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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things happen

Well this is not a good time... that is why I have not been posting buttt..
My grandmother my love my heart my all is very very ill as you all no and now its winding down..and fast. I dont really want to get into it all but. I want to dedicate this to her and all I do.. I am so happy my daughter and I saw her very much since I have been home and well Veonas middle name is Sylvia and I am so PROUD. I also am dedicated and motivated by the fact that school is now for me but also her.I have finished on monday and it was very very stressful this last 2 weeks with 2 8 pg papers 2 tests and discussion posts and being sick and well yea buttt... I want to be a funeral director/ and or any thing to do with the dead in the funeral home or wherever and now this is making want to do it for her.
I had 20 mins with her alone to just ball andpour my feelings to her and I am very happy about that.. Although this is unbelivable and overwhelming. Its a very odd feeling for me at this age and with my life right now. It will never be the same buttt things happen for a reason and I will use that to push me to be the best!I will always have her in my heart and On MY SIDE literally the huge tattoo i have is for her. The poinsettias with the leaves which equals 4 since she has stage 4 cancer!Poinsettias are her most favorite thing ever besides cats and snowmen so I am very happy she has seen it and loves it ! I Love you Grandma Meal I cooked the other day.. I was in the moon for corn and rice and sausage ?? haha and the rice was an almond one it was terrific tho!!!
Well this past saturday I had a craft show at jefferson and well Here I am ! It was not very busy because of it being their first show but I met those two really awesome ladies behind me and had a pretty good time and made some money :) And got some good networking as well. They actually gave me this awesome ornament that says Golly Liquor is quicker and I adore it hhehe and i gave them some clips for their children.

I love this picture of her out of the bath about a week ago :) She outgrew the baby ones light this so we got her bigger ones hehe and we go ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR like a lion and she does it and laughs giggle giggle
A best friend Forever and ever who is the Best
Nat and our couple of days with Veona were absolutly wonderful this past week
We say xmas lights, went out to eat, decorated at her house, make brownies together (homemade o course) Danced around and played music with Veona and I can go on and on...
I love you Nat and thanks for all your support with my gma and just being the best friend I could ever ask for :) Veona loves you very much..
Soul sister in fact
lol has station fun.. Natty is silly Now these lights were a kick.. Quakertown and its funny cuz Nat saw these when she went to go to work and told us about it to show veona and we went to see it and it was amazing butttt i noticed a sign that said something about xmas lights by so and so call this number LOL they had it done!! Cheaters but o wells it was neat. And they had these dripping icicle lights that were beautiful. This actually does not show the whole display there were santa Huges ones and raindeer leading up the house pulling the sleigh which u could actually see off the highway Soo cool.
Veona new exactly what to do with this... Soo cool.. blow the horn tutz.

Love this picture of Nat and Veona at the piano.. Gosh she loves it as you know.. She will be a musician and Artist I believe Mommy and Veona

Shes always the love of my life :)
Keep us in your Prayers

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