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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pure Sin shows, advertising, and new new new!!!

Pure Sin will be participating in a home art show this Saturday!
 In addition, Sunday Pure Sin will be at a great craft show in Northampton that is for Diabetes and Artists showing their work of course!
So Pure sin has really had some great things happen this week! I got my first sale in a town close to where I live!!! EEEEEEeeeek! Which means all of the hard work of putting my cards everywhere (as I call it blanketing the valley)internet schtuff, networking, and word of mouth must be working :)))))))

The Etsy screenshot!!  
So my Wonderful boyfriend Dave showed me about this.  Today in fact. LOL yes I know, I am not a true Mac gal yet because I don't (know it all), but I always love to learn new tricks and useful tips which he shares with me..  :))) You can, on your mac, hit the keys ....shift command then #4 and it will take a screen shot of whatever is on your screen.  You can move the curser to the size and so fourth of how you want it!
Neat eh??

Sold her a few odd hours ago on Etsy!  Thanks :)

We have had a great week, or is it last 3 weeks lol.  Time is flying and I have been utterly consumed by many things. I just took my first English final today and boy was it HARDDDD but I know I got a B or A.  Just lots of work, reading, writing, and my mind is drained.  I have 2 more this week then I am done until the 15th of January.   

Christmas party, fun time, xmas decorating, outside time, good food and drinks and on and on and on :)  I will touch some of the bases now!  And sneak peaks...

Pure Sin Manga bow and Mario 

Outside day preview!!!  Stay tuned for a blog on this at a later date :)

A few random things a made a couple weeks ago I wanted to share...

      Yummy home made chicken turned into a chicken salad sandwich on pumpernickel toast!

Squash/zucchini with cranberry sause and Fetich ini alfredo with chicken.

Tonights dinner!  
Chicken, almond rice, applesauce, and asparagus.  Very wholesome:) 

***Merry Christmas***

Happy holidays let the decorating, baking, love, and gifts begin!

The Poinsettia's
A glimpse into our decorating experience.  We officially did most of this on 6th of December this year but also added some new items this weekend :)  Like the actual ornaments on the big tree were put on this past Saturday night with Veona Athena and I :)  Then my fav most special set was given to me by my gma shortly before she past....its the 12 days of xmas ornament set and Dave and I hung those together at night.  It was very romantic, and meant a lot to me :)
 The table set up.  I dont have a great flick of this one but that manger scene is from India from my one aunt and is all hand carved wood.  Pretty cool if ya ask me;)
 Veona and I decorating on the 6th

The final finished little tree which is right by me Mac!
This one is dearest to me I think because for a long time my gma only had this tree up here because a big tree was too much.  So I put all the ornaments I made for her up on it so i could see and others that were hers.  So its the Gma tree :)  Gosh I miss her...We all do.  First xmas with her not here so it shall not be easy.  However, I have a new loved one in my life now which I am soooo greatful for :)

The final xmas tree big one I just took tonight!!!

 lol grumpy veona not wanting a picture with mommy :(

 Ohh Santa.   O Santa Baby!

My boyfriend Dave and I, yes I should formally or electronically or cyber space wise introduce you to him lol.  Here we are.   There he is!! inside joke :)  Boy I am in a great mood.( I mean now, but then too lol)

We were invited to a Christmas party and it was sort of a charity/xmas party for two families as well.  It was a great idea and very sweet and warming.  There are not many better feelings in the world like the feeling of giving.  So, I baked up a storm for the party with homemade(duhh) orange gourmet cupcakes in small and large cup sizes with homemade buttercream icing, a snowmen cookie cake which was homemade peanut butter cookie recipe then decorated with vast amounts of candy, peanut butter cookies, then a nacho layer dip with chips!  It was all a hit and the kids and ppl were eating, having fun, and being yummified with bliss.  I enjoyed cutting up the snowmen for the kiddos, handing it to them and chatting with them,  and watching other people chow down on the other oddities. It was a very pleasant night:)  We had fun and I had some merlot!! ahhh yes.  It was bitter cold out, but its always nice to have someone to snuggle with and keep comforted!

Gander at the Banking maddness.  Those mini cups were cute snowflakes.

So.....I still have more xmas baking ahead of me, but I hope I can compete with last years cutouts and top it this year!  I am welcoming 2012 indeed.
Veona and I being silly

 Happy Holidays and have a wonderful week guys!!!


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