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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Months of life and happenings...

Hey all sorry for the long absence of eventful photos full of life, color, and fun.  It has been busy, cold wintery times, homework, and just did not feel like blogging!  Yikessssss....

Me 3-1-13

New bows I have banged out for Pure Sin.  Many of these are custom for local stores here in Emmaus which will be a later post fully to Pure Sin.  But here are some lovely colors and designs to absorb.  We all are yearning for spring, the sun, lovely colors and happiness!!  It has been a veryyyyy cold winter here in PA and boy I am so over the winter....

 Din din one night....

 This cracks me up, had to share it!!!!!

 Haha too cute

 Ready to go to class.  You know me I love my coffee and skulls duh!!!

My love doodles for me:)  Thanks babez

Awwww... He is so pretty when he sleeps

She is so funny!!!

Our getaway for Valentines day and Dave's birthday back in Feb.

Our creepy place to stay.  Twas a beautiful Inn and was soooo peaceful.  No technology, phones, and just us for a whole 1.5 days!  We needed it!

 Remember the Snowblast festival that Dave and I were painting and demonstrating back on Feb 1st.... well here ya go...... We actually made front page in the paper too;)

I just love him at in the zone doing his painting ting.  Seeing an artist at work is always such a connection and heart throbbing swoon.  Just so in love...He always amazes me:)

All finished!
 Here we are:)
 Front and Center;)  No big deal.

Veona gaming it up at a friends. Strikeeeeeee

 I drew this for us:)  Haha this is so Dave and I

These are too fun!  Faces app.  Veona the beautiful even as a monkey!!!  Haha
 Awww.  We read books every night before bed as you can see the stacks and have been for 1.5 years. I can proudly say I do every SINGLE night also.  It is so calming and fun.  Something that is special to me and I will never forget as she grows.  We were doing flash cards here.

 Flowers Dave got me after my little surgery.  It was painful for days and still can be but I am doing ok:)

So later on I will do a post on my painting class and all of my paintings so far and the progress through some of the paintings.  I just got my portfolio graded since it is midterm time and I got an A!  I am very proud and it will help me with Pure Sin and my art career.  

This weekeed is an eventful one for us

Today we are going to the flower show:)

Tomorrow we all are going to this!!!  Veona is thrilled and Dave and I are too!  I have always wanted to see Cirque de sole and this is as close to that as I can here in the LV.  So were stoked!!!  Maybe one day we can see the real Cirque !!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wow so excited

Thrilled to share with you all the 2013 Musikfest Poster that my amazing boyfriend Dave created. His sensational talents are just beaming and I am so proud of him. Personally, this is my favorite poster because of the vibrant color palate he chose, relic nature of Bethlehem captured, and his awesome style. His attention to detail and extreme creativity make it glow beyond belief. The fun, groovy, and happy vibe of this poster are exactly how I feel about Bethlehem and Musikfest. I cannot wait to go to Musikfest and Cheers in the new Mug, and see his incredible design work all over!!!!!! Congratulations David.

This poster is by far the best they have ever had.  I remember the whole process of when he was working on this and I am so happy for him because he has been published all over the valley in papers, magazines, interviews, radio, News, all over facebook and sooo much more!!!!!

Drum rolllll pleaaaseeeee

Flyer David Blank aka my boyfriend did for me for the art and craft show I am hosting in May:)  I am soooo jazzed to show you all this
Funky Findingz flyer:)


New York Day

This is so amazing!