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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Rockabilly necklace" "Pin up" "Bottle cap Necklace"

Sailor Jerry traditional tattoo rose bottlecap necklace

This is one of my new bottlecap designs that are tattoo and pin up inspired.  They are all now filled with epoxy/ resin and are absolutely stunning.  Now I finally have made over 100 of different kinds such as
Tattoo style(with pin up, traditional art and sugar skulls) and Animal print.  
I shall be adding some more designs in the near future as well.  
They are tricky to make but a ton of fun at the same time.  I like a challenge and these keep me on my toes as I find more tricks of the trade with each batch I make.  

Rockabilly Lady bottle cap pendant.
I have many different varieties of these and they have become a big seller due to the neat, vixen lookin ladies.  This one is the 2nd most popular and about 2 others out of the 10 I have.
Check out the new items on etsy all of yas :)

"Punk Hair bow", "Pin up Hair barrette"

Pure Sin's new Tentacle, Octopus, Squid etc punk rockin bow :)
Made out of 1.5 inch pink zebra grosgrain ribbon with a purple octopus on top .
Measures about 3 inches long with a silk ribbon in the middle to hold down an alligator clip on the back.
Industrial glue is used so no wiggle room.


Simon and Garfunkel The Boxer (Original)

Gameboy Necklace

The new Gameboy necklace!
Depending on color and size these are made out of Perler beads and are simple sweet.
How neat get your nerd on and accessorize.
Take a look...


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bethlehem Art Walk

 The Art Walk yesterday in downtown Bethlehem 4-9pm.
My new banner and my new due :)
Isn't the banner AMAZING like I said!!!!
So everything turned out good.  It was nice to see the cool people of bethlehem going out for dinner, drinks, and with there kids and I enjoy doing what I do.  Some neat people to converse with and well just talk.  My good friend Hannah helped me and then we went out to eat and had drinks at the bestttt Thai food I have ever had, you will see the photos down below.

My haircut I did last week and my old hair color from the past year.  I can not stand it anymore so I had to dye it.  First I tried to do some read highlights myself and that was a disaster so I did it all dark dark brown.  I needed to get all the gross colors out.   I must say I did a fine job cutting it and man I should have gotten my hair stylist license but I did not want to deal with petty ovaries in school.  All my friends want me to do their hair now but yanno.  So as in above it is short and dark!!!
Haaa so not me specially the short part but I got to the point that I hated the humidity, washing, styling and the same ole same ole.  Needed "Change"

Thai Thai
This restaurant Thai Thai in Beth was delicious.  The most decadent, beautiful, tasty food I have had going out to eat in Years.  I got the cashew pad Thai and boy was it a Winner.

Fathers day meal :)  My daddy is the best.
xoxo off to do some chores, huge test, organize, and play with the kiddos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lady skeleton Cameo Necklaces and earrings

Black and white Cameo on an antique dark silver setting with a lovely classy black ribbon necklace
Cameo creations anyone???
Pink and white small Cameo
 Octopus necklace- Comes in a variety of colors and bows as well :)
 Red/White Cameo on silver antique setting and classy red ribbon necklace
Rose w black setting and pink ribbon necklace
 Black and white small cameo ring

 Pink and black cameo necklace
 Ivory and black Cameo Necklace
Lots of these are uploaded on the
Check it

 Red and Black Cameo necklace which also comes on a silver ball chain if desired

More Varieties :)
Cameo settings in many combinations and more as well.
Nothing like home made french toast on a sunday morning
with starbucks coffee, blueberries and powdered sugar--my fav!!