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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scramble Damble Do da

Oh Vey well to start it off my dear dear baby is soo sick .. she had a 105 degree fever sunday night and ive been taking care of her and not been able to do anything but. not work barely got scool work done and at her beck and call cuddling watching tv and sleeping. sheesh i love her and it kills me to see her sick.. anywho

This is Chicken tatter tots brocilli and mixed peppers.. delish actually had 2 helpings
On the craft note well im back in action on a long project and its gonna be a longgggggggggggg time coming so bare with me... Rag rugs my famous RAG RUGS how i love them.. well this one is even more special. Its made of all my daughters baby clothes raning from nb to 18 months gosh i just didnt have the heart to give them away or consignment or anything i wanted to keep them alll... soo instead of the boxes getting fullof mold on her clothes i got creative and will make her special rag rug of all her clothes so really the money didnt go to waste or the memories how pleasent.. tear tear . liek they say IM SO FUCKING CRAFTY .. haha sorry but its true. You know whats funny though i still have about 10-20 things of hers saved and hung up that i wont let go of its just too cute and too hard for me to. So its a long project and ive never made a rug this big before and the little amount you see done if u can believe it took 3 hours and 1-2 hours cutting her clothes which with those was only 4-5 pieces .. yeah its goonna be supppppper long. Well worth it though

The Strips i must cut the baby clothes fabric intoThese are two fulllllll bags of her clolthing and theres 2 more bigger then this as well haha.. The actually size of the rug and yep thats the lil miss sneaking in there haha................................................................................
Mommy and
Veona fulling around haha.. gotta love it.. xoxo

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