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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Veonas Photoshoot with mom and cooking of course...

Well as you all know I model but other then being in front of a camera....
Being behind the camera is a huge passion of mine as well... this is my first real true photoshoot with my beautiful daughter Veona!
This is all taken in the pathway/wooded area in my complex
It is actually quite neat because we have been walking on this path as long as I can remember and she even says once we get to the park "walk" "walk mama" its adorable.
Soo here area ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of photos but I cant help myself she is so photogenic ( she must have got some of my genes) hehe

So to start off I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this photo it is getting framed along with about 7 other of these.
Hands of love Such neat shawdowing in this one

Dont you just love the hat and this one Veona was gettin a bit dirty and handing mama some acors as she said

Here on a log and just a pretty smile
Love her smile here with the leave and the leaves in the background
Neat face
Profile shot

Snicker grin. She is soo funny
Neat backround and her

Look at my leaf. So cute
Bending down
One of my favs sooo beautiful

Veona in her hello kitty rain boots since its been raining here like crazy :)

Well now this is one of my xmas gifts I really wanted new pots since i adore cooking.. here they are in action and my very first meal i cooked along with a new beautiful plate :)

ohhhhhhhhhh la la I made squash zuchini sausage seasoned and fetichini with four cheese alfredo sauce. Gosh was it good. I hate seconds hehe

A ham sandwhich from yesterday with my sister:) We had a great day ... went shopping, played with veona, decorated my gmas for xmas and got my place ready and then started decorated the windows with special window markers for christmas . Yay.

Omgosh I forgot to tell you all Our VERY FIRST SNOWDAY was on thanksgiving morning :) IT WAS BEAUTIFUL and i wanted to share it with you and some photos from thx giving too I forgot


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