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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good times Bday, AC, and Veona :)

My Birthday 5-26-89 fast forward to 2011
Auntty Natty threw me a great Party.
Veona spent the night with us all and I was in a lay low mood so had one glass of champagne and one mixed drink :)  And munched my brains out haha
Me and Pat
 Me and Hannah
 Me and Natty
 Us :)

 Acity times!!!!
 Lovvve this picture of us on the boardwalk near the beach in Atlantic City NJ baby
Veona and I passed out  Nappy time haha
 My bday cards and presents this year I was so thankful for...
Gift card to michaels
Skull hand carved jewlery box with a ring and 10$
Framed of picture of me natty and Veona
2 Victoria secret bathing suits and pants
1 Script Tattoo "Changes"

Veonas bath time last week :)

My fav!!
Miso soup
Our new sprinkler

Back to school work, Making Items and O a surprise to tell you all next week I have been saving for about 4 months haha.

Pure Sin Craft show dates 2011

June 11th Indiemade craft market Bethlehem Pa
June 25- Art walk Bethlehem Pa
 July 9th- Art show Emmaus pa
July 30th-Art walk B. Pa
August- 13th- Art show Emmaus Pa
August20th- Art show Pa
August 27th- Art Walk B. Pa
September 10th- Art show Emmaus Pa
September 11th -Craft show Northampton Pa
October 8th-Art show Emmaus Pa
December 3rd- Art show Fire company #1 Emmaus Pa
December 15th-Craft show Northampton Pa

The photo at the top is of my packaging :)  and this one right up derrrr
Is my dirty work lol  Making bottlecaps and resin skulls and rectangle
necklaces.  It is going great I have been making so many new things and have really planed all my shows and future things.  I am making invoices, inventory, and all costs.  Starting to get more organized then ever and way more professional!  Woo go me :)
Ohh btw there is this event that I cant help but think of Portland called
First Friday and I am so going to try to do it I really hope I can wing it and its going to be neat. 
Portland always had First Thursday so hopefully this can compare! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tid bits

My birthday Party which was totally a surprise from my friends :)
Veona was the talk of it all of course and always so loved by my friends.  Great food and soo much fun.  I will post about it later this week!  It turned out to be a good day after all.  I am so thankful for my loving friends and family!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So me right now---

 and o course getting inspired to make new custom cupcakes

Eeeeeek so happy I just got 2 etsy sales today and I tuned into a special feature live and everyone was nice, and look at each others sites and favorited and liked and and and haha.  Can you tell im excited???
I bought about 8 different supply items I CAN NOT WAIT to share!!!!
New necklaces,settings,flowers, etc (other surprises) and handmade bows to come folks.  
***Next craft show june 11th :) Big one too Indie craft market!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring done Summer lets give it a whirl :)

Well I am sorry I was MIA I was plain old relaxing and taking an internet break!  Today I was back in action catching up on emails, work, my etsy, pictures and so much more.

I made the deans list for school!!!
I had
B- Math
B- CIS 105 (computer)
3.0 GPA

I am so so very proud of myself :)

Although I am very very tired, burned out and dreading these summer classes.  I got my books yesterday and boy was it "real" then that summer course are really coming.  This week could not be long enough.  I can not tell you the last time I have been this lazy haha.  But I needed it!!  So I have class Monday nights 6-9ish and then 2 online courses.  I am really sticking to trying to get B's :)

Other then that  I have just been watching many movies with my little precious girl and running a bit and making some items. It has rained just about every single Dayyyyyy which does not happen in Pa very often.  Usually April rains a lot then a bit in May not this much.  So it is bittersweet reminding me of Portland and so forth.  On the bright side we love getting use out of are rainboots, umbrellas, and walks in the rain :)  Veona loves her adorable raincoat from our dear cali love chelsea :)

She is so beautiful and happy!

Playing with colors and doing workbooks :)

 The barbie collection :)  Which we have a new addition haha as of yesterday whom is not here yet.
The new items.  
Guys I just added 7 new items to Etsy today :)
Getting things done and happy 

New zombie hand bow
 New larger cameo
Chloe my sisters cat.
Well I like her butttttt
She is not a nice cat a lot of the time unfortuantly.  She is pretty mean and regretfully has bitten veona and not been nice.  Although, she is getting better since we watch her more now and we may have to keep her since my sister is moving about 40 mins away.

My love....
Best gift ever thanks Nanny.  My wine/ sushi boat.  
Gosh do I love.
I have been getting a good amount of sushi lately and dining out a lot  I must say.  Veona and I had a wonderful dinner at a Japanese steakhouse and it was great.  Just her and I to celebrate my grades and success.  

We also have been going out to eat more in general the last couple of months too.  
It is my birthday next week and honestly I am not really caring I suppose.  I miss my gma and am just not feeling it this year.  I am thankful for what I have and whom is in my life but just do not really want to do anything.  We shall see have a good night all.
Love Janelle

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back in action, busy bee, and so on and so forth :)


Mothers day was bittersweet.  It was a beautiful day outside but I missed my grandma immensely.  Veona was very sweet as always and in the morning said Happy mothers day!
She is very loving, and cuddly more then ever now.  The other night I said
"Veoneeeees My belly hurts" she says" its ok mommy"(pats me on the back)" I'll kiss it"  I truly have raised a very kind and loving little girl and I am sooo proud.
Mothers day photos

 At my moms with my sister, veona, and myself.
 Our mothers day photo.
I love this new dress I got It fits perfect and really flatters my look.

 Well this was the best part of the day.
My mothers day gift was....
Veona learning to ride her tricycle all by herself :)
I am sooo happy and thrilled for her.  I have been helping her and training her feet on the pedals and so on and she did it on her own.  I was so very pleased but she hasnt totally gotten to the point where she can be on her own yet.
 Look at that lady :)
Those glasses really rock!
Later that night watching movies and playing with monster.
I will tell ya what more and more we are always getting stopped on how beautiful her eyes and how cute she is.  It has always happened every since she was a baby but now since she is talking verrrrry much its too darn cute.  At the park this weekend while my family fished she and I and my niece played at the park and we had this lady just go on and on about veona it brings a hugeee smile to my face.

 Such love!!!! and kisses and squeeezes

Some good grub.  Salads and tuna sandwhich.

New lady lolita skeleton necklace with setting :)  
Check out the new etsy!!
Craft show this saturday in Emmaus folks.
I finally got my mothers day gift I have been wanting forever!
The new REebox Zigs.  I am in loveeeeeee.  I broke them in within 13 hours and went for a mile run on saturday and boy did it feel good but I am still sore.  I am really getting back into "fit" shape.  I am tired of dieting and just minor toning I want to get my GREAT body back.

I must say I never liked animal print actually I HATED IT although it is back in style and now I like it :)  I just usually accessorize with it rather then wear it.  I only have one cheetah shirt and a half zebra one on the sleeves but it just is neat cuz Veona loves it.  

My new shoes I got on clearance at Kohls.  My very first pair of Vera wang shoes and boy are they killer.  So jazzed about the lace up look and the wedge/leather look as well.  

 Just a beautiful picture I took in Acity and wanted to share.
with love