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Saturday, July 14, 2012

What have you been up to? Here is what I have...

New!  I have been wanting this art desk for about 3 years now!  It is so diverse it what I can use it for and all of the different artistic mediums I can work with on it;)
I had a lot of rearranging to do in my room to make room for Miss Sleek however, it is soooo chic and pretty that it was well worth it.  I already have made lots with it and just got it yesterday!  Also I can do my homework and art stuff in my room now besides down in the living room or my studio cave section in zee basement.

Check it
 This light underneath is for when i am tracing and doing some drawing or need extra light.  I can do almost everything on it.  Just not drilling or using my exacto knife!  Thats cave work;)  So I decided to not put some of the attachments on it because I want it to look as clean as possible.  Also, I need a good computer silver chair for it.  The one that matches it was way to expensive almost as much as the table!  Thats nonsense.  So I shall scope it out! 
Eek I love it:)  And I got it on Friday the 13th!!!!! Yay:)

The actual desk I got it from Dick Blick...

 Even Veona is drawing lots more now;)
 I am so proud and jazzed about this.  She does it on her own and names them and makes cool funny noises and knows about the body parts and whether it is a boy or girl.  teehee.
 Dinner the other night.  Yum Im so awesome;)  toot toot.
 I have been making so many smoothies lately with fress fruit!  I feel like it gives me lots of energy and makes me feel happy and healthy.  I use blueberries, chobani, strawberries, orange juice. ice, rasperries or bing cherries, and sometimes peanut butter.  Ahhhhhh yummmmm!

 New skull earrings!  Earrings have been a huge hit especially the playstation ones.  So I decided this summer is a lot about re vamping my etsy and Pure Sin.  So I started with realizing I want more pictures....professional  ones.  So I did a shoot last sunday eeeeeeeek! 

Yup OriJnel did some work haaaaaaaaaaaa.  Out of retirement for a tad..... Here are a few....

OriJnel modeling a pink and white cameo ring I make for Pure Sin

 Here I have on a variety of Pure Sin Items.  OriJnel is modeling a 8 bit pearler bead bow, playstation earrings, computer ring, and a lego ring. 

Have an awesome weekend!

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