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Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is all messed up???

So now when i try to post pictures it comes up wiht alll this jibberishe computer code andi cant move them and write by theml.... grrr.. i wanted to share with you all my crafts and show what i did an dcooking well plane and simple salmon and salad and mixed peppers.. well im going to cook tonight and show you my art work and tarot cards later its just its early morning and ive never done this before!!! im not much of a morning person unless i have to be

ErRrrr verizon internet grrr

I was so excited to post every thing i did yestereday then my internet went out grr gosh im paying so much for this service and there was and outage. But anyhow a little hol don the tarot cards maybe il do that later tonite but i have a ton of pictures of the crafts i did yayyyyy valentines day ones... and food yup my big breakfast and yummy light dinner...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Alrighty then

Hello guys sorry about yesterday i was just really under the weather... such a headache and sick to my stomach feeling uhh maybe too much of that wonderful cake.. must of been the 2lbs i gained in two days catching up... well thats ok the diet yeahh that started today.. your gonna be seeing a lot more salads and feggies and fruits rather then ice cream cupcakes and cake lol...

Crafts have begun again. i told ya all my artsy side would come back around so here we gooooo.. So my daughters toys are what is on my mind lately and i just love them and want to draw and paint them.. so i started with these cute little guys well cheffy my favorite i just love them! Got them on sale at kohls for 4$ when they were 10$ yay!

Arnt they just adorable!

Started out wth some paint the colors i need are mainly white but some black orange and lighter orange.... i drew it on the carboard first but you cant see it at alll

Its my cheffy gosh i love that little guy to pieces.. ive made such a fuss over him even my daughter just adores him and carrys him around and il take him and shes yelppp soo loud hehe.. i like to tease a little builds character. gosh his hat comes off and we just love him

Well here is cheffy whatcha all think... cute Im satisfied but think there could be improvement but for doing it fast with having to pick up my daughter every no and then i thik he is great!

...........sigh ohhhh cheffy mommy adores you
Now for my meal i suppose quite simple since im going to attempt this d3iet thing even though there is a ton of ice cream and chocolate in my home owe vey(how to spell that).. but im going to try my hardest to ched this 5-7lbs...

Well mushrooms with zuchini and squash and fresh broccilli with a salad

Just take a look at that fresh broc.....
Now lets slice up this......Gosh i just love that salad dressing blue cheese yumm ..
Cherry tomatoes
cranberrysBlue cheese dressing
Salad mix greens

It turned out fantastic and filling also!<3j>
ps. Yay group today missed it last week so im stoked

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The party was a perfect one!

Veonas First Birthday Party 1-23-10

How beautiful fun joyus and perfect! Such a great 1st birthday party for my daughter. About 20 people endd up coming and it was wonderful. Soooo much food omg good food take a look.. And the spongebob pinatta well too cool and such fun! I ended up breaking it the kiddos couldnt lol!

What a beautiful cake from the Emmaus Bakery..

And presents omg can she have enough?? And ther already are sooo many at home its ridiculous wow... soo much to play with..

I am soo pleased and thankful and satisfied such a perfect day i will never ever forget!......................................................

Mommy loves you Veona!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

o yes

the tarots

XIV Temperance- Compromise brings happiness. Perhaps you're notviewing matters objectively? Try to see the other side of the story. Use common sense and good management. The people around you are more set in their ways now. Postpone arguments and debates until they can open their minds

XIX THE SUN-Any personal growth you acheve now will be linked to self-epression. Say what youfeel when youfeel it.Accept criticism and admit mistakes. Enthusiasm and self assurance bring results.

Knights of Pentacles reversed-the key to your future financial security is tostop overspending. cut back. start looking at bottom lines,wht you owe, and towhom you owe it.

Queen of Pentacles reversed-what you lack in daring you make up for in persevernace. stay focused; dont let others scatter your energies or say youoff course.

Ace of Swords reversed-Things are out of balance. practice patlience land perseverance. This is time for some solo work. In your dealings with others, dont distort the facts.


Much got done. Made the pasta salad made the cupcakes m
ade the choc strawberries...

Now just had some coffee played with the mini and am enjooying strollin along on theinternet and smelling this yummy lavendar candel i got a couple days ago.


