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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tad of dis and that!

Here is the one wine I got from the wine tasting in bear creek!
This one is my almost very favorite.  What do ya know it is called "Red Vixen" hahahhah
The glass is neat and a great memory.  Do you take notice to my gmas vintage sugar and flower containers.  Yes they are from her wedding back in zeeeee day!!!

 Dinner the dad made last night!
 Homemade pancakes I made last week.  Even the brother said they were the best pancakes he EVER tasted!!!  I got a special recipe from online and omg they were amazing.  I felt like my gma was with me making them and having Veona sit at the butcher block and wait to eat them!! They are her favorite.
 Back to crafting and shipping orders today.  I have caught up on making swatch boxes a bit buttttt am working on my comic book resin necklaces/ magnets now :)  School is going great and life is awesome!!!  Things are really falling in to place and good things do come to those who wait and work hard!!!!

Trentemøller - TLA Oct. 13 2011

Here was the Trentemoller concert we were at!!! I was front row to the right of this video...right in front of the drummer!!! It was so sick and my fav concert yet :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Past the 100th mark on Etsy!!!!!

So this very first picture was of my 100th customer.  If you all check my Pure sin fb which you shoulddddddd it is on there :)  She is named Kimberly and is from NY she got about a 45-50$ extra gifts for being my 100th customer.  I was so veyr pleased and have been on a great creative kick lately.
 New vintage comic book magnets/ necklaces.  All hand done by me :)
 New skull/ cherry bow
 Fire pit/ bon fire we had the other night.  Burning papers that should be disintegrated!!!

Some people need to stay out of our business, and live there own lives and not worry how rad and awesome mine/ours is.  Ha I think its funny really.  Jealousy.  Gosh some Loser East coasters I tell ya!!!  Some people are so dull, lazy, unintelligent, and uncreative.  Don't be madd at me/us try looking in the mirror and bettering yourselves(if thats possible).  Grow up and get a life.
 The new Frankie
 And someone just purchased this one of a kind mini top hat a few hours ago.  103 Sales on Etsy now!!!!
I am so stoked about this one too!!!
I had a great weekend away as well.  I got to spend time with some very special people in my life, attend a haunt and go to a wine tasting event.  Simply marvelous.  I am very much loving my life right now, kickin butt in school, and business is booming.  I love my family and some of the new ones in my life :) xoxo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Party!!!!

So this was my costume I made this year :)
I just wanted to share that with you because last night was amazing :)
However, I  can not share all the photos and blog now due to lots of homework to catch up on and house cleaning to do!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

What a beautiful weekend...

What has been called the Janellumpkin haha. 
So I drew this from one of my modeling shots a while back just tweeked it a tad.  It turned out pretty Rad and I love halloween and wanted my own pumpkin for in my sleek and sophisticated room :) 

 Veona in the yard with chalk.  Take notice to the halloween decorations in the sides.  I got this awesome skull wind chime from hallmark made from bamboo.
 Our new pepper plant.  Look at all the beautiful colors.  Love me colorful creations.
The front porch.  Getting ready for the parade this saturday!!! EEEEEEEeeek.
It will be awesome.  Sadly some important people will not be making it but it is what it is.  It still will be epic as it is one of my fav days of the year!!!!!
I shall have to take pictures at night to show the awesome new things I got and put up.  Hintttt lightsssssss

 Dad helping me saw a piece of a motherboard for a custom order on etsy.  I was going to try to do it but well I like my hands and kinda need them and well yeahhhh.

 The fish hatchery

 so it was sooo much fun.  But nerve wrecking at times.  The kids sometimes get soooo close and all excited and I am like ohhh sheeeesh please careful omg omg dont fall and such haha.
 the wishing well
 The Park.  How nostalgic.....
 Veona in Oregon :)

 Veona in Pennsylvania

 A pretty tree that grabbed me.  Ohhhh how I love fall, the leaves, colors, weather, and so much more.

Well I have to study major english midterm today.... Wish me luck.
Busyyyyy busy week.  Many things to do, think of, craft, cook, play, read, and have fun :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Veonas new room!

Before pictures!
This is what the room looked like before I tackled it.  

 Paint color vs the wallpaper.  Yes I painted over the wall paper because I new I was putting texture on it and would make it work.  In addition, it was a good shape with no tears, wrinkles and so fourth.

Taaaa da!!!!
Pink and Green Owl theme.  Is special to me.  My gma passed in this room and she was very loved by us and very wise.  Very symbolic and sentimental to us.  Also, Veona when she was little would always go hooooo hoooo when we saw big eyes on something or an owl since I taught her that noise.  It always made me all fuzzy inside.  :)
 She is sooooo proud!

Isnt it adorable.  I put lots of hard work into with some of my sister and Aunt.  However I picked everything and almost paid for it all too!!! Felt great.
Paint (p $ primer in one bear) Pink 35$ Home depot
White 35$ Home depot
Green 35$ Home depot
Blue Tape Brushes/Rollers etc 100$ Home Depot
Toy stand 65$ Target
Green seat block 17$ target
Bedding 70$ Target
Sheets 20$ Target
Shades 45$ Lowes
Fabric for both sets of Curtains 40$
Green Table 20$ target
Owl pillow mini one 12$ Etsy
Owl Rug 35$ Target
Green bins 10$ Target
Owl Lamp 35$ Target
New Jammies and clothes - too much!
Me thinks thats it :)
Veona's face and my Hard work-priceless

xoxo bbyefor now

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mark Farina - Dream Machine

So my favorite song right now this very moment. HIt that replay button about 78.9 times today!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

New hair!!! Finally after 1yr god if professionally done!!!

Isnt it beautiful!!!!
 My friend Bee from Eskandalo did it :)  She is such a doll and a great lady.  It was so nice to catch up and talk about lots of modeling stuff she has been up to.  And how I have just taken off for a bit lol.

 Im really happy with my life right now.  I have lots of things to share but well... I want to wait it out and discuss other great things that are coiming and happenening. I have now 6 shows from Nov-Dec OMGGGGG I am sooo happy with all the new things I have made and so fourth.
 Homemade sketty and Meatballs.  ahh soo yummy.
Well off to class soon.  I finished about 16 pages of papers on saturday night and today.  Holy crapola it felt great.  Oh and about 70 pages of reading hard things.
with love
Have a great day all I know I will