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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pure sin vinyl wallets!

  So here are the new photograph vinyl wallets by Me.  I took those photographs and they are copyrighted under Pure Sin.

Enjoy and more to come :)  Photograph ones and some illustrated ones later

Busy week and school work is verrrrrrrrrrrry hard right now.

Just wanted to drop a quick blog.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Pure Sin Etsy. Updated for 2012!

So can you find what is updated???
I know I sure can.
The banner and logo!!!  Pure Sin is really getting organized, updated, and more professional for 2012.  I am also slammin out some new creations as far as my collection goes.  My attempt to do ducktape wallets was a sad failure because they took too long, were tedious and not fun, and waisted tonz of duck tape which I no likey!  So I have decided on vinyl debit card wallets.  They are awesome and I will design the image to slide in them!  They are my major new project for the next couple months.

So take a gander at my store now!!!!

The new banner for 2012

                                                     Pure Sin logo updated and revamped...
                                                                   Isnt she just a doll.
Pure Sin 2012 flyer.
So the goal is to put these as many places as I can.  However, I am already out of printer ink.  I put them all over my college on main campus and well hopefully my hits increase and so fourth.  I am keeping a close eye on my hits and areas and such.   I yearn to bust out some amazing new stats this year and keep on growing.
My boyfriend, artist, graphic designer, biz owner, best friend Dave designed all of these for me and is ever so talented.  We worked on this flyer for about 4 hrs together and I am so thankful and happy with it.  Now its time to see the results in the next couple months :)

So its a rainy day but I wont let it bring me down folks.  I got homework to complete, party things to prepare, cleaning, and chores!!!  Gahhhhhh.  Let it all begin.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homemade Crayons, dinner, cut out cookies, smoothie and more!

Homemade din din the other night
Chicken marinated in kikoman and ranch.  Homemade mash tatoes lol and ya kno the fixins.  
 New blender and food processor.  So I put this bad boy to the test.  I made a smoothie out of 10 ice cubes, chobani yogurt, oranges (in a fruit cup) 1cup water, 2 cups blueberries, and pineapple.  For my first smoothie try it was good and not to mention healthy:)
 The new cookie cupcake jar I should say the sister got me for Xmas.  There are the homemade cut out cookies I made.  Made them with the kiddos on saturday for Dave and well the kids!!!  We needed sweets and it was fun.
 Homemade crayons!!!
I found this on Pinterest and well they were awesome.  Kind of more work then I thought because cutting them into pieces and putting them in the mold was more painstaking then I imagined.  O well they came out neat and look so Rad.
 Homemade banana pancakes.  They were delishhhhhhhhhhhh
What neat color combos and love how it twirls and spins around.  So fun.
 New boots:)  Straight A's do get ya somthing lol.  Plus clothing:)
 Sweet and yummy
 Oh so healthy and fun texture.
Have a great day.
I have math class tonight and gym time.
It's my beautiful daughters 3rd birthday tomorrow:)  Birthday Party Saturday and fun day tomorrow!!!!!
Mommy and Veona's adventures and pictures over the years...


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pure Sin flyer!

New Pure Sin 2012 Flyer.

Designed by my boyfriend Dave.
This shows all my popular and most favorite creations of mine and it is just so colorful and Rad.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Etsy Showcase. Pure Sin

Featuring Pure Sin's Pink geek chic bow!!
I decided to put this in a geekery showcase because its new, rad, and I need some exposure on it and my shop :)
It has been about 5 or so months since I showcased something so wooo...
Ohhh and o my gosh how could I have forgot!!! Its FRIDAY THE 13TH
Had to showcase today guys!!!

Have a great weekend.
Back to the grind of school on Monday until May yup haha

Pure Sin

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pure Sin. Positive feedback from customers on Etsy and shows!

Hey all!
Here are some wonderful things said about Pure Sin I wanted to capture and get down somewhere besides on paper...

Pure Sin’s customer reviews, comments, and satisfaction!

Thank you so much for the Geek Necklace! It's fabulous and I get tons of compliments on it! 
I will be purchasing another one! Veronica 1/6/12

My office manager went to one of your craft shows and gave me your card (because of the Hello Kitty stuff) - my husband found the card and bought me one of your classic lady cameo necklaces for Xmas and I absolutely love it! I wore it today and had MANY compliments on it! I instantly became a fan of your work and am planning on buying more things from you!! You do awesome work! Thought I'd share ;) Danielle 12/30/11