Anywho its really hit me my baby is almost one ahhhh i feel old lol i love being a young mother i truly do...she is so sassy lik eher mommy hehe. well tatta for now

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a day where has it gone!

Gosh the bowl of

Moose tracks ice cream

totally dug into that like no tomorrow

Didnt care about the fat huggin my

Love handles either lol

So Scrumpcious

So No tarot cards for the day my dears i just amnot in the mood. sorry.This morning did not start on a good note thats for sure. as i was feeding my babr girl she decided tohit the plate with both of her hands and splash the food everywhere. A=HHHHHHH i yelled at her iwas soo upset. Then the guilt set in i felt terrible i very rarely actually YELL at her besides the NO NO NO deal when they touch somehting they shouldnt. I just adore her but anywhoo...

Well other then that now it time to cuddle up sit down and chill at wa]tch my csi las vegas. I should really do pilates but just dont feel like it the least bit.

I still have yet to do any real art but im sure next week i will and make some mean creations. This is as close to art as i got lol My daughters doodle magnet pad... Feeling must swing on back around.

Today i just tried to hook up my new verizon internet since the companies are too cheap to send a person out to ur house they make u doitnow i suppose. Well didnt really work so i had to have my computer guy come and do it. So yay finally i have internet to use my new laptop FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY all the time everywhere in my homeas well as my desktop. stoked about it so now i have no excuse to not post stuff folks.

Cooking wise for today well didnt realy happen besides this great salad i made.... yumm and i poped in a frozen pizza lol havent done thatin forever. My nails are so long now i can barely type they def need to be trimed filed and painted . Yeah in all my spare time right?? humph

Well have a good night all!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a day but way more to do by Saturday

Tarot cardes for today....

III of Cups reversed-dont let disappointments get in the way of your happiness. Beware of overindulgence and depression. Jealousy clouds reason.

XXI the World reversed-Dont be too trusting. Put your faith in number one! Pamper yourself and the object of your affection. Seek intimacy and personal happiness in all you do. Resolutions come slowly but will be worthwhile when they arrive.

XII the Hanged man-Rise above material concerns and the way things have always been. Try another avenue. Relax and rethink. Keep everything aboveboard. Allow others to change their minds and look at new options. Contemplate, dont agitate.

King Of Swords reversed-Jealousy abounds in you or those around you. Watch out for narrow minds and prejudice. Develop your intellectual skills; play your hunches.

VIII of Justice-What goes around comes around . Seek legal counsel, ask advie from elders. You may be embroiled in negotiations or tedious bureaucratic systems. Do healthy things spiritually and physically.


Bon Apettit

Linguini with Topped Vodka sauce hot hot sausage and biscuits .. well easy chessy to make which is exactly what i needed for tonight .. it was a late dinner i started in at 730ish so it work great. I put sooo much i my plate thinking i would eat 3/4 bites because i was not very hungry but ate practically it all.. sheesh that seems to be all im doing eating eating and more yeahhhh eating.. well anywho it was real spicy but so delicious. I am so sad i havent been crafty this week but its been difficult wiht getting my daughters party all planned and prepared and such.. Well im excited i just wrote the guest list and there will be about 23 people ther . wow way more then i expected but looking forward to it.. Have a bigggggg preparation ahead of me the next 3 days though because i have 5 big jobs/platters to make.. Pasta salad, Choc covered strawberries, Cupcakes, Bologna and cheese platter and last cheese pinapple and cherry on a toothpick.. shesh i hope i can pull it off all on time and yummy and elegant looking .. this deoesnt even include it all because many family members are bringing stuff and not to mention the FAMOUS Emmaus 0Bakery Cake.. marble wiht peanut butter icing omg to die for.. so right now my dads actually get a pinyatta which is sooo cool because there will be about 6 kids there so they will have a blast and yeah i do havfe to stufffff that up o boy what fun.. Decorating my grandmothers for the party cant forget that o boy ballons to blow many things to decorate what a joy.. well.. im getting carried away. much love<3

What a day

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love dressing her

How Cute Veonas Frist Birthday Dresss..

I love how old fashion it looks !

How adorable
Look at the big bow in the back its so cute!

