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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weird week meh...

Well to start things off i made a good dinner tonight...
Salmon squash/zucchini mix and applesauce and rice.
It was yummy but its whatever im just blahhh this past week and till today has been weird. Stupid shitty things have happened to those i love and care about and it just keeps piling on but there have been some good things too that im happy and looking forward to.

Bahhaha soo on another not i cut veonas hair and it looked terrible !! but the thing was that i wanted to be the first to do and and of course i put in in her baby book crafty me but i was sad for her cuz it didint look great and i made her look like a boy. So much for me wanting to go to cosmo school ever!! Sheesh buttt i mean the scisors were dull and dont forget shes oly 16mths and movedddd ah! But shes still gorgeous but get a load of this pic histeracle huh? !!! She was madd because she wanted to get in the fridge and i was takign pics of her and i think she knew her "new" haircut was LAME. lol. Soo the best part is then i cut mine to look short and bad just like hers and well yeah it sucks but my hair grows like a weed so ya kno its cool. I just had to i felt soo bad i messed hers up so i felt i needed to suffer lol how weird!

So artsy wise well ive been working my rag rug which is sooo nice cuz its peaceful and relaxing and thats what i need. But i wont post any pics cuz well u cant even tell i spent time on it due to it being sooo huge and such. So i just worked out cuz the diet and such is on again due to well ive had enough leisure time to do whatever and i have to do a photoshoot in prolly 3 weeks or so and i wanna just be looking mighty fine but its not bad i dont have much to lose. Well yeah im done.


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