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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pure Sin's new listings on etsy today!
Up to 169 sales and I am just so happy:)

 My photograph wallets of bridges, beaches, sunsets, lipsticks and much more.

 This past weekend was a veryyyyy busy one for me with Pure Sin.  I had 3 shows and kicked butt.

 Cancer benefit show.

Thank you to all of my show customers and fans and online ones as well!
A day in bethlehem last month or wait end of May?
It was sooooo hot outside that day.  However, it was so nice and we were right by steal stacks which is by the Sands casino.  Also, this is close to where I do my art shows.  They have built such a beautiful Arts Quest center which hosts shows, movies, festivals and so much more.
Here is the kids little park...

 The old Bethlehem steal stacks.  So amazing to photograph.  I would really like to get some better shots of this at a later date.  It is absolutely breathtaking and at night lit up with all different color lights.

 PBS is a tv channel out here designed for children to help with education and learning and so forth.  Veona happens to love some shows and wanted to get on stage and just play a tad:)
Dinner one night.

Song of the day.

 Hi;)  a couple of days ago when I went to an Iron Pigs baseball game with Dave:)
Have a great day!

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