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Friday, December 28, 2012

A big bag of miscellaneous awesomeness

Our Christmas tree all lit at night.  I hope you all had a wonderful christmas 2012!

Homemade taco!  Yummmm

 Beautiful sunset a few weeks back
 Veonas new Leap I pad 2 from the Oregonians:)
 Some of her artwork....

 Owl love...

Look at the crazy pattern my coffee made the other day!

 I decided to take my sister out to a lovely dinner with Veona last week.  She does a lot for us and keeps Veona over night maybe 1x a month.  Veona loves Aunt Amy and her house.  So we took her for a very nice dinner.  We later went shopping.  It was so fun and a heart warming night...

 It is called Meg and Mads.
Fine dining and amazing food.  We loved it!

Adore this...
Our train gingerbread we made together this year...

 I just love this!!!!
 Angry and baking all day.  Ha it was so much work but I did have fun and Veona was helping here and there.  However, 7 hours of baking is not easy!
Funny cool thing I found on Etsy....
Cookie time!  If you can't run with the big dogs then sit on the porch.  A quote my father always told us growing up.  May just be why I am so determined, competitive, and motivated.  Anywho I baked over 300 cookies all homemade!  Look at the progress.  Gave many as gifts and for my sister for her fellow Dr.s at the hospital she works at.  

 Met goal of covering our huge dining room table.
 peanut butter, oatmeal cranberry, and various kinds of cutout figures :)  Yummmmm
 quote from one of my favorite actors!
Do you know who spoke this?
John Cusack
 Cool quotes that uplifted my mood at times...
Very neat.

 Din din one night:)  With my new poinsettia wine glass I got from Pier one
 My present from Chelsea my cali babe.  Love this hoodie.  Not only is this my first hoodie in over 5 years but its marroon and so comfy and handmade from Etsy!  Thanks:)
 Veona with her new Ipad leapster from Grandma Catherin.  Love to all our locals and friends/family all over the US.
 New wooden dollhouse pieces from Melissa and Doug.  So the only thing that went awry on xmas was that her huge dollhouse I bought was broken:((( I was devastated to say the leaste.  Turned out she was ok with that and played with her other one.  I ended up getting her another small plastic one until I research a great wooden one.  Maybe her birthday:)  I want a good quality wood one so I am going to do some online searching!
 Our modest Christmas and our home this year.  We had Xmas eve at the Sisters with more gifts and at Daves for lots more gifts as well:)  We spent most of our Christmas with his family:)

 Dave got her the new mobigo 2 since her first one broke because of her using it so much and she got water on it.  She just adores this and has so many games that she can use from her 1st one!  She says this is her second favorite toy and number 1 being the Furby.  Dave had the top 2 gifts this year!!!  She said her dollhouse was 3 I was a little bummed haha.

 Dave always showers me with lots of loving, fun, personal, useful, and awesome gifts.  He knows my love for organic bath products so he got me lots of lush bathbombs and products!!!  This santa one I used Xmas morning and it was so RAd.  It split in half and turned green!!!

Our beautiful picture from his parents.  We just LOVE this photo.
It shows our love and lets us shine as we do.

More Owl love

 Another awesome bath bomb called the melted snowman:)
Was really calming and so lovely on my skin.  Sighhhh how I love baths
 One of Veona's awesome toys from his parents.  They really realllyyyyyyy spoiled her beyond belief this year!!!  This was a really cool princess set that you can dress them, decorate them, and put them on stage.  You can use the magnetic dresses to exchange between the three princess and put stickers and purses on them.  We both had fun playing with this!

Let us have a glittering future.  

 A neat edit I did of one of my favorite gifts from Dave.  The pixoramic app on iphone let me make this awesome.  I just loved my coffin necklace because various reasons.  Here is the story behind this meaningful piece.  I had the pleasure of working along side a very talented woman named Lynn the artist behind UnaOdd.

Here is her Etsy shop link....

Her display was captivating, lovely, and so inspiring on many levels.

I was to her right.  We laughed how our items were so different yet looked neat next to each other.

She was smart, fun, pretty, and very talented.  We were along side of each-other at our Indie Made Craft market show in December 1/2.  We talked laughed and compared each-others mediums and just really had a wonderful time.  Dave came to help me pack up the last day because I was exhausted and wanted to show him stuff.  He knew I wanted these wine glass earrings that are shaped like circles from real wine bottles.  He then noticed Lynns collection and we were just awwwing over her amazing craftsmanship and talent and mediums she works in.  I knew right away when I saw the coffin I wanted it!  He surprised me and got it when he thought I wasn't looking haha.  I knew he would get it for me because I just adored it.  I am so thankful and love her work.  Great to support other artists and love this piece so much!

Also, I was across from bubbledog too and his stuff is great!  He makes awesome magnets and pillows and bags and cards.  I got some guinea pig stuff from him for Veona.  Monster look a like!
Its so flattering to have so many people love your items and be surrounded by such talent like at this show.  I am very happy.

  New Cameos I just took to the alternative gallery.  I was told I am the top seller there and am doing so well!! I am so happy and just very flattered.  To be surrounded by all kinds of amazing artists and other artisans is humbling.

More of the Gallery
 Pure Sin items at the gallery....

 I sent this to Dave yesterday.  I love sending him cute Iphone messages and this was one... He then sent the same thing back to me from his hand.  I was beaming and just gushing inside.  Gosh I love him:)

A typical driving photo I finally took...

Have a wonderful new year!  We will be on vacation for 4 days:)  Veona Dave and I will have a great time and enjoy it!

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