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Monday, October 8, 2012

This past week.

The Verry Merri Halloween art show this weekend went great!
Here were some of my newer creations.....
Cameo tree!!!

More Cameo tree lovelines and some hand made one of a kind Link from Legend of Zelda bottlecaps for necklaces and hair bows!

                                                            My set up on 10-6-12

 My first furry customer that I got to put a bow in:)  I have had many people ask me if they can put the bows in there furry loved ones hair and yes they may.  However, it must be a shaggyish dog and be a smaller bow.  This dog was the happiest and just jolliest dog I have seen in a very long time.  Just so full of life and kind hearted love.

 Wowza new bows!!!!   

                     Christina wearing one of my hair bows:)
Ohhh my I made 123 bows for this show!  Yes that is a whole lot!

An art show we went to in West Chester PA on 10-5-12
It was Dave's two friends and what a wonderful night.
The artwork was awesome and meeting them was cool.  Terri, the painter ( all of the woman paintings), was funny and so energetic.  His work is really good and really captures your attention and such emotion.  The signs were pretty cool and were all handmade by Josh.  We ended up getting shirts with the "you've got a friend in PA" shirts.  

My brother gave me this skull shot but of course he had to vodka in it haha.  If you know my brother you know he wanted those contents on the inside for HIM!  We joked about it so funny.  

 This was my 2nd favorite and sold with in hours!
 Now she is my favorite!!!  You will see why down below in a minute.  You may call it vain but it reminds me of a shoot I did and her expression is absolutely exquisite.
 She is strong and I have boots just like those.  Anywho....

 It was awesome because we got to sign the door tinger, have coffee, yummy cake pops, smell beautiful flowers, walk around, had a wonderful dinner, and talk.  Dave also got me an awesome Skull vest, sunglasses, and 80's vest at a local pretty woman's hip clothing store.  We really had a blast and it was a beautiful day friday and a splendid night as well.  The weather was perfect and I was so happy to be with my lover:)

 Our pumpkin carving this week:)  Dave and I and Veona all helped do these bad boys:)  They are scary, happy, and creepy hehe:)

Oh and school grades I kicked some arseeeee this week.  3 A's 1 in each course!!!!!92, 92, 93
Now back to another busy week:)

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