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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little of it all...

Hey eh eh

Isnt this such a moment... Just giggling and being silly.  Full after dinner and messy face it is!

Winter has passed, well for the most part.  I suppose it is spring however the weather here is at the awful beginning of spring.  Which means ran, dreary, and with a few tease nice days.
The nice weather awaits and the shivering squeeze me im cold days have passed.  However, I always want to snuggle;)

Two of my best friends had baby boys this year.  One in June and one in December.  They are growing so big and so dear to Veona and I.  It is always so touching to hold a new baby.  And these little boys just melt your heart out.  We visit usually 1x a month with them and go to parks, hang, and chat it up.  We play and have a lovely time:)

Easter has long passed and yet I just adore these photos.  It was a nice day and we were very thankful and blessed.

My sister and I took Veona to see the Croods after lunch one day.  It was a nice day together and we really had good sister time:)

 This was from the flower show months ago... It was a fun day however some mischief went on with the kiddos... I try to tell myself that Veona does not always have to be perfect, even though thats impossible for me to comprehend.  I tried to let her explore a little more with having some edgy fun.

The acrobat show day was flawless.  Dave and I and Veona all had such a loving, fun, and exciting day.  We had brunch, walked around Easton and saw a spectacular show.  Veona was veryyyy well behaved.  We were shocked how well she sat through this show and how stoked and enthralled she was with the performance.  She bounced back between our laps a few times but was on excellent behavior.

 Balancing on chairs extremely high in the air!!!
This show was outstanding.  The amazing things these Chinese dragon acrobats can do was incredible to say the least.  We were always on our toes with" omgggg woahhhh thats amazing clapping and whistling!!!"  Such a great day!

Fishing has begun!
I have not gotten my license in roughly 5 years because being so busy with school, biz, and Veona.  However, this year I decided to try it out again.  Came right back to me like riding a bike.  I had a wonderful first day of fishing with my dad and Veona.  She loved it and actually got to catch a fish!  I enjoyed the lovely day, nature, peace, and fun fishing truly is....

Cookie time

 Awesome beaded necklace my sister brought back for me from Maui.  Also got me this amazing coconut purse.
 Homemade Dinner just a few nights.  Honestly I have been cooking soooo much lately and not snapping as many photos.  Very in touch with new recipes, healthy food, and smoothies every other day.  I am loving it and at one of my lowest weights!  yay:)

 New display time.... Dave gave me this and I of course put it to the test and to good use....

 HOlds nearly 100 items and over 2K worth of inventory!!! Woooo hooo

 A show I did last month at a school for autism.
 The creating....

 Veona at work....
 New owls I made for Pure Sin.  I created this design myself and just adore these guys...
Love Owlways
 gotta stash it up.....
 Pewwwwww school for the semester is weeks away.  I must say even though I am busy with has not been a very stressful semester.  I pretty much have 4 A's in my 4 courses and hardest subject is the Integrated science because of the work load.  However its neat... I have learned some cool things and the labs are kind of fun... here is one...
 Good ole Mr. Yuck.  He is so rad!
 I have decided to show you all of my work for the semester at a later date but here is one of my favs because well...yanno.. A skull mandala

All mixed by myself:)  I just adore this shot of all the color, inspiration, and art!

What is this?

Yep, you guessed it....
 New York.  
We went here on April 7th as planned for about 5 months to meet my best friend.  I just am going to give you a short preview of the trip now, and show many more at a later post.  It was a beauttttttiful day in the 60's-70's and we had a great time!

We have so many stunning photos from the day:)

Busy busy weekend ahead of me and I am so looking forward to my painting class, Art show, day with sister at the glass blowing studio, and day with family and my wonderful boyfriend:)