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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Topsy Turvey Tuesday

I guess im really slacking butt you see i have started a new class sociology and ive just been busy pigging out until yesterday and work and such. I have been getting stuff done lately like taking my daughters old infant car seat and one toy to the consignment shop and got to group and got my tattoo and planned its this friday yay! Poinsettia leaves 4 of them for my gma since sh ehas staged 4 cancer so thatil be on my left hip/love handle lol.
Im dieting now i need to lose about 8lbs yea i let myself gain more then usual it kinda scared me 8lbs intwo weeks holy smokes.!! sooo now its diet time! But so i havent been cooking but i did make a great salad and omg bumps on a log improved!!!! Cranberrys instead of raisons heavennnnn in my rumbling tumbling!

Crafts o joy making easter stuff.. kinda skipped st pattys wasnt in a greenish mood haha!
I am really looking forward to Easter. Its just a lovely time of year and my daughter is going to be a little older then 13 months so i can actually make her a wonderful easter basket and have lots of eggs all hidden and have her find them! I am just jazzed! As a kid i always remember easter and all the candy and egg hunts and money and church and books and well the great morning big breakfast and the religious aspect of course. It shall be so bright!

more to come


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