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Monday, November 29, 2010

Xmas list and things I think my loved ones got...

So I loveee TOKIDOKI stuff and I really want this calendar by them its sooo neat :)
Skeleanimals are the freakin bestest Veona has the ;purple backback and I want this lil guy he is too cute! Oh can I say urban Decay
holy moly I love all urban decay I just wish they didnt put such a whole in my wallet. But I really would like soome more stuff specially some more eyestuff.. I already spent 127$ last year but wow thats outa the question now I just love there stuff and got my sister some stuff from them and we got Bare Escentuals stuff too:)
But I would like some clinique Cover up as well ;)
Well this post makes me feel sooo greedy but it continues lol...
And well as far as this callow lily goes I loveeeee her work I would love a print or some clothes or well it inspires me and I have done tonzzz of research on advertising or getting published and thats my goal for Pure Sin :) I have been on an online mag for modeling but not Pure Sin yet but will have some awesome interview blogs of Pure Sin up soon I cant wait that will be this month and on...Oh and also a New TATTOO I want sooo bad to start a halloween piece since well thats me :))))))

Umm Can u say XBOXXXX and DDR and Mat holy smokes I want!

Now this mite confuse you but I want a good 30-50 inch hdtv not plasma but yea and a new tv stand for my living room :)

So here is this onyx ring I want.
its not what you think
I am not getting married nor am I in a relationship
(but that could be in the near future or well some day possibly)
I just love onyx and well black and I have changed my ways on silver. I used to hate it but I loveeeeee change
and thrive on it and I am over gold. Despise it actually... almost hate but yeah
I want silver. I feel gold is bad luck and well yeahhh... I know others who changed that now are older and happily married too and I feel its a good new start for me :) and btw Im bc free if you know what that means lol I dont want to go into detail cuz its personal butt im off of it :) yehaaaa I just want a new me :) and that means natural..

A merry xmas kiss to you all!

So I have always loved wears waldo and well here is a collection omg I want it because Veona has grown to love him too like mama :) we do it together and she giggles and says THERE HE ISSSS to copy me lol its adorable

I have always loved philosophy and all that goes with it so I think I would llove this and it will be beneficial. I have to take philosophy I think but actually will be in English and Psychology this coming semester and LCCC with Eng at school(squeals yay) Cant wait

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fist in mouth)I have been wanting these for my whole life!!!
I do not know why I never treated myself well actually in the last 3 years I do.. im unselfish when it comes to my daughter and loved ones I put them first. But I WANT I WANT I WANT I actually like about 3 diff styles of these dr Martens butt I want to start with these. Soo darn smexyy yess smexyy not sexy ;)

gift this year and sadly I dont think i will get it :(
Im not being greedy since my father did just spend a ton on my today and I have new pots/pans baking pans, utensils and so on oh omg and my cupcake apron sooo cute:) but I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly wanted this puppy. Specially in onyx since it reminds me of my gma and since for thanks giving my whole family LOVEEEED my baking which rocked my boat hehe. So I am now the rocking cupcake diva! Yup that is me ;) sooo I shall be busting out some baking moves (oh snap) lol i never talk like that but Gosh it will take me forever to save for this if I even get it in the next year prolly a couple lol but I want sooo bad. Santa pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Santa baby.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pretty Pretty

Well this is my favorite pic ever but it wont upload right darn!
Well thanksgiving was good :)Veonas best picture ever I just adore it!!!
Her very own cookie how adorable

Well the 3 Kids us Hamschers !

A Picture I had made for me from an Artist
I love it.

Thanksgiving :)

The Table together and Veona sitting on her own stoop hehe.

Then thanksgiving at aunty Nattys too.we love her soooooooooooo big :)
Veona today in her black out fit matching me yay we shall be goign to the mall

Veonas big smile so adorable.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nuktzo week!

Well on thursday we decided to go to aunty nattys and make homemade cucpakes and icing!! From this awesome ladies blog call cupcake blog. They are gourmet and delicious. These were organce cupcakes!! As you can see all of our supplies :)
In the oven!!!

