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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bits and bobbins.

Well.  There you have it.
Yes.  It is getting so hot and I need a change and to lighten my load so to speak lol.  It is time but boy do I miss how long and beautiful it really was.  Isnt it funny how many compliments on how beautiful your hair is the last couple months before you chop it off bbbbbye. haha
Well it was time.  New growth new beginnings.  
 The way shattered nailpolish looks over a grafiti nail polish look.
 A picture of me wearing a purple duck tape bow and my new cheetah shirt :)
 New sunglasses from ACity.

First day my hair was cut.  I did a pretty good job.  You can deff tell the lentgh is shorter and specially when it is curly because now its oober curly again :)  I amso so jazzed.  I missed those locks and now they are back to the groove when I don't straighten it.  Btw that pink lipstick is a new one as well.  I like it but sometimes it makes me look washed out.
So I am giving a sneak peak to my Acity trip.  I am just so not in the mind frame to go into detail about the mini weekend.  Anyways this was the outside of our hotel Bally's.
Our view from our room!!!
Can you say beautiful.
That was sunday morning.  It was a beaut and so relaxing and pleasant
This believe it or not was my first ocean front view ever :)

 Organic Easter choc cow anyone???
It was so delicious
 A wannabe hummus plate I made it was just the right thing.
 My sweet iris orchid plant I got for easter.  I have always loved these flowers and I was so happy my dad got this for me because i really really wanted it.

 Veona in the bathy bath.

 Passed out one night haha.
I will have my new creation for Pure Sin up soon guys xoxo

Tushiba - Game of Luv (Final Groove).mp3 - - online file sharing and storage - download - Tushiba - Game of Luv (Final Groove).mp3

Tushiba - Game of Luv (Final Groove).mp3 - - online file sharing and storage - download - <a href="" target="_blank">Tushiba - Game of Luv (Final Groove).mp3</a>

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Bath bombs.  Ahhhh has the best handmade organic cosmetics and there bath bombs are by far my favorite and most appreciated secret pleasure.  There is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath where when you step out dipping when your skin feels like a babys bottom.  Such an elegant, soft, touch.  I crave it more than I can get but it is worth every pennie and second.  They go from 4.95-8 dollars but I usually get the plain white one which is 4.95.  Dont let the boring look trick you!  This one is the most luscious and creamy/lathering one of all!!!! Called the Butter bomb and it truly leaves your skin rejuvinated and silky.  I loveeeee them.

I just got to watch Black Swan last night at my sisters house over some sandwhiches and snacks and it was such a great movie omg!! I did not expect it to be a tad creepy and mind altering ( which are movies i freakkkkkin love!)  It was dark yet graceful :)  What more can you ask for.

 So pampering def means getting your nails done or as I say DOING THEM ON YOUR OWN~
I must say I have been blessed wit FLAWLESS nails.  I get compliments on there shape, strength and colors often and it has always been a fun time painting them :)  It is very nostalgic for me because as a child my sister and I and my gma always painted are nails alllll different colors and this is by far my favorite what a great creation.
It is called Shattered by Katy Perry collection.
It comes in silver and black mostly and the lid is sooo neat.  OPI makes killer nailpolishes that never chip or come off they are sold in high salons or special licenced beauticians stores.  It is fabulous and so neat!! I loveeee it.  Although it may be nearly impossible to find at the store I would go to Amazon.  I even painted veonas nails with it lol.  The trick is to go over an already solid color on your nail with the shade and it will "crackle or shatter"

 My new favorite show and it keeps me soooo tuned in.

 Very old but favorite photo.
Well I have completed my last paper of the semester!!! Shit a total of 13 papers this semester holy freggin crap.  That is 39 pages roughly.  Good lord anywho now I am waiting on my two finals and my final grades which shoul dbe 1A and 2B's I hope :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Devlins - Waiting

This is my new song from my new show I have now on netflix called "six feet under"
OMGGGG do I lovee this show. So my style and funeral home duhhhh what I will be doing.
Love this song it touched me actually
Anywho I am very busy with my last week of this semester in college. I am overwhelmed, burned out and trying to get the energy to must up for summer course. Shessh anywho there is much I want to share with Pure Sin. Also some neat news about me ;)
Have a blissful night

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter time :)

What a lovely weekend :)
Veona and Mommy On Easter sunday 4-24-11

This year this happened to be my favorite.  I kind of did not camera obsess this year because I just really wanted to enjoy myself and not have to be behind the lense. 

 Veona getting to go through her basket and presents.
This year I got her 3 gifts and my father did baskets.  I did not want to overload on candy since I new my other friends and realitives would so we got chocolate from Josh Earlies which is a delicacy around here!!! It is soooo well made, mildly organic, and expennnnsive!
So if you are saying to yourself her dress is a Tad outdated???
It was MINEEEE as a toddler!  Neat ehh?  Yes it was hard for me not to get her a dress this year but this was more special and pretty neat although I am not crazy about it haha.

