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Monday, February 20, 2012

Catch up and much more.

Hey you all!

Valentines day...

Things I made for my valentine:)

 OOOOps forgot to take flicks of the dinner and winage;)

Our dinner night out, I was all dressed up for his Birthday!
 The Man and I Out in downtown Emmaus...

 Wine my friend Pat got me! Sooooo yummy one of my new fav's!

Veona's 3rd Birthday Party Jan 28th

 Wow lots and lots of food.
Yes I worked my butt off to make this as amazing as I could.  I had all my loved ones and family that could make it and about 23 people were there and only 7 could not make it!  I was very pleased and we are sooooo blessed.  I am thankful for them all and those who sent things from CA, OR, WA, and PA of course!
 Here monster theme party included a green monster pinyata*spelling lol of course;)
 Just wonderful, she is soooo beautiful.
 Monster Parttttttty.  Yep she loves green and Monsters:)
 How about that new cupcake rack?? You see it!!! I love and and spent lots of time making those homemade lemon gourmet cupcakes with green sprinkles.  Even made minis:)
 Veona opening more gifts!
 A little snow day we had a week or so ago.
 All of Veona's 3rd birthday cards on display.  This brings me joy:)
 Dinner out with Aunt Amy and Mommy after chuckie cheese on her actual birthday

Bounce you a couple of weeks ago as well!
Happy talk to you soon!
Been very busy with randomness and school, which honestly I am not doing that great in right now.  I have a C in math and am struggling hence not much blogging.  I also have 2 other courses and the workload is crazy busy and hard.  I am up to 132 sales on Etsy and am growing and loving it!!!!

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