The icing. Which was cream cheese powdered sugar some vanilla and so on.... soooo good
Veona is the most special so she got the very first baby cupcake!!! hehe.. Gosh di dshe have a blast there. Dancing, playing there piano , playing outside. having fun with her toys we brought, singing, playing with all the family. We just love auntty nattys sooo much .. Veona now calls her NAT it is adorable.

The finished cupcakes. omg 2 hrs later. It is a lot of work and well the icing is a bit harder to work with then store bought LOLLLL but omg can u tell the difference of store bough cupcakes and homemade. I want to do the rest of the recipes on her site :)

Now onto another chapter. It has been a crazy week. Ups and downs with things. Sadly my Boss Harold died on Wednesday night :((((
It is very sad
RIP and I shall miss workign at Custom computer Works
My gmas bday was wednesday as well on the 17th and it was pretty good. although that is a wig and shes been very ill we are happy she made it to her 73rd bday. So veona and gma.. and a yummy handmade cake by my uncle which was call love cake or something. It had rocoitta cheese in it..

Well I caved.. I ordered her this tinker bell wooden table and it came in and I just wanted to give it to her. Veona has been sooo good and learning very much the last 3 months that I wanted her to have her own table to draw, do letters, read books, and such at. And she LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it!

My Tarot Cards
IV of Cups- Take a step back and look at matters from a different perspective. You might notice that your heart has been ruling your head. Share your thoughts-don't be selfish. Do your part to settle disagreements.

XX Judgement- A job well done delivers many rewards; laziness is punished. Make peace dont nit-pick yourself or oothers too harshly. Patience brings success. Don't be cruel. Health improves, but it may take some effort on your part.

III of Wands-You are very good at putting the talents and skills of others to their best use. Be specific about what you want and don't be misled by well-meaning friends. This is not a lonely time. Use the strength of those around you-teamwork brings luck.
Ace of Wands- Now is the time for sending out resumes, starting a new enterprisse, or beginning a journey. Your strenth uplifts those who lack the resources to solve their problems alone.

This meal was amazing it was mini raviolie vodka sauce
and salad with cucumber and tomotoe and lf ranch.

Veona sitting and reading a book!
Late night snack :) Cottage cheese and tomotoes with pepper and salt
Veona in I in bed before we go Night Night

Almost sleeepinggggggggggggMore knom knoms from the other night :) Chicken with gravy, kindey beans(veona loves them) and a baked potatoe
P.s I got an 84 B on my research paper for Art History. Happy but really wanted an A. I worked hard on it but happy since I beat the 73 average grade on the paper. :)) yippy
Now onto more work for my business class
Have a great couple of days guys!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Pure Sin items! and lunch & din din :)

My new Pure Sin creations folks!!!!!!
A mini top hat covered in glitter with a flower and rose on the front.
Isnt it Beautiful!!!
I really like it and just in time for the holidays... And my bran new line added to Pure Sin
My feather hair clip/accessories....
These are very fun to make and I can not wait to make more!!
Red and black feathers with a red glitter rose on the top and an alligator clip fastened on the back.
**So I have NOTTTT yet added these to my etsy as well as new hair clippies just because I want to wait a bit to see if they sell at my Artisans fair on the 28th in Emmaus which I am not to sure howit will go due to it being a holiday weekend.
;/ not 100 percent positve I will be doign it due to weather and such. Now this dinner/ late lunch was DELICIOUS and i mean it very much so... the shrimp and the yummy four cheese alfredo sauce with fettichi and peppers oooooohhh my I enjoyed it. It has been forever since I have had alfredo and Veona actually loved it which I was sooo flored by. :)

