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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

blogging and less and less time to do so

Quite frankly,  Blogging is just not as important to me right now.  It seems it was just August yesterday and the busy keeps coming.  I seem to blink and its a new month.  Days just fly and the time and want to blog is not truly there.  I do at times think to but other things come up and I must say the break has been and is nice.  I have been anti phone and internet as much as I can here of late.  I like keeping busy and well there is always a project and creation to be made.  Whether it is making things with my daughter, pure sin and creating, personal projects, cooking, baking, or what not I am just doing haha!  However, I have a few pictures to share.  This was the busiest 3 months I have every had with Pure Sin and it makes me happy but also very tired!  I had over 13 shows and wow it was a lot of work pleasure stress and fun.  But the work oh my!  Anywho I am not in the typing zone, being off of school is still surreal but not always having to read write and do a project or test or paper is amazing to say the least!  However, it still does not feel like I am done or the break is odd since I got a job "job" yeah I have 3 already ha  13 days after graduating!  I dont mess around!!!

So here are some pictures and such of the last 4 months.  Halloween was nice and trick or treating was amazing this year:) In no order, What I have time to share:)

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