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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crafting, Monster, Food, Remodeling, Painting, + Peedeeee Potty ssshtuff

Lots of stuff here guys tune in...
This is the Art Mart in Allentown PA!
I have my stuff selling here which is sooo rad because there are so many talented artists in this shop and that will be in the show this saturday(which is a double header I have 2 shows 8-8pm wowza)  This is actually inside a Holiday Inn and boy is the hotel so nice from what I expected Allentown to have haha.  It is sad to think Allentown used to be the #10 place to live in america as far as citys go and now it is almost a shit hole *sorry.  However, they are remodling a lot of it and putting in a hockey rink which could realllllly help the city.  For example, Bethlehem Pa which I am sure you heard of has the "sands" casino which is a huge attraction to the EAst coast now.  Yeah w/e I do not like casinos.  Lame people, and I hate to waste money.  Well I remember seeing things about them building it when I still lived in Portland thinking nothing of it and now its nation wide known.  So I am hopping the same for Atown hockey ring.  However, I have my school building right across from where they are doing it on Hamilton st.  Which I do nottt want to get stuck in that traffic and chaos mon-wed.  Grrr!
This art mart is also located right off that strip to the right!

Around the shop

 View of allentown on Hamilton street.
 Monster chompin down!  He got big Eh??Gosh we all just love him!!! Truly so sweeet and my 2nd fav pet ever!!!!
 More pancaked the other day :)

OMG one of my fav food I have made in a while. Thai style dish it was so great.  I dunno if you remember when I went out to Thai Thai well I tired to make something like it :)  Really check out the detail in the dish tho see if you can guess what all is in it?
Rice on the bottom.  Then cubed chicken with pecans, peaches, peas, fr green beans, spices and some gravy.  It was slammin guys!  Then a nice fresh salad

I love when  my brother cooks :p  He made yummy french toast and I put some nummy fruits to top it off for extra healthy sweetness ;)

Now for the grand show!!
The remodiling.
Here is some of the house
The basement!!!
We are totally redoing it and my brother and dad are VERRRY handy which is always great!
We get things done nicely by ourselves, save money, and have pride about it
Here Dan is reduing the wiring to the whole house!!
 Baddass new Saw from DeWalt :)  We got so many new tools it truly is a joke.  A construction site of our own for reals.  So this will be developed into dads room, kids play room, my studio(EEEEk) and laundry room.  So pretty much 3 1/2 rooms.  You shall see then.  So much to do with drywall and such but just wanted to do some before pics to keep you all interested.
 Here is the mess of all the moving and such.  I started to paint the back wall white since that will not have dry wall.  My studio will be next to the laundry area.  Which ehhh w/e at leaste I can get 2 things done at once i suppose haha.
Neat ehhh
Yess found this awesome new technique
 So for those of you who know me well I have always been blessed with long natural healthy nice nails. Yup not to brag or anything ;)  Well found this new marble technique on youtube and I put it to the test!! It was cool but kinda messy and I did not have much time or patience at that time.
Here we are painting because she is pretty much potty trained.  I usually give her a lil gift or candy and this time it was hello kitty things to paint.  
I had a mommy one an dbaby one and it was cute
haha lovin those glasses
Mommys zombie kitty.
 Veonas lol cute huh.
Potttttyy.  So Veona is hysterical with how she says different things and how she purposely says it funny because she has such a sense of humor.  She always has but now it is even funnier.  Well "Poooody" is how she says to go Poo #2 and so on.  She laughs and laughs when she says poody.  Then we changed PP to PEEEdeee lol.  anywho she has been doing great and is almost fully trained besides night and here and there an accident but mostly in the Car which does stink at times.  

Preview of Veonas room!!! I did not want to show you all of it yet.  However, it is finished I just want to show and after picture with the things in it I am getting.  I did just purchase her first Owl pillow and will be getting more things soon.  I want a really neat chair for her since she will have her own reading area type thing.  A green or pink one that is really cute!!!
Off to gmas to do more work on the painting in the dining room and kitchen. Dont worry I have many pictures guys!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Going bak. Life story. Get to know "Me"

Well I wanted to try to maybe recap a tad of my life into one post since I will be having more and more people join and now they can find the about my life post.  But errrrrrnt ffwd until yesterday from 1989 I had a ridiculous day of school work that turned out to be quite reassuring and very profitable as far as school work goes.  I wrote 2 papers revised 5 papers took two tests and did some other editing to things.  I got all A's on the papers and 1A on a test and 1 B! woahhhh that was about7 -9 hours of school work in one day. Yeah it was nutzo....

