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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year! New Pure Sin and new beginnings

New Red Lego earrings :)  Look cute and nerdy!

Same thing in white!  Perfect for us geek chics too ;)
Have a Safe and Happy New year!!!!!
See ya in 2012!  Its gonna be a good one.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Movies I have watched in zee last several months

Pretty good
 We own it but I thought it was not that great compared to Taken which was the same writer
 Fantastic!!!!  Great movie
 Kind of slow but a cool creepy concept!
 One of my all time favorites!!!  Sad story is I have the VHS which I had my whole life and it got caught and ruined in my vcr :(

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Game night!

Welp its game night with Veona and I!!

Many new Chritmas games, toys, and educational things.  However, we only have so much time!!!  Its almost as if she wants to do them allllllll.  So we decided on the operation tim burtons edition, cookie monster learning cards, hello kitty special color marker set, human body flash cards, cootie, strawberry house, and hungry hippos!  All great for this age +.

So take a peek...

Cooties!!!!  These guys are neat!  This was a gift from Dave's sister :)

Tim burtons version/collectors edition of operation and boy is it neat.  I have very lucid memories of playing this game and a yearn to play it!  And now we do :)  And of course you know Mommy had to get her this ;)

 4+ Anatomy flashcards which she does great at already Knows about half or so id say!!! So proud:)

 This is a neat story because at my one show veona saw these and played with them sooo much and loved them.  I found them in a mini and got them for her!!! Hungry hippos!!!

The hello kitty coloring tablet!  This is neat because its those clear markers that when you color with them on the special paper it shows up as that color!  Mess free and very neat and fascinating for them to watch the color "appear" haha like magic!  Mommy loves supporting her art habbit!!

Cookie monster flashcards from Dave's other sister and Veona knew them all with NOOOOO MISTAKES!  Such a proud Mommy :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas according to us ;)

Well technically we had 6 christmas's this year and 1 more to go on the Russian xmas on Jan 7th.

Veonas xmas sweater dress from gma catherin.

Love these....very dear to me.  Baking one of my favorite cookies with Veona.  And amazingly, she can roll them into little circles in her own little hands!!! Yupper all by her little self.  It was just divine :)

Very neat I want to frame some of these !

So here were the cookies... the are oatmeal with cranberries instead of raisons for some reason they are amazing and a tad better then when you use raisons.
So this was an early present I gave to her the morning of xmas eve because I wanted to play with her :) It is the strawberry shortcake playhouse.   And boy is it neat!  The oven even has a cake in it and when you pull it down the cake rises!!! Yup neat ehhh?

Fun and really cool
Xmas eve at aunt Amy's!!!
lol funny face.

I really like how her hair looks here.  This was Lion King!

Mommy and Veona's favorites Wheres Waldo.  I have such pleasant memories of these books with my childhood.  We find ourselves doing these a lot with Dave and we have so much fun going "there he is"!!!!!
Xmas eve night with Dave
Christmas morning here at our house !!!!

Snuggie DeiDei got!
This neat hello kitty drawing thinger I got her!

Veona with Dei Dei
Dave opening his stocking!! and in his hand(left) is his Nano hex bug!!! Sooo neat this was awesome and we played with it scaring people and the kids then at his families house!!!  We had a great Xmas and got eachother some really Rad and special gifts!!! Light sigh---Love
Dave getting Veonas fav Lalaloopsy( major sell out gift of the year) and she hadda have the blue one!!!Of course these are rigged for war haha!  I shall never understand why they feel the need to strap them in there so crazy!!!
  We had so much fun with this and he also got her the LalaLoopsy carry house!! She loves it!
Ay ay!!!

The Operation zombie version game I got her :)
Opening gifts with Dave
Lap time!

Veona opening a new monster high doll!!!! Gma catherin did awesome this year for Xmas with Veona!!!  So did DeiDei and Dave o course!!  Mommy wasnt too shabby either.
Beautiful owl hat!  And here is the lalaloopsy house!  Boy did Dave and I have fun getting this stuff from Toys R Us.  It was a trip!!! haha we always have fun and giggle.  He was sweet enough to go back the next day, and surprised me and got her the one with the blue hair!!!  We couldnt get that one the day before because almost all of them were gone!!!  So now she has 3!  Ima give her the owl one on Jan 7th and take the other back because she doesnt need 3!!!  She is spoiled enough.  Goodness she got lots again.  3 great christmas's for my little beauty:)

It was a great Xmas and very special!!!  Yesterday I was pooped from all the work that goes with it that whole week so Dave and I got to go out for some yummy food, drinks, and just some fun time!

Well I didn't get to talk about this yet but this lady right here(me) lol got my FIRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST
straight A's ever!!!!

Math -A
English -A
Business Law- A

Very happy!! My man treated me to a sushi dinner and a night out for the awesome grades; and I was sooo proud because they were high A's too!!!  So I will be on the Deans list! :)