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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to make a duck tape hair bow

Well :)
This is my very first video tutorial on how to make a bow :)
I have had people begging me to do this and friends suggesting it and well I never did it just beause well #1 I do not sound great on my camera the sound kinda stinks and #2 I don't like the way I look on video camera #3 I have to do it myself #4 I only have about 3 mins of video time on my camera . So I finally caved and well its not that bad.

I also- to those of you who know me or my family on a more personal level -I have uploaded videos of veona and I and such on my youtube account to share. I have been for over a week now and have been wanting to for a while.  I also had some on myspace/fb but im not on myspace at all anymore and fb well w/e.  I have many more to upload but yanno its an ongoing thing.  They arn't perfect and im sorry if somethings are said that may be well I dunno arn't "great" I have not listened to them all I do NOTTTT have time but they are for my benefit and yours if you wish. I did it as a back up as well since I cant get a back up hard drive right now. Well my youtube is MissOriJnel and check the stuff out if you like. It was emotional for me and my loved ones because watching her grow is just amazing, lovely and so many more emotions arose.  I am truly blessed, grateful and looking forward to the times to come.  Good night world.  Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite.


Craft show flop :(

Well here was the show :)
 My best friend Michelle who you will see with me below ended up working it with me which was soooo much fun and a HUGE help.
It was SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW worst show I have worked in the 2 yrs I have been doing this.  I was sad, mad, and just bummed.  I mean I always do great but it was just empty.  I mean they even advertised and all and it was still dead.  There was even a car show outside and huge signs all over the highways im just flabergasted.  Although I did have some great customers but its really just the economy.  anywho ejnoy the flicks.

 My duck tape collection for the bows and new projects a coming :)

 My fav zombie bow :)  Hand made and hand drawn cupcake
cheetah ducktape bow

Veona and Mommy
Look at those blue eyes!!
She is a stunner :)
Just gorgeous.  I had a lady scare me at 7/11 the other day. She goes OHHHH MYYYY GODDDD 
" iwas like whatttttt whatss wrong" she goes " LOOk at those eyes" she is a beautiful it was sooo amazing.  
Veona with old school toys I found.  

My new stuff for my desk.  Finally got the picture of us framed :)

Off to class.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Kind of Bow :)

These are my new latest creation to Pure Sin.!!!!!

They are my duck tape bows.  Yes I say Duck Tape and I betcha didnt even know that they came in a ton of neato colors eh??

I am jazzed about these because I have always adored duck tape its just soo cool and I mean what cant it hold??

My fav saying

Silence is Golden but Duck Tape is Silver.

I know its awesome I suppose you may use it if you like but Just make sure you think of me when you do although I am sure you will ;)

Anywho this past weekend was hard and Im beat, have so much school work to slam into and ahhh many things to make and things to take care of.

BTW I got a 100% on my math quiz sweet.  And I am registered for 3 classes for summer college
Intro to Business
Cultural Geography

So I will be taking Eng at school and the others Online hopefully it goes well :)

Take Care I have some cool things to show you when I have time until then have a great week.
Im off to watch Nip Tuck and unwind. Woo
Good night

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Cupcakes anyone??
Well these are what I have been so busy with as well as bows.  These little guys dont look like much but let me tell you they are work!! First of all they are twice this size when I color them because they later shrink in oven.  There are about 18 here which equals to about 4 hours or more of work give or take.  Big sigh.  So pretty tho.  

Can you see the one rotton apple or cupcake??? 
He is my zombie one I just created.  
I adore these

Veonas Guinea Pig.  Namedddddd
How awesome.  She really is my daughter eh?? haha she is so cute.
She is very well behaved with him and in fact loving and gentle.  It is very sweet to witness.

He is sooo cute!!

The lady at petco told us to get him since he was the nicest and very sweet.  And she was right so far :)  It was cute because as soon as she took him out veona was astonished and just it was love at first sight.  I am very excited its like her first real pet.  So now its Veona Mommy Awesome(beta fish) and Monster(guinea Pig) haha ohh and Dei Dei as we call him.  Grandpa in Russian.