So of course Mommy got her another Monster High Barbie.

Grandmothers house!
The eggs all in the yard and the beautiful yard work my Daddy and I have been doing all week.  It is such a great time, exercise and satisfaction in the lovely look.  Many trips to home depot for the red mulch and flowers.  I have weeded even today and all this week and planted flowers and watered and did some mulching and bow its rewarding and I have come to really LOVEEE and  enjoy it.  I know my grandmother is watching and makes her happy and smile and that makes me the most happy.  Gosh I miss her more than I ever new.  

I love this picture.  

All her eggs :)
She was soooo quick this year and got soo many.

My basket from my Daddy

Some of Veonas

Happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bassnectar Atlantic City House of Blues 4-16-11

Here was the concert on the 16th it was Sick!! We were to the right but not in the front. I shook my luscious than g thang and had the boys beggin/. Not knowing them is the best part. ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Models for Pure sin Continued.

I am playing catch up with these...
Sooo many to put up here but sit back and enjoy folks.  Let me tell you what even if I did not continue my modeling gigs I got many Model friends who are "big" in the scene and it realllllly helped out my Etsy Facebook and just my image as a professional artist and company as well.  O Pure Sin you are my love and we are up to 47 sales on Etsy now.  I also have about 7 new shows booked and every saturday in emmaus until october booked.
This is the lovely Cordial Lee
btw this photo is my absolute favorite.  Stunning

Ginger Zero
 Britnee Lehigh
 Dorothy Johanna


Tadaaa!  All done.
Update-  I will be showing my new bow soon and My weekend getaway.
Have a great day.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New things and my Mini.

Well if you all remember a little while ago I talked about these "Record Bowls"  and I decided I liked them so much that I wanted more and I knew I could easily make my own!! After all I am an artist of many trades and love to experiment and create.  These actually turned out wonderful and quite special to me since they are my father old records from back in the 70's!!!  Its neat.  So I picked ironically the records out of his 50 or so that I like THE LEAST because I thought I would feel bad to do a good one such as Styx or Fleetwood Mac or Bad Company etc.  So  I chose The Band, Peter Frampton, and 2 others.  All you do is turn your oven to about 200-250 degrees and let one record on the middle rack for about 1-3 minutes depending on your oven.  It should get flimsy and wobble like.  

Get a decent sized bowl ready to mold it around and into.  Put it in the bowl and mold all of the sides up however you would like and make sure you keep doing so until it is hard which does not take more then about 5-20 seconds depending on how hot it was.  Make sure to use oven mits obviously!  This is a great gift and neat conversational piece.

This was one of them  I made along with 3 others.  I am using them at stores I am selling my new duck tape hair bows at and at my craft shows I will have 4 -6 whole bowls full!!!! I also have a new little addition of bows to the family that I am currently making like crazy!  They are soooo awesome and I cant wait to share them with you next week or so :)  Enjoy the whimsy wondering all ;)

Me showing off a neat red and black ductape bow.  I ended up giving these for my custom order.

Veona time :)
She got a new purse to put her game system and 8 games it!!!
Isnt it awesome!  Its a skull and neat stuff.  It was a bit odd going into the game store with no boy with me lol.  She enjoyed being in there and looking at all the games in Game Stop and all they toys and yada yada.  Shes adorable and still very afraid of the easter bunny lol.
Veona is getting way better at coloring inside the lines and remember she is only 2yrs 2 months old so she is getting there folks.  Look at her staying inside the hearts!  She is such a smart cookie.

LOL her putting on Mommys fake glasses.

Ok so this is my new face mask.  I had a friend tell me about the site LUSh about 4 months ago and I just did not want to spend so much money on one item so I just got an all natural one from my grocery store.  I am so jazzed because first it has cucumber in it which is great for the eyes and skin and its all natural which is better.  I almost dropped dead when i noticed it was not green or brown coming out of the tube!!!  It is clear.  Yes clear isnt that weird??
So it dries on like that clear and then you peel it off!!!!!!!!

How freakin weird but boy does it feel good.  I was worried I would get a rash or break out but I didnt Yes!! Its a keeper.  Excuse my yucky pimples and skin in these two shots lol.  They are not edited and pretty yucky raw!  Although I am fortunate its not worse :)

Dinner the last couple of days.  

BTW honey mustard has always been my fav dressing and this one is to dye for!! It is a tad spicy but yet creamy how awesome.

Well off to my sisters with the kiddos to do more eggs, Make cookies and such and play.
See you after the weekend to re cap over my awesome Atlantic City Get Away!!!!
With love