 Ok now back to 1989.  I was born on May 26th and well the first 7 years of my life were great from what pictures and faint memories I have.  I had 2 siblings a great dad and mom and a sweet twin house I was raised in.  We had a huge family that all of us always had parties and life was good.  Ffwd to about 1996-98.  This is when life changed ( like they say every 7 years)  I do not discuss this much because I have become a more "private" person with some aspects of my life but I feel getting it out makes me not have to feel so mysterious.  My mother and father spilt it was bad, awful and downright a big Lie in some aspects.  My mother became a full blown alcoholic and into some minor drug habbits.  She was a Registered Nurse making good money and excuse my french "pissed" it all away.  Yep I was 7-8 and I have some awful memories during 8-13ish.  She was drunk, driving drunk with me on occasion, burning food she tried to cook, and being lazy.  I had a great neighbor move in Deb who was and still is a big help, and part of my life.  My gmas both took care of us a lot while my dad worked 12 hour days to support us and then won custody of us at 12-13.  Events happened with my family like my brother having a bad car accident and my mother got brain surgery.  Then this was a good thing but also very hard for me since well my school got changed and we moved into an apt which in Emmaus is not "cool" while your in school since everyone is super rich.  Anywho my dad still worked his butt off and I was very involved in sports cuz I kick ass in atheletics and fitness in general, did good in school A-Cs but was more of a leader/black sheep in the sense that everyone either followed my trends or just was so intimidated of me.  I had a bit of a confrontational attitude and then later got involved in drinking and partying.  At 16 I was in a bad car accident and ended up in the hospital with my 6th or so bad head concussion.  Here is where my life really changed.  When I went back to school I felt alone, was all about getting out of high school and into the real world asap.  Was not into gossip, girls or anything else that stupid school included. I was 16 going on 22.  Everyone thought I was older and well it was true I was and still am very mature.  I always had pretty good looks I suppose and kept in good shape.  I was fun, unique, hardworking, multitalented and was not afraid to say what I thought about anything.  I hung out with the older people worked my butt off and then boom it was June 2007 I graduated and planned to move out west to get away from these people out here and start new and become even more independent.  I had planned to go to school to be an xray tech and decided to drop that college and just work and see what I really wanted in life.  I then was in Cali visiting, then seattle living for a couple months then well October of 07 was where my life really was taken to a different level.  I met someone, settled down, and pretty much started a family.  Things were great at first like always then not good, in fact they were horrible in some aspects, but ok in others.  I loved Portland Oregon and had my beautiful daughter Veona on January 26th 2009.  This was the day my life became the most rewarding.  The best most beautiful gift I was ever blessed with.  Veona made me want to be the strongest, most hardworking, and loving person I could be.  She made me thrive, want to go back to school to have our own life together, and do everything I could better than I ever imagined. Then ffwd to April 2009 I moved back to Pa with my family and settled (which took a bit to get happy to be home in PA and figure out how to plan my future)Things were different.  I was living with my father and well people were more grown up and many of my aunts and other family members were dying.  I decided that I needed to focus.  I have always had wide interests such as fishing, art, modeling, video games, learning,fitness, make up, clothing, cooking, etc but now I started to capitalize on some of them and let some others fade a bit since time is limited.  I now work with my daughter so much because I love to, I am back in college, am an artist of many aspects running my own small business, and a happy single mother to Veona 24/7.  I take pride in the fact that I do not have to be like other mothers and sigh and say "omg I cant wait until "so and so" goes to there fathers this weekend".  I have her all day everyday (besides class and 1 a month going with friends alone)  It honestly does not make me upset however sometimes I get a little confused for how the future will pan out.  Single yes single.  Many ask me if I'm married and I pause and say "No".  Have I considered wanting to "maybe" I often don't give others a chance and well am ok with doing "me" and taking care of my number one priority and joy Veona with out having to give some one else my attention and physically and mentally take care of them.  I honestly would give a guy an opportunity if he had a great job, good personality, good values and future goals and well I can go on and on. However life is just toooooo busy right now.  I got into college in Jan 2010 knowing I needed to get my degree for myself and Veonas future.  I then tossed and turned on what I wanted "to be" the number one question others ask and one asks themselves.  I went from a hotel restort manager, to a criminal justice major, to then BOOOOOM a funeral director which is what I am in school for now.  Not only do I get to do pathology things but also help others in need of help dealing with a loss of a love done.  Not soon after I got home my gma whom was my number one supporter was diagnosed with cancer.  It was almost a blessing in disguise that I came home to be with her and help my family. She had a rare muscular cancer that was stage 4.  I helped her with shopping, support and Veona brought her so much joy.  I saw her as much as I could and really let her know how much she means to be but how I do not want her to go.  It was too soon.  Ok sorry getting choked up.  1 1/2 years later in Jan 11 she passed.  Things now were verrrrrry different.  Noot only had a lost my gma but pretty much my mother to me.  I was scared, so sad, and downright confused.  I was worried what life would be like without her.  I am not going to lie my mother is not a big part of my life because of what she had done and well I have forgiven her when I was out west but realized to just accept what it is.  However, I do get upset seeing others with there mom shopping, or talking to there mom on the phone, or saying " my mom would love that" I just do not have that connection with her.  She sees things very differently and she just well does not get it.  Nothing.  Although, my dad is the best daddy ever!!1 Yes he may work a lot and be a hick as we say it buttt he is laid back, strong, cool, and pretty sarcastic on occasion.  He is the most giving person I have ever met and is not materialistic AT ALLLL.  So on to continue these last 6 months I have helped with my gmas home which we are purchasing, remodeling, and keeping beautiful and still "gmas house" as we call it.  In college which is sooo very hard currently and extremely busy with my Pure Sin business.  I have craft shows about 2-3 a month and daily makings, website updating and constant networking.  Things are coming together and more and more stores want my stuff there and people really know me more then ever around the LV not just Emmaus.  Veona is so beautiful and ever so smart and life is good but very busy.  I have some of the best friends ever who have always been there for me and even more so now.  The 5 of them I am very close with I have known since 1st.6th. and 9th grade!!!My sister and I are VERY close and the family is still doing fairly well considering.  It was hard for me at first being home wanting to see friends and acquaintances but they wanted "the old Janelle" and were a little confused as to what my life really is.  So I dropped them and thought this is who I am now take it or leave it.  The true ones stuck around and boy am I fortunate they are the best.  I am also involved in helping the community with donating some of my  hair items to the Cancer patients in the Lehigh Valley HN pediatric unit where my sister works.  I also am working the breast cancer walk and may be a member of the board.  I want to give back because when I moved home I got so much help from my family and loved ones and couciling that I want to do all I can to help others while I can before I am a funeral director and am too busy.  Well I think that is about it for now and well uhh there you have it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Veona can you get any cuter. Ohhh Sunday