The fantastic dinner I made today or late afternoon :)  My dad veona and I all sat down together to Eat but Veona was not very hungry sadly :(  But we enjoyed it.  I must say this rarely happens that my father sits with us but when he does I really enjoy it.  I really appreciate all he does for us and Love him greatly.  

A tuna sandwich yesterday with grapes and cherry tomatoes.  Nom Nom

Welll these are the movies I have seen lately !
Rango was sooo cute and a bit funny.  Some parts very funny and My sister and I took Veona to see it and sadly she fell asleep but its ok she woke at the end for 20 mins and was adorable.  It was nice :) and Im a huge fan of Mr. Depp.  Sheesh he would get it !
Now I saw this at my sisters and it was ok and allthe story was sweet and Romantic but I think they put wayyyyyyy to much Sex scenes in it personally.  A sweet story though.  To think a man would be ok with taking care a sick woman his whole life makes me hopeful but I doubt that exists really.  I dunno?

Chicago! Great movie now there is a sad story to this though.  My whole life here in Pa there has been the same blockbuster 2 mins away from my home  and sadly it is going out OF BUSINESS.  I almost dropped dead because I never ever thought it would.  Anywho they are having huge sales and I got this for 4$ to own as well as a couple others :)
We just recently go this from target and well I always read the book to Veona so I wanted to see the movie and I wanted her too as well.
Monster house *sigh.  This reminds me of when I was very pregnant out West and watched it over and over and over again because I would fall asleep at random parts and never get to fully watch it.  So now I have and then some haha Its and understatement because it now is My Veona's favorite movie and boy is that special.  She must have known and heard it in that belly o mine.
My messy work area today... this craft show coming up is taking up soooo much time and energy.  But I also know what I dont sell I can ship to models/photogs and use for the next craft show that I just got accepted into called the Indie craft market in June :) I was sooo stoked to get their email this morning!!!
 Happy St. Pattys day!  Heel clap
Well im a tad bit irish and my hair and eyes show it a bit plus im kinda fair skinned.  But anywho I dont drink beer so this green beer nonsense can shove it.  I dont even think im going out at all in fact.  Ill kiss my pretty little girl instead :)

Cheers* Be safe all

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How it feels to have a stroke

I have been wanting to share this for a couple of weeks but as usual got distracted by my surroundings. This woman is a true inspiration, miracle, and strong person. Please watch this and if not all of it pause it and watch later I was sooooo impressed by her words, wisdom and straight up emotional speech. This is a video from my psychology class and we have done many other videos for the chapters 1-5 but this is my favorite. It really touched me and I wanted to share it.