An early lunch more like bfast lol yummy roast beef and cheese sandwhich on wheat toast with mustard and cucumbers and lw ranch. It was good .
Ok so as you know I have been doing crazy xmas shopping/bday for Veona and here are her two online wish lists/gift registries that I created so I can keep track of what I have not yet got her and Ideas for my friends and family/loved ones to get for her 2nd bday!!
So far she has a good amount of stuff from Me and my father but goshhh one can never have enough for xmas an dbday right??? Well anywho I will keep updating so keep checking back. Ps she is a size2t-3t and size 7 shoe!
So the 2nd like the Toys R Us one you must type in My info... which ismy first and last name and my city and state which most of you know
Sorry it wont let me direct link to the registry... o wells no worries :)
Whats neat about this is that you can get it shipped directly to us instead of to you then to me. Pretty clever ehh?
I have had such a wonderful day with Veona today starting out with dancing to black eyed peas "tonights going to be a good night" jam. We had a blast and I even video taped it hehe. We tangoed and spun and clapped and boogied. It was adorable and boy did we laugh and have terrific time. She is just such a joy. We have read, colored, ate, organized, crafted, played dolls, and letter/puzzels today!! This past two weeks has been sooo fun! Gosh I just love her more then words can describe.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Long time no talk. Heres a BIG one!

So First I want to say sorry for the long wait guys... Been sooooooooooooooooooooo busy with xmas presents for Veona (squels cant wait for her) School research papers and sooo much hwk its a joke, and registering for next semester(yay get to go to a class) and Pure Sin 2 shows and well computer hiatus lol...

Veona with aunty Natty doing her letters which she has it mastered!!! My smart beautiful young lady!

Me wiff my piggy tails the one day hehe

Veona in her adorable pig tails and cute outfit :)
Ok so this is the trick or treating which I have been so late with.......
This first picture is very emotional for me. That was our neighbors house we were 218 when I was a child. Debs house in fact and boy are they different now and the back yards are sooooo diff.... anywho take a peek at this AWESOME trick or treaet time.. I had such a wonderful time with just me and Veona. It was very special and She was great.

Her first trick or treat house!!! I have lots on video too! She is such a beautiful girl and a perfect lil Alice I must say so myself
Here we are before our first trick or treat!!

Omg you cant get more alice then this
Veona you are gorgeous and just the apple of my eye...Mommy loves you
Soo cute


Pure Sin at the Eyer Chilli Cook Off/Craft Fair
So this was pretty weird for me considering I went to that middle school in 6th grade. WOWZAAA made me feel old. Even saw some of my teachers haha. Anywho this was TERRIFIC!!! I made good money and had a splended time. The kids LOVEDDDD my stuff omg and I handed out almost all of my 200 business cards sheesh.

Dinner the other night! Salmon from my dads friend caught from ontario (lake) and fresh asparagush and homemade mac and cheese pene style.(yes I know Penne) lol it was with mozz cheese and creme cheese lol it was yummy tho!!

Bfast that day with Veona was toast eggs and oranges

Me with my new bump it thing!! If I didnt say anything woudl you have known???
Veona eating her dinner one night in the cutest overalls ever!!!!They fit her perfect and I just adore them.

Veona in her Seattles best dress I love it. So adorable and she has had it for a while from seattle from Deb. How we love talking to her almost everyday!! All the handmade clothes from out there are so special and dear to us and we love them. Target clothes get old after a while since I get so many for her so its nice to get original ones :) Gosh but Veonas foot is a size 7 now OMGGG SHE IS HUGE... But it was such a joy yesterday at the store. Well I have always known Veona was very smart but now people are goign out of there way to stop me and tell me when they here how well she talks its incredible. Yesterday she said green frog mommy and a lady goes how old is she? I said 2 in 2 months and she nearly died. She said I am a nusery teacher and she is very smart and advanced I said yeah I work with he ra lot and Im veyr proud that she is not in daycare. I said she knows all her colors and can say sentences and knows all her ABCs to say them but can point out half of them and say them on her own. She could not believe it and was soo ecstatic. Boy did that make me feel great!! I love Veona so much and I still say its all the salmon in my 3rd trimester. And boy is she musically inclined too. I am going to get her in piano when shes 5 for SURE. She always plays the piano and Auntee Nattys and just adores dancing and singing as well.

Pork with peppers sauce rice and fresh yummy bread.! So I never eat pork but I was starving hehe.. It was good even though I filled up on the bread haha

Yummy turkey tom cheese and sadwhich with soem mayo and pears :)

Sorry for the long wait and huge post but I have been sooooo busy and on hiatus from the computer and had a ton to catch up on. xoxo