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Thursday, December 1, 2011

New New New do :)

The shortest its ever been!!!!
Im feeling it and boy do I need the time :)  I can def rock it like I never thought i could.  I used to want to get this cut like gigillion years ago but never thought I could pull it off.  Now I can :)  However I do realize I look about 10 yrs older yea welllllllp.
Veona last week with the new lego duplo toy I got for her from Target.  She was a good girl (the usual) and had to reward her with an awesome toy!  She is so sweet and adorable.  I mean look at that face :)

 My brothers Sunday homemade turkey dinner.
This is potato filling which is soooo hard to make and really yummy.
 nom nom
 More new hair pictures....

Pure Sin

New cupcakes designed by the man and I.  We really Jive and make some amazingness a lot.
They start out about 3-4 inches then shrink half the size and become way detailed and neatoooo.
 Always growing so have to make new bowls.  Yanno the usual record gig.  So these turned out soooo rad very happy with them actually.  I think it was the bowls I used to help me put a slight mold on them.  New items to get out on the table to show the customers!!! EEEEK show this saturday guys then every weekend in December!!!
Have a great weeekend!!! Only 14 days left of school then 1 month offfffff omg yes!  All A's right here yuppppp.  Oh and Happy December 2011 guys.

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