   I love it! Loved the freebies, too!       10/21/11

My package came today and I could not believe how many extra items you put in it and one thing was cooler than the next, thank you sooo much!!! I LOVE everything, the mini top hat is so amazing and the necklace and ring are so my taste, not to mention all the extra hair clips which I adore! I can't wait to wear everything (not all at once of course :)) Thank you again, you are the best!!
Kimberly.  OMG!! What a fantastic surprise!! I had my eye on those bows for a few weeks and I finally got in my order today, what great timing!! Congrats on your 100 sale, I'm thrilled it was me! I can't say enough great things about this seller. My 3 bows that i ordered shipped immediately and they were even cuter than pictured. They are all very high quality and packaged very secure (and cute!). I also received a ton of extra goodies just for being the 100 purchase and I got the cutest little mini hat, necklace and rings, all of which I love. I highly recommend this seller, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.  Kimberly 10/18/11

I would love that, I can make it work. Can I order just a green pair then? Thank you so much, you have made my day! 
Sincerely, Pearl  10/6/11

your stuff is so cool! happy me & my daughter got to get some things before you left! love it!  Jen 9/11/11

Hey! your stuff is totally kick ass! Liz 9/10/11

i got my things! i LOVE them! thank you soooo much.  Britnee 1/18/11

i love your jewelery and hair accessories.  Toya 1/17/11

Just wanted to let you know that I featured your awesomely computer geek necklace in my blog today!

P.S. I'm also an PS you!!
 Maureen 6/14/11


I LOVE PURE SIN designs! SO creative Michelle 9/22/10

I love all of your stuff and your blog. You have a new fan ♥  Desiree 8/29/10

CHIKA CHIKA YEH YEH Pure Sin all the waaaay!  Natalie 7/30/10

Etsy Feedback.

I just recieved my skeleton clip in the mail today! & was surprised at all the other goodies is there too! as if I wasn't excited already to get my clip the added surprises made my whole day! Matching necklace and the cheetah print hair bow is ADORABLE Thanks You Janelle! Will be spreading the word about your awesome little shop and look forward to purchasing new items as well!

Very cute! Good quality!

Just Fabulous! And the extra bow is to-die-for adorable! Thank you so much for everything! :)


Fabulous necklace!

Great items, fast shipping! +++++++++++++++++++++++++

Quick and easy, package arrived quickly. Would definitely buy from this seller again!

Loved dealing with the seller, the package came quickly and with a little present.

I LOVE my creepy clip. It's adorable and it came in such a cute little box. Thank you for making my first Etsy purchase wonderful.

love, love, LOVE it! thank you!!!

I love my necklace and so does everyone else - tons of compliments!!!

the product was as cute as I anticipated! and shipping was super fast!

Thank you, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! :) Super awesome shop also, very willing to help with anything, I'd definitely come back!

Very cute!!! and thank you for the 2 little presents!!!

very cute! thank you so much and love the freebie

Love the necklace! I am rocking it right now.

A++++++ Super cute perfect size! I love it. Great seller who is super nice too and had super fast shipping. Also a super cute freebie too as a surprise! Thanks

Super cute and great resize band. Thankyou.

Pure Sin

Monday, January 9, 2012

January brings new items... and sickness!

New custom order I just got and this is how they turned out :)
4 hot pink custom computer memory hair bows!
Real jazzed about them and just shipped them today.
I made and extra so I will Etsy it soon!
 Veona on her very own computer!!!
I set this up for the kids in the play room.
Its on the other half of my craft table area and well its nice because they can do this dora game and they just got a new computer kindergarden game for them too for Russian Xmas!

 Homemade goodness for all us sickies!!!
Yes well Veona has been sick for about 1.5 weeks and well I got that awful 24hr bug the worst I ever got it.  I was soooooooooo sick.  Luckily I had loved ones really help me :)
Still recouping actually and today I decided to make home made split pea because the man loves it and well I never made it before and its amazing!!!
Many are sick and I hope everyone makes it ok!
Stay warm and healthy guys!

 Homemade chicken with veggies soon to be turned into home made chicken noodle soup :)
Stay well all!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Pure Sin items for 2012!

So I am up to about 401 likes on facebook, 6,689 views, 696 favorites, 86 orders, and one great custom order today all on etsy!!!!!
I am very happy :)

New memory earrings
New Halo hair bow

 New octo hair bow
 New Valentine cameo
 New Love flower
 New Donkey Kong hair bow
Check them out and other new things at
Look at the neat descriptions and awesome pictures :)

Oh and don't forget about liking us on facebook

Pure Sin :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HHHHHHello 2012!!!!

Happy new year!!!!
I am welcoming 2012 :)
It feels great!

Pure Sin...
6 new listings so far today...Check it out guys!
4 new bows and 2 necklaces!
Use coupon code NEWYEAR12 and get 25% off

 My fav lil guy

Our new years 2012!
We had a nice time the whole day/night with so many events, places, and so fourth and next morning.  We are really excited to make creative awesomeness for 2012 together, have fun, and prosper even more for our biz's!