Photo sets of Veona

I just adore this photograph!
OMG can you say Cutest little girl ever!
 hehe that yikes moment

Goo Eats!

 This Ice Cream cone was at an art gallery I have my things sold at now :)
Isnt she a doll!! The lady used her on her flyer on fb my pretty daughter I am so proud!

 Driving in the 101 degree weather with NOOOO ac horrible.
 Heart shaped pancake by accident :)

 Aww This picture is so cute of us isnt it!
 She is a little tinker too
Rut Roh (scoobie doo)

Our past 4-5 days :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food...Yep need it to survive!

As you all know I LOVVEEEE to cook.  Well I have been hiding many pictures because honestly I feel you all might get bored of it and it is kind of tempting and torturous isnt it??
Ha so well here are some goodies and as you all can tell I love my chicken, pasta, and vegetables!

 Oh and sandwiches!!!

No desserts today sorry folks!
Today consisted of none of these however, I did make some yummy sandwich and have many other photos but will save those for a special blog!  I can not wait to share our remodeling of the house soon guys!!!! I have been holding back and well my nose has been in the books so bad my pages have my tears all over them oh and snot!
Ps it is a heat wave this week yea like 98-104 i am freakin beyond mad...pist... maybe heavily irate!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More good things about the east coast, "Philadelphia"

Well I needed a moment to breath in some sanity.  That is... some real world life rather then huge college books in front of me flooding my brain with knowledge.

 "MUSIC" my love, passion, healing agent, and straight up godsend.

Well since I have been working my ass off I think I maybe seeing these awesome ppl below in concert this thursday.  In addition, if i do not I will be seeing some of the others below in Sept, and Oct YESSS!! Time to free myself and dance my ass off.  Yep ass offffff.
The glitch mob and phantogram  will be in philly this thursday and then deadmau, thrillex and trentmoller will be in sept and october and I realllly wanna see those 3 concerts as well.  We shall see I think I rather see thrillex and trentmoller rather then just deadmau because the tickets a tad pricey.
Anywho Yeah check them out!!!
Painted some more of veonas room as far as touch ups go and now off to study gahhhhhhhh(head desk)
love Janelle

The Glitch Mob - Beyond Monday

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff

SKRILLEX - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

Phantogram - Mouthful Of Diamonds

The Glitch Mob - Nalepa Monday remix

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Tv shows of 2011!

