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Monday, February 28, 2011

More of MY favorite Artists...

Callow Lily

Camille Rose Garcia

David Stoupakis

Mark Ryden


Pale Preoccupation

David Stoupakis

Mark Ryden

Liz McGrath

Tim Burton


Oh and just my favorite Halloween cupcakes :)
Well that is all I feel like doing tonight as I have some more making of Pure sin Items to do

Friday, February 25, 2011

20/20 Six feet down-under. Embalming in New Zealand

What I will be doing !

Some of my favorite Artists...

What are some of your "turn-on's" in women?

Brains. Not in the I'm a Zombie way, more in the "I know something, or if I don't I will learn and am able to discuss multiple topics " sort of way.

A sick sense of humour, since I am a 5 year old at times...but an appreciation of dry more English humour as well.

An ability to see the world as an amazing place full of wonder, beauty and opportunity.

Being creative and talking of creative things. Creativity being my life and all.

Looking classy yet intelligent. Ambitious and backs it up by following through.

A cute laugh.

I really hadn't thought much about these. I'm lucky enough to have found someone with all these traits and more, already.

This question was asked to Ben Templesmith this is his blog -
He is one of my favorite artists and I CAN NOT WAIT to get my hands on some of his books specially squid girls and some others.  They are on which I have a fat list of wants on there lol.  From Kitchen Aid mixers, to monster high barbies, to dr martens to Artwork ha ha.  Well anywho
This question was asked to him on forumspring which if you all dont know is a website people can have that they can let anyone ask them any question.  YES anything.  His answer just opened my soul up.  Yes and I mean it.  I honestly can say I have all of those qualities in me besidessss my dress attire is not always Classy I suppose.  I dress differently a lot.  I dress for my mood and dont feel llike staying the same old boring schtuffff.  So I suppose when I think of classy attire I think of black skirt some type of panty hose and heels and glasses and a nice blouse and usually black.  I love black but I dont really do the skirt thing.  I do the heel thing but more of big bold thick heels not this stiletoo garbage.  Ick.  Anywho I have really been thinking lately about Love.  I watched this music video of two people in love and just gusshhhhed.  I miss it.  I truly miss "love" and am thinking I may give a man a chance in the near future and stop being so negative towards how shitty men are haha.  Well anywho here is some of Ben Templesmiths work.
Btw hes gonna be in SEATTLE omgggg im soo jealous I may find a way to get to him though through another :)

So he is amazing.  Id love to meet a guy like him or even close :)  Ps did I tell you hes from Australia and has an accent ohhh boy.  He is funny and sooo cute as well and looks darn good in a suit.  Sheesh i will meet him.

Ok off my obsession of him lol

I love this ladies  work as well.  Ashley wood.  In fact I almost purchased her work On Nucleus's website(dying to go to the store in CA) but I got another book instead.  I already have some of the Grafuck books (yess thats what its called) And I want the resst but sheesh 72 dollars ouch.  So I tend to stick with the other books and sweet postcards on the site.  Gosh do I get lost in that site for hours and hours.  Such impeccable art work it makes me salivate. 

and Jim Mahfood

I Have been dying for a vacation and boy o boy I hope it comes this year.  Well off to watch TV which i never do anymore.  The dinner tonight was delish with a nice well earned glass of wine :)
Ps I did my good deed for the week even. 
Gave my desktop 2000 dell to the brother.  It was hard to let go but I did it.  *sigh.  I miss good ol comp already sheesh many many memories and my deceased boss even fixed it up many times.  I gave the comp the bran new wireless key and mouse and bran new all in one printer and many other software things on it.  So I feel good but boy was it hard work getting that puppy and all the wires and such out spent 5 hrs today doing it.  and ohhh Me oh My now I have a nice comp desk alll clean and ready to do my school work on.  Pics soon .  Its lovely.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too much to say in this space :) Ima Wing It ! Busy as always...

This blog took me forever. Dont get me wrong I love my Mac and the awesome things I can do with it but the pictures are such a pain to find since my goofy but messed it up and uploaded each pic 2x and yadda yadda. Anywho this is a NEAT blogpost Id say one of my favs!!

Ok This is my newest PureSin things I have made this week and some are being sent out to models, others sold online, then the others at craft shows which I have two coming up.

Cute Pink fishbone bow necklace. I have not uploaded this on Etsy yet because I only have one and I am not sure what I want to do yet. But its neat.

These Photographs are Taken by MEEEEE
Janelle R. Hamscher
So do NOT copy them.
Now I took these for a reason because I friend of mine who is helping with Pure Sin (making flyer and photos)who photographs my things on his gf the one model that has done some things you may remember Christina and Rusty well he might come to this area and I wanted to show him this spot.
Check this out.
Creepy eh
Love it.. now this is scary because this is what my camera did lol.. thats some paranormal activity stuff right there!!! No actually my camera is messed up this is the cannon I have had for omg 9 years?? Anywho there are 2 other homes this one and another that are totally BADDASS and abandoned and we must get some shots there. Although I must say I am a lot more timid now with "breaking" rules because of my daughter. I got all these from my car because I am a baby and did not want to dis obey the "No TRESPASSING or will be prosecuted" sign lol.

