loved it. Veona my beautiful Gem :)

The chocolate pound cake I made a week or so ago....

Sooooo.. My good friend Damian is back in Pa for a bit and we got to hang and have a reallly good time ;) I have known him about 4-5 years and have talked to him through all these years :) He is an awesome person and very talented artist. We have a great friendship and a special connection. We cooked together, he cooked for me one night (omg soo good and cleaned up too, wayyy awesome)colored, went to the park a bunch with Veona, watched movies, did crafts, shopped,went out to eat and so on.. It was awesome. I have missed him and his company was So Nice He will be leaving next week So im glad I got to spend some time with him and will some more;) So here are some pictures :)
We made the stuffed shells together and he made the black clay items while I did some bows and such.. But the steak dinner was awesomesauce he made for me :)!!! And Veona even fell asleep on him.. Soooo cute considering she never is around guys. Ill Miss ya Damian *Cheers see ya on the flipside ;)

We Made some amazing cookies which were cutouts with icing and oatmeal cranberry omg they were to die for.. We got some great pictures too :)Doing what I do...
I dedicded to put red in my hair for the holidays and well I needed I change and something to do:)Even though you alll know how I feel about Red hair and red heads.. there all buckin futzz I swear by it lolzz.. anywho I did a pretty good job on the black and red. Im kinda satisfied.
Love her

Best cookies ever... oatmeal cranberry
Natty mixing and such and her xmas present from me was the chef hat :) hehe we are amazing cooks and specially together. JANAT will one day be are catering company we joke lolz

The organic food natty fed me :)
Mommy and Veona a couple of days ago :)
Salmon with apricot jelly and lemon sauce, peas and Wheat salad with tomatoes and spices :) It was good but im not gonna lie I was dissapointed in the salmon it was a little dry although it was from ontario from my dads friend and its not as good as the pinkish alaskan stuff. O wells it was still yummy
So my ornament I told you about hehe!! And if you take notice Veonas 1st xmas ornament next to it.

My new hair for the time being and a silly no makeup face lol

Kombucha tea for xmas relaxing and decorating with the Sister :) ahhhhh ps I love the sayings on the tea bags sooooo neat
Lol Veona in this blocks box and she always goes weeeee weeeee since she wants me to swing her in it. Soooo silly and she always surprises me with being in it when i turn my back.. There she is.. My beautiful dollface :)
Ok so im an experimental kinda chick a lot of the time... These were inspired by easter candy and candy balls i remember making in middle school but i changed it.. whichhhh was not as successful as i hoped lol.. It was homemade icing with ricecripys covered in peanut butter.. well they got kinda soggy after a day and was dissapointed but hey they still were yummy for a bit.

OMGGGG. best bfast ever I made!!! At like 7 am which is super early for me. soo goooood :)

Custom Etsy order I got last week and this is how it turned out :) Nice lady in pittsburg.
Yay up to 26 sales or so on Etsy.. Im sooo happy about it

Now you all know how most of the time im a health nut kinda and well watching my diet and so on... ummm... hehe
Pizza Hut??? lolz
Yeah i have always loveeeeeed it on occasion when im in a greesy cheezy breadstick mood lol.. it was AMAZINGGG omg that new cheezy bite pizza HEAVEEEEENNNN. dude I chowed down for reals :)
So I love this picture of Veona Natty took at her place. hahah she is sooo cute!!

The brownies we made a while back with jamison in them hehe :) Gosh I want me that mixer :( umm Santa....

Happy Holidays to You all with love