Well I totally jinxed myself :(  
I will NOT be able to blog these next two months especially the next 2 weeks because I just started my 3rd class yesterday and the work load is the most I have ever had.  Thanks cultural geography ;)
I am stressed, worried, and down right pissed.  
I have so much work to do that literally this week everyday all day almost will be spent reading, writing papers, taking a quiz, writing an outline for 2 chapters, taking a huge 5chapter test and so on.  Wow I thought last semester was bad it got worse as of yesterday.  On top of it the house has a lot of work that I still wanted to do to it and sadly will have till wait till the beginning of august when I will have a couple of days.  :(
Also my fav shows right now are....
Rescue me well yup last season starts tom!!!! I can not wait gosh have I always loved this show from start to finish.  It is hard to belive it came out when I was a junior in HS haha.  
Breaking BADDDDD! 
Freakin awesome show!!
Starts next sunday I think?  So eager to see this boy o boy :)
Of course the one and only and famous
Law and Order SVU love love love.  Always on but lately not as much as I have seen before.
 New Fav for this year besides The walking dead.  Locked up Abroad so fascinating to see how other countries and cultures deal with bad decision makers, criminals, and drug trafficers.
Great show and fascinating things.  National Geographic has some great shows and specially the one with the places that are off limits to people and they show you them.  Wow simple remarkable and those relics are so incredible.
Tata for now ;)  Ps I hope to take veona to see winnie the pooh soon.  We were in the new pool today and it was soooo swell :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sia - Breathe Me (Six Feet Under Finale)

I Balled my eyes out to the end of 6 feet under and this was it with one of my fav songs by sia breath me. It is pretty much just the story of life showing them throughout there life getting old and all of them dying off but in like 6 minutes!!! Honestly if you dont shed a tear to this or think of a loved one that passed and how your family will get old and pass then I think you may be pretty numb or heartless. It was beautiful but yet so sad. How I loved this show soooooo much. I suppose it reminded me of my grandmother and I miss her so much :(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ben Templesmith you Made my night and tickle my fancy ;)

Yes!  Finally...My very special order came in after much confusion and canceling one order and getting another haha; boy what a fight but it was well worth it!
It really made my night last night to open my front door (which I do like a little kid for everyday checking) and find it sitting there, staring at me with such ease.  I have had a hard, stressful week to say the least.  After drama with lame, talentless people I finally could enjoy myself and read my artbook/ comic by the one and only Ben Templesmith :)

It was wonderful!!!
I never have been into a lot of reading and the few pages of the actual comics were amazing because his sick sense of humor, crude things and just ridiculous concepts keep me entertained.  (which is hard since I get bored easy)  I am so multifaceted what can I say! haha.  So have you ever looked back on your life and asked yourself Why do I like this so much? Or... What is my first memory of doing this??  
I have a distinct memory of where my Love and passion for art came.  Which later reached out to many different mediums as I grew.
I was in 3rd grade at Macungie Elementary School and had art class.  We were making the famous "American Gothic" and for those of you who do Not know what that is then crawl out of your holes!! It is the pitchfork with the Old man and Woman in front of House and a Barn.  Ringing any bells? Anywho we had to reenact it but differently with snowmen, yes snowmen since it was winter time :)  I was so thrilled to learn about this painting and art really deeply hit me from that point on.  I was so into that painting we had to do that I was determined to make mine the best in the class and was so proud to have it in the art show or w/e it was called at that age.  I still now can see my little blond self working on it on the art table with four students on each corner haha.  What a long journey it has been since then.

Anywho I wanted to share that and now my artwork has metamorphosed and grew into many different mediums such as: Pure Sin, modeling, photography, crafts, rug making, painting, some drawing, etc.

These first two pictures are from Wormwood and remind me modestly of course of myself well when I am modeling and some of my interests.  The way she is posed and even her look on her face captivate such emotion its remarkable.  

This one greatly reminds me of the runway I did in Sept of 2010 I am sure you long time followers remember my photoshoot for the event which was the half/half representation almost just like this to a T. Feel free to look back at my Sept/October blog from 2010 and see for yourself!
This is just Rad

So you all may be wondering why I have been blogging so much.  Honestly I can Not tell ya haha I just "feel" like it and have so much I love to share and write about other then school.  Shessh sometimes writing for school and using all my time into something I can care less about or not really want to do makes me want to share what is my passion or love.  So  there you have it.