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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some new modeling....OriJnel

 Model: OriJnel
Photographer: Dennis Gatz photography
MUA/designer: Pure Sin, myself

I must say, this shoot was not easy for me.  I was yearning to do a shoot but I did jump into it a little flustered and unprepared(despite it being 90 degrees in that studio, gahhhh).  I was terrified because honestly I am about 10-15lbs heavier then my net modeling weight and well it has been almost 2 years since I did a shoot.  However, I am still in good shape and healthy since I eat more but healthy and work out 2-4 x a week.  Also, my hair is short, very short I may add and not to be presumptuous but it looks lame.  It is a box color and well just not styled and cut perfect.  I will never have short hair like this again so I am most positive and it is not as fun to model with.  I mostly did this so I could promote Pure Sin.  In fact, my etsy has taken off a lot, I get many custom orders, and have such a great fan base 482 people on Fb "like" it:)  It has been such a great joy to have touched so many people with unique hand made accessories that they can appreciate and cherish.  In conclusion, I am satisfied and proud I did conquer my inner self doubt and tackle this with an utmost pride.  I got great shots, sexy ones, elegant ones, and accessorized phenomenal shots.
  OriJnel is back and just more grown up and full of life and experience.  Thanks all....

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