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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Philly Trip

We arrived on Saturday around 12 noon I would say and went to brunch.  Then we went to The Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Van Gogh was on the exhibit but that was sold out so we just waltzed through the whole museum.  It was a sunny day but very veryyyy windy so pictures outside were nearly impossible and my face, hands, and hair in my lipgloss was a bit problematic haha.  Later we check in our splendid BandB and then relaxed and went of to a really delicious Thai restaurant.  The breakfast in the morning was delicious and I am happy we had the time away:) 

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Mazing through the museum was wonderful and really put me in another world.  One with peace, color, and my own mind.  Conversing with my amazing man about all of the paintings and art mediums was so awesome.  I remembered learning of many of these magnificent pieces in my art history course a year ago, and they remained fresh and lucid in my memory.

She is a beauty and reminded me of Veona a bit  
 Do you know any of these artists????  You should try to guess.
 You should know who this is!
 One of my very favorites since I did a huge paper on this painting and his other work.  I yearned to see this photo for  along time.
 Dave and I were flabbergasted by this photo and the one below it.  They were surreal and just beautiful while capturing and altering your mind.
 We could not believe how real those clouds looked!
 See close up it looks like I took a photo outside!!!!!

 Neat chest

These were dreary and yet capturing your attention in an odd sort of way...

 One of my Fav's as well.  Very intricate and flawless.
 Haha he reminded me of alice in wonderlands doorknob had to snap a flick
 They had some incredible doors.
 This one is bizarre but cool.  She is not fond to look at but the painting struck me somehow.
 Verrrrry creepy and Rad

 Woahhh, loved this room with all the detail and color combos.  I was bummed I could not get a good shot of the couches and so fourth.
 She was absolutely amazing!!! Her eyes looked so real and her face looked touchable and so soft.  However, her body is so unproportioned and my bf and I discussed that along with other concepts.

I was and still am in shock we could take photos inside the museum.  I just guess it has changed but there is no flash aloud.  I was so jazzed and happy to share some of these pictures with you all and keep them for my self and my noodle.  
We had a nice time relaxing, eating yummy food, and just melting into each other for a whole 1.5 days.  
We both needed the break and I feel a little rejuvenated!  However now I am back to the real world here at home and am a bit stressed with school and the house grind.  

Honeys for Brunch...
 The food here is always worth the wait and so delicious.  The fresh squeezed OJ and just Rad people and things to look at:)

 Cool place mat with random business cards.
Our Bed and Breakfast...
 Our lovely room.
Have a great day...
xoxo Janelle

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catch up and much more.

Hey you all!

Valentines day...

Things I made for my valentine:)

 OOOOps forgot to take flicks of the dinner and winage;)

Our dinner night out, I was all dressed up for his Birthday!
 The Man and I Out in downtown Emmaus...

 Wine my friend Pat got me! Sooooo yummy one of my new fav's!

Veona's 3rd Birthday Party Jan 28th

 Wow lots and lots of food.
Yes I worked my butt off to make this as amazing as I could.  I had all my loved ones and family that could make it and about 23 people were there and only 7 could not make it!  I was very pleased and we are sooooo blessed.  I am thankful for them all and those who sent things from CA, OR, WA, and PA of course!
 Here monster theme party included a green monster pinyata*spelling lol of course;)
 Just wonderful, she is soooo beautiful.
 Monster Parttttttty.  Yep she loves green and Monsters:)
 How about that new cupcake rack?? You see it!!! I love and and spent lots of time making those homemade lemon gourmet cupcakes with green sprinkles.  Even made minis:)
 Veona opening more gifts!
 A little snow day we had a week or so ago.
 All of Veona's 3rd birthday cards on display.  This brings me joy:)
 Dinner out with Aunt Amy and Mommy after chuckie cheese on her actual birthday

Bounce you a couple of weeks ago as well!
Happy talk to you soon!
Been very busy with randomness and school, which honestly I am not doing that great in right now.  I have a C in math and am struggling hence not much blogging.  I also have 2 other courses and the workload is crazy busy and hard.  I am up to 132 sales on Etsy and am growing and loving it!!!!