O So Calm

So I can not thank coffee enough .. it seems my day is baised off of it! Yum i just look forward to it its almost as if its rewarding in some way. Just

such a desire and love of mine...

Anyhow the meal i made well since this is all from yesterday here we are.. fresh sliced (4) green peppers cooked with v8 tomatoe juice. Boiled red potatoes , baked beans and of course spicy mustard mixed with A1 marinated chicken tenders. So yummy gosh i pigged out on that dinner with seconds. That chicken just tasted sooooo good ive never made that before and it was to die for.

Gosh i must say ive gained 3 pounds in the past month and i HATE it.. ALLLLLLLL I WANT TO DO IS EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT and more

2nds Anyone!! yummy

EATINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i am getting upset about it. i mean i still work out every day well not hard core more or less sit ups and toning not to mention running after a little 11 month old everyday. But humph i gotta get rid of this starting in feb i think will be my goal.

One that note im gonna go make some fresh coffee yayyyyy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

day late im behind

Tarot cards of theeeeee day that is….

III of Swords reversed- Progress Is sluggish; delays are ineveitable. Are you looking at things honestly? Find ways to take control of the situation.

Ace of Swords reversed-Things are out of balance. Practice patience and perseverance. This is the time for some solo work. IN your dealings with others, don’t distort the facts.

Queen of Pentacles reversed-What you lack in daring you make up for in perseverance. Stay focused; don’t let others scatter your energies or sway you off course.

Knight of Pentacles reversed-The key to your future financial security is to stop overspending. Cut back. Start looking at bottom lines, what you owe, and to whom you owe it.

IX of cups-Peopl4e are generous to those in need. Enjoy the kindness of strangers. Stay away from shop-talk and try not to worry about finances.

Today and pretty much the weekend has been laid back along with some coloring and Shopping for my dear young daughter. She is going to be one and I feel just like Christmas since it was her first one I need to spoil her to no end. I spent about 150$ on her for gifts and another 100 for decorations cake food and supplies for her party!!! It seems I have planed so far in ahead for once all I have to really do is get the food ready and bought to prepare for Saturday pick up the cake and get me and veona to the party as well as gifts and decorations and such. I am excited and she even has her party dress all set which is beautiful its brown with old fashion look to it with a white collar and buttons on the top half with a big bold bow on the back! Lovely just lovely.
She has been a bit ancy lately and in that stage where she cant really communicate with me so it’s a little frustrating yeah that stage but I love her little bones to death. I got her the cutest little brown boots with fur and lace ups just like her mamas and its adorable we can match hehe. Her gifts are: Mr potato head Alphabet wooded puzzle Wooden 3 trains that connect Plastic food in a big kit Fabric icecream kit Fabric vegetables 3 little pastic people Refigerator magnet game music playing toy( its so funny she loves takingdown the magnets on the frig so I finally got something baby proof she can actually play with on the frig. Shes always following me in the kitchen and opening cabinets and acting busy even though shes making a clean mess or getting in my way hehe). So I cant remember the other two gifts but that’s a good taste of her 1st birthday gifts from mommy.
A big new change for me was my online schooling started through LCCC!! Great for me. I am in prealgebra and sociology. Well the other day I was up at night for only about a half hour taking about 5 pages of math notes which felt great! Who knew but its good to get back in the swing of school when its been 3 years away ! My memory is coming back slowing and things are familiar but need a good refresher. I really want to be successful and want to have a career for my future and to be independent taking care of my daughter and myself . Im tired of financially having to be dependent on my dad mostly and it just sucks getting no child support or anything. Well I have an assignment due but as you know my internet isn’t working so we just got a plan with verizon now joint with our phone so it should be installed the 21st and for 80$ we get internet and free long distance callwaiting and caller id and voicemail which is amazing and ive never had those before! Stoked. But I have my homework due the 22nd and they never seem to get everything hooked up working great in time so im worried! I can not have my first homework assignment not done in time or that’s such a bad start! But we shall see im really hopeful school is gonna be good!
Well now that I am still so anxious to get my w2s im getting worried. As you all know im on unemployment and the last time when I had to call to sort something out they told me they just sent two letters in the mail which I never received … so im all worried I wont get there w2 form. Oh shucks I just wish it wasn’t so complicated. I know I have till the 31st to wait but I just want them now! It doesn’t help any to have to be on hold for 30 mintues when trying to call the Oregon unemployment line Ahhhhhh nothing makes me more angry and frustrated then unemployment bullshit. Sorry but its annoying and always a constant hassle and fight. They throw you around spit you out and make you roll around in anxiety and patience! Humph anywho. Taxes yea the suck but this year will be the first I can clam my kiddo. I have heard from mannnnny different people that they get back 1k 2k 2500k 5k so im look woahhh so looking forward to it.
Well tata for now!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Boy Wednesday...