Unfortunatly I have been wanting to blog more but have been really making bows and such which is sooo time consuming. I also have been trying to get my daughter to bed which has not been easy lately and after im done im exhausted as well as have a headache. It is not that she is throwing a fit but she just wont go to bed!!My body is getting trampled with dark circles under my eyes which is sooo sad and my psorisis is getting very bad. Actually it is getting me very self concious and the Dr. today even said it needs to be taken more seriously as it will continue to get worse over the years. He even mentioned after this expensive foam I uses stops working that I may when im older have to go on a strong pill that has some CHEMO IN IT I almost dropped dead.  I even remeber going to dermos out in Oregon at OHSu an dthey  gave me so many test items to try and natural things and stuff and none worked :(  They were so cool there and really professional and I was so pregnant and it was neat.  I also remember seeing there UV light machine for people and thinking wow i wonder if I will ever have to do that?? Now my drs mentioning it!  Well my Psorasis is not that bad yet but I will just take it a day at a time until then.  I can'd do much else since its an 8 MONTH WAIT  to see a dermo so now its a waiting game tas to when and how bad it will get  
There is a link about  it and some information its nothing really gross and mine is not that bad but it still makes me self concious which I usually am fairly confident.  I still just push it off. I dont want to think about it honestly I just dont.
Well I forgot but my freakin psy teacher gave us a whole chapters work for this week and im not happy about it. So much for spring break? my nose is in the books, making bows, and trying to keep up with Veona as we have been going outside since its so nice out.
Going outside now is such a pleasure to finally be able to not have to watch her every move like a first time worry wart that she may fall and hurt herself but to run around with her on the trail and Run after to soccer ball and throw ball and things. Its so wonderful since im an at athlete it feels good and makes me proud. I miss those days a tad specially since I have not run a mile or more in about 6 mths. Its different when you have a child as a sinlge mother those things slip away. That is why I love making crafts because I can make those with her as she grows and when shes a bit older I can get back into running and exercising and hopefully a gym. Until then I do situps and pilates on occasion and some walking with her but its hard for me. Like you all know I dont get out much but I make the best of it. I love this age that Veona is at because she can hold my hand and walk distances with me now and be apart of everything not just in a car seat or w/e and she is good :) No crying really or getting tired or w/e. Under two its hard because You always have some type of schedule of things like feeding, sleeping, changing diapers, carrying 9,33 billions things with you and now its way more simple. Its nice but also a little sad when I think deep about it. Her baby days are over. :( Just a couple months ago I forgot to mention this but she actually got out of the bathtub on her own !! I almost dropped dead and got all sad at the same time. I was proud of her but sad she did not need my help to get out. I didnt have to pick her up an snuggle her in her adorable towels. She can now do most of that although I sitll snuggly her and make funny noises and such. Well enough of the chatting back to makign bows since Psy work is almost done more to do on friday then a long weekend of Gma ceremonies. Its hard shes been gone and it hurts and im still sad but the process of the ceremonies keeps going and I almost wish it didnt. It almost makes it start over again :( Well I shall post later some pictures of bows and ohh I got A HUGE SURPRISE FOR YOU ALL!!! But I will save that. This video gets me all emotional and I had to blurt out this stuff before I forgot.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I really really like this song. But I must be in a certain mood to want to hear it most of the time. I have been having that insomnia biachhh back lately so I must be active with getting things done for Pure Sin, school, and such rather than fight the sleep im not getting.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Veona Veona and more Veona

We just got our easter Tree.
Decorated with neat egg ornaments it was sweet.
She had fun and I cant wait to decorate eggs with her soon.
Veona and I in a daze watching stuff on the net.
So this was a big deal for me
I finally let her use a bath product that was Not organic or natural.  It killed me.  It was bath dye. I saw a friend use it and her child was fine so I new she would loveee it.  She did and it was fun and she was fine no rash no nothing.  
Just look at her she is soo cute.
Veonas shopping spree this past weekend.  She is almost all set for spring.  I would like her to get some more summer shorts and dresses and socks though.  I also am looking into more storage for her and all her toys some ticker bell or dora ones on walmart .com.  I also want to get her some more organic body wash and hair stuff.  I always get her aveno but I want something else although stores dont sell it around here.  I only use organic soap and get her Aveno.  
I finally caved.  I got her her first pair of crocks and cowgirl boots haha they were just too cute.
Veona photoshoot.  Haha just diff edits of Veona in her cutsy outfit.
She is so flawless. Just gorgeous.  
The crayola factory in Easton Pa.  Honestly it was fun but Veona was not on her best behavior and I actually do everything they did there with Veona every single day.  So wasnt that great.  And it was way overpriced and PACKKKKKED with rude ppl and well I can go on and on.  Da vinci center was way better.

I love this picture.
haha the dunkin donuts trip after the factory.  She was enjoying that.  LOL
Pure Sin items I made recently :)
Its is my spring break this week(hallaluya) 
So much work needs to be done.
And how did i forget to tell you all this :)
I did a showcase of my Nerd necklace shown above.  It was on sale on etsy these last two saturdays being showcased.  How that works is you pay about 7$ each time you have it showcased for a whole day.  You get hundreds of hits.  I got over 300 hits each time :)  Sadly no sale from this necklace but its ok word of mouth has been good at my college since i placed cards all over.  
Dessert plate anyone haha.  Shared cookies.
And my spring st. pattys day and hapy flowers I bought for myself.  The vase is special to me.  It was my grandmothers and I have always wanted it and now its passed down to me and I put my very first flowers in it.  They are beautiful.