Ok ... So these have been my purchases lately.. The two prints on the left are from an awesome artist I like on Etsy. So my style she is called Carissa Rose Art. Check her out !! The others in the middle wellllll haha thats my messy desk. It has my new postcards I got which will go to loved ones/friends and my new pink cd, my new fishbone mold, and my fav the new custom buttons and mirrors I got... My chapstick, lotion, assignment book,school folders/papers(school is VERY VERY BUSY) You may see me dissappear on occasion and that is why I must take a pic of my books and stuff. And my calendar and my list of Festivals I am dying to attend some this year and the rest all throughout my life *sigh* Ok So thennn my lipstick *jumpin up and down* my very FIRST MAC PURCHASE omg was I thrilled. Killed me to spend 20 dollars on 1 lil itty bitty thing but its a big little thing lol. Girls lipstick its Key! What is even cooler and so weird this happens to me frequently is the buttons are custom made from Portland yup it happened to me again. Find this awesome seller and there she is from lil old love of mine Portland Oregon. Signs all the time. Crap its not fair I miss some things their!!!The post cards are from SureAsBlue on etsy. And yes I am giving away my fav places and sellers. Oh wells you can copy me if you like it has happened to me my whole life. I have always been a leader.

My first night

Out since new years which sucked!! I had THE MOST FUN EVER!! I have no had that much fun since Pretty lights concert in April of last year. BTW reminds me I have much to talk about with music. I may wait till next post tho... ok back to story so my new lipstick, hair done, lookin cute :)

With me girlies and missing my other girlie and My buddy.
It was me, Nat, Sabrina, Meg, and Doug and we killed it!! Dancing and ohh gosh having a

great time. It was nats celebrating for her bday and my night out boy.

Us winning at Trivia at Starters. Lame there tho.. Its all meatheads some hot guys but w/e not my type and then Mollys was where it was at. God did i Dance my Thang
Cooking wise well..All Home Made Ham and bean soup. burritos and Pasta Salad. Sadly I have been dieting so its been boring lol sorry.

Da Vinci Center in Alletown Pa.
I have been wanting to go here for about 5 years ago since when they first built it and I finally got to. My sister didnt think it woudl work for her but she HAD A BLAST. It was fun, educational, and sooo clean and neat. I am such a nerd with photos and here we go....

Mommy and Veona and Aunt Amy
Penny swirling fun
omg this grossssed me out bad. I hate hate hate centipedes and this was like more ridiculous then anything else I have ever seen. Not to great of a shot of its legs but if you could just take a look closer u would see.

Really neat aquarium type of thing where you can put your hand in there and feel the starfish and diff textures very cool.
This cookie thing and i read to her the story then. :)

Soo cool. You could look through these to see really up close the textures and such of the colors and objects.
Veona was a Pro
Blocks boy did she love those and more reading and playing
My fav part I think ? This neat klidascope that takes such cool pictures from the back and front and I have a great one of V but its Framed.
This wheel thing
She understood the scale and how it worked my smart cookie.
My other fav. She took to it like a kid in a candy store. then we changed around the blocks and had a ball
Mommy and Veona played with these for the longest. Boy was that fun. so much building and diff designs.
This neat wheel thinger she enjoyed.
The point of this was hard. About putting a block in the metal part and trying to spin it without it falling out. She just liked to spin it.
This was cool too but we pushed her slowly and at first she cried for me then I went to her and explained it to her and showed her and she was fine.
BRAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we got this on video it was soo cool... You know me and Brains and Halloween and zombie love well it was cool

Veona is 863,600,000 Nanometers. Neat eh. She would not let me come get a photo with her it kinda was like OMG SOOO MUCH STUFF TO PLAY WITH thing haha
Now this puzzel we could not even do. It was cute its a horse but she kept going giraffe because with the long neck it looks like one so I told her your kind of right it does look like one Veona.
Fossil Sand brushing
Veona the beautiful.
So I am thinking of getting passes which are for a year and cover the whole USA which is amazing and I am a nerd and love this. She is free and I was 12 dollars and its only 40$ for the pass. Im still pondering because school is sooo busy right now for me.

Well other news is Veona was at the dr yesterday for her 2 yr old check up and she is 29 pounds and 38 1-2 inches (98% tile in height and 45% weight)and Very Very advanced in a 3yr old category for her talking and learning and such. My dr told me I am an overachiever and to stop lol. I said I cant I love teaching her, I am in school and It is important to me. I told him how out 20 mths she new all her abc 1-10 and some animals and now she nows all her animals shapes abcs ( singing, puzzeling, and mixed up not in order)She also can say DD sleep cuz hes tired, and sentences like "mommy look im jumping on the floor" and just many others I do not have the memory or time to think of at this moment. He was FLORED and she was playing her educational mobi go game and he could not believe how smart she was and what she new. I AM SOOO PROUD. proud of her , me and well everything. I could never feel like a better mom. Hearing it from a Dr. just well was wonderful Sigh I am truly thankful and blessed. Veona is so beautiful too and has amazing genes and talents.

Well that makes a Night guys. I am beat did a whole 4 pg paper today blog post and studying and still have a lot of work. It wont stop until may 16th and then I am taking summer too. I decided I dont have time to waste and it is all covered so I am doing it.
I am off to a Putting veona to bed.. Bath for me then Nip/Tuck *squeals*