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Take me as I Come or watch me as I Go

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Healthy dessert I made today w no sugar added pudding
 Flowers I got and picked and jazzed up from our garden to place in our kitchen.  Flowers always make me happy and smile.
Our sillyness today!
 Me feeling my sun burn and sun poison on my legs :(  But I am glad my hair is finally growing a bit long gosh do I miss it!

Retro, old fashioned, amazing arcade trip we took in March:)

Cookout day last month!
Flowers from the Man last month:)
Food I have made over the last two months...
Yummy healthy cx salad
Homemade quiche 

Salmon cx rice beans and squash and zucchini 
                               Wine, pasta w spinich and corn and some olive oil baked beans                                  applesauce and fries

Pure Sin items uploaded yesterday:)  Go take a gander!

New Show I am watching on my Netflix:)
Have a great one.  Been on a blog mood lately and not doing hwk haha so bad arggh just cant not get in the zone to do papers and read big huge boring school books.  Blah.
Have a super week.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A dash of dis and dat.

Awesome customer feedback the past couple of months on Etsy and I am very happy about it! I try so hard to make everyone happy and feel great about what they get:)
Check out some new listed items!

So it is verryyyyy hot outside and well use some cute bows to pull that hair back;)

A wedding of a very good friend of my sister's that we went to.  My sister was the maid of honor and it was very touching and beautiful.
An outside day...

Back to chores, school work, Veona time, Pure Sin items, the man, and sun time.

With love