First you have to take a look at this beautiful , striking, once in a pink moon sunset! Oh my i was just amazed and touched by it i had to take pictures and share with you all. The first one is the most stunning and the rest are of other areas of the wonderful sky!
soooo gloomy and yet dreamy..............

Do you see the speckles of pink towards the bottom center wow!

Now this salad is what i had for lunch. Boneless chicken cherry tomatoes brocillie peacans and cranberrys sooooo yummy...

Well for dinner i decided on so salmon i just bought yesterday at the food store and i was just drooling over it waiting and craving it for the next day. So with the salmon Mushroom rice that is fabulous by the way its a new brand that is a bit pricy but well worth it. They make a couple other flavors like chicken and others as well. Kidney beens now what an odd decesion but they are v ery high in protein and even look like kidneys LOL how cute. And last french cut green beens with cherry tomatoes. What a great dinner that is not very hard to make

The rice a simmering........

The salmon a baking with some butter lemon juice and peprika.......

And its a dish.............

Devoredddddddddddddddd indeed.....HAHA

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I want to start off by saying sorry.! I am so upset because now my good ruiteen got ruined by my internet not working a lot. Well now it is working so im going to post some of the things from the past couple of days. Unfortunatily i did not make any crafts but have cooked. With my family coming that i havent seen in almost a decade it really took away from ME time.
My Tarot Cards

IX The hermit reversed-

III of Pentacles reversed-Spend time with someone you love; take care of unfinished business. Dont let your responsibilities weigh you down and stay away from anything that goes against your grain.

Ace of Wands reversed-It pains you when you dont have the answers to the questions others ask. Remain strong

X of swords reversed-Someon eyou love or respect will soon give you the stimulus you need to put your talents to good use. If you can resolve you self doubts and fears, youll soon prove your abilities.

II of Swords-Tensions begin to mellow. Help is on the way. Slow down and relax-you're entering a leisurely phase. Make yourself available to others, but dont spread yourself too thin.

The meal you all know that was marinating for so long well here it is.....
Yummy chicken tenders over rice and some salad!

Bon Appetit!!!!!!!!!!!!

A salad another day.....
Pieces of left over chicken.olives,peacans,cranberrys,cranberry dressing

Friday, January 8, 2010

Yeah yay i finished veonas bday display!!

Started off by wrapping 3 different size boxes in yellow and pink paper!

Once the three were wrapped i then put a big white ribbon around the one yellow box in the center. Then 1 small pink robbon around the smaller box as well as 2 small yellow ribbons. Last 4 small ribbons on the big box colors white yellow and pink then a med sized ribbon in the center that is white with abc blocks and numbers on it...
Very last i made her 3 intials in a cursive still writing on the compter V S G in pink then cut them out in circles and put them in the center of the box on top of the ribbon. Fab!

YESSSS i finished her 11111111111111st can i say first birthday party cupcake display its B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L im so proud i must say. Its pink and yellow and is three different box sizes and has ribbon around them and her initials . I love it ! i actually got the idea from this ladies website on here! So amazing such a great idea. I also went shopping today and got most of her birthday stuff for her party at the dollar store all the party materials its all elmo numbers things and i have yet to start her birhtday shopping. The party is sat. the 23rd but her real birthday is the 26th ! I can not believe how fast it all went its amazing.
I can see the cupcakes surrounding them now!Gorgeous
But i have to say im sorry i didnt cook again today! its still marrinating....sorry.:(((( my familly actually came in from 3 diff states and i couldnt cook . so sue me! I have not seen them in over 7 years the last time was when i was 12 omg!well i will tomorrow for sure. So long !Janelle