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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Cheer

Hey all,
So my blog has been acting funny and would not let me post pictures really so I just did not post.  Im sorry as I did want to share so much stuff.  And was and currently am very busy as im sure most of you are this time of year.  For me it was a tripple whammy though because of college papers, finals, Pure Sin shows( 7 of them in fact) and Businesses that wanted Pure Sin items there to sell, and Xmas shopping for loved ones of course.  On top of awesome Mommy and family time with Veona.  Plus we were both very sick the last month.  I am happy to announce that I ended this semester with a 3.7 gpa and two A's and a B.  That being an A in speech/public speaking, A religion, and B in nutrition.  Very happy since I got two 97% on my 10 page papers as well.  Gosh sometimes I forget I do have some brains haha!  Also very proud to announce I currently have 54.5 credits which means I am 5.5 credits away from my ASSOCIATES DEGREE.  Yes!!!!!  Feels so great.  

I must add it has been a great year!  Love, happiness, business, and just plain old beauty in so may forms.  Business has blown my mind and really just flourished.  I took my stats last night from my online Etsy store for Pure Sin and it has a remarkable 24,023 views, 1,911 favorites, and 277 sales. Sold items to: MD, MA, CA, OH, MI, PA, TX, VA, AZ, SC, MN, OK, IN, MA, FL, NY, AL, TN, OR, CT, MI, NC, GA, WI, NE, ME, IL, LA, OH, WV, NM, AK, WA, NJ, and Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden. Pretty cool that 34 states in the US and 10 different countries have bought Pure Sin items!!!  I am so blessed.  This is just online information also.  Not including the 50 shows I have done in the last 3 years,other stores my items sell at, and word of mouth!  So happy and humbled by all the happy customers and fans.
Our Tree and joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year from us to you!
This photo got 28 and counting likes on fb;) Just beaming:)

I just made this new Xmas Card today because I ran out of our photo ones for everyone so I made these which I drew on my sketchbook app on my Iphone:)  Gosh I just love this thing;)  My phone has been such a great new thing with business, simplicity with information at my fingertips, and cool educational games for Veona and I.  So rad!
Owls are special to us three.  Not only is Veona's room all owl and other awesome items she has but I have always liked owls and Dave is doing many illustrations with them too.  Lots of owls everywhere in our lives.

We have made lots of cool things this past week and I will share them soon.  I can post from my phone to this blog but it is just not as organized and I rush.  However, I will;)  

My beloved poinsettia bow,  I sold some at shows and made one for my sister.  I miss my grandmother like crazy and this is such a reminder of her.  It is a bittersweet time of year since I always think of her when I see these and my tattoo reminds me everyday of her.  She is smiling down on us from heaven.  We baked a lot this week and cooked.  Veona just loves to be by my side and do that:)  It brings me great joy.  

My one of few iphone pics;)  Gotta keep up with the times eh?

 My show on December 7th for the Emmaus Holiday Cheer.  It was my first event that I had to serve wine for.  Haha interesting.  It was rainy outside so not many came out but I love supporting my hometown and the arts.  I have many great things to come with Pure Sin and the Emmaus Art Scene.  I have been asked to be on the Emmaus Art Committee, which I am thrilled about and so passionate about.  I am to bring more alternative and edgy art to Emmaus.  I am very pleased to announce I will be holding my own art/craft show at a local coffee shop on May 19th called Funky Findingz art and craft show.  This has been a goal of mine for the last 3 years and since I am very deep in the art scene and know many around here who are apart of it in the Lehigh Valley it shall be great.  About 20 other artists will be there!!!!I also will be painting with my amazing boyfriend Dave the Emmaus Windows during the snowblast festival in February.  Thousands of people gather to town to see ice sculptures made from chainsaws, an ice bar, music, food, and artists present.  We will be doing this in front of many people and we are so excited and blessed.  We both really rock;)

Holiday banner

with love

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