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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bethlehem art show weekend.

Well Hiya,  The art show went great Yesterday and I saw some really neat things, cool people, and odd things happen.
First I got my phone pooped on by a bird lolz!  I was grossed out, laughing, and knowing it was "good luck".  Had to snap a shot and could not wait to show it to you.  What are the odds?  Who can say in their lifetime they had a bird poop on their phone screen directly!  Hahaha
 So I had a great spot across from Homebase which is a Rad skater shop filled with great art/colors everywhere, shirts, and other Rad stuff.  Also the hot dog man was right next to me which brought in tonz of people!  This was taken when it was not busy obviously  because I would be working and keeping up with people.  The streets were packed around 12-3 and people were drinking eating chilli and looking at some artwork.  Also next to home base was a DJ for B104 radio that was playing some pretty good tunes here and there that was getting people pumped and happy.  It was a great day; Pure Sin did well, I made new fans, and met great people.
 The set up.
 The only thing that I can complain about was it was windy so every so often Id have to hold stuff down and some things moved around.  But the rain did not happen and the sun was out with clouds covering here and there.
The past weeks have been nutzo and my best friend from Cali came out here with her bf to visit.  They had a great eventful 14 days or so and here are some pictures.  I was so happy to see her and hang with Veona with them.  
Love this picture of us when we got to go out to Bethlehem!

 Bethlehem going out night our shoozies.
 Silly Car ride.

Love them! Scott and Chelsea.  My favorite couple ever.

Breakfast with them.  Eeek no make up!
Well I wanted to take them to Powderbourne and it wowd them!  They loved it which is good cuz its the best bacon ever!!!  I have been going there since I was 14 and its a good quality, low price, beautiful area, gem!
 Chelseas food:)
 Our day trip out to where Chelsea grew up in Milford which is about 2 or so hours from where we are.
 Our lunch for us all
 So nice.
 Have this framed.  Gosh I love her.
 Veona's bfast one morning
 The day trip this was taken at Bushkill falls.  We were so stoked to go there but sadly they wanted way to much for tickets to hike up to the falls and it was about to rain and I was worried Veona would not make it so we just hung out by the lake and park...

 This is Scott and Chelsea's I pad and they are amazing.  If I could get one I would.  I never used one before until they let me and boy are they great.  OMG. Also Chelsea and Veona played some color games on it for a while the day before she left.

This has always been a fav show of mine from wayyyy back... I have been watching it non stop the last 2 weeks by myself and with the man.  I laugh my butt off and love to snuggle up with Dave and watch it.  Jason Lee is great and his facial expressions are hella funny.

 Back to the school grind this week and until finals are over.  Then I think I have a couple days off, then summer classes, and craft shows galore.  Also have been doing some painting at my house along with the daily schtuff.