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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me today well yeah its been a great day!!! I got some great stuff from work like a new 4gb usb pen drive i call it gig stick but anywho yeahhhh half price so i got it for 7 and there normally 24 at walmart and stufsf. yayssss and i got mem and comp parts to make necklaces for my etsy im stokedddd im actually going to acmore an dmichaels today with my girly michelle i beleive. im soo jazzzed i got so much going on right no wooo hoo..Oh and i looked super good today in my new dress!! and stuff so yea.. u cant see the bottom here tho :(( its cute!
Tarot cards
VI of swords-to achieve security and happineess you've got to plan your goals carefullly now. knowing when to say no will help you maintain your integrity. take some time for yourself .
VIII of justice-what goes around comes around. seek legal counsel, ask advice from elders. you may be embroiled in negotiations or tedious beureaucratic systems. do healthy things-spiritually and physically.
VIII of swords-gossip is in the air. be easy-going when you encounter oppostion from stubborn people. postpone ultimatums. dont acccept everything as a fact. update yur sesume and open your mind to new business deals. think about current and future financial needs.
King of Pentacles-stop trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. specialize. you have strong sensual an physical dersires just now. dont let your self disicppline interfere with your personal happiness and fulfillment.
Dinner and Dessert!!!

So i made chicken with tomotoe sauce and spices with some rice in it then greeen beans and Mac and cheese. Kept it easy since i wasnt eating any lol. For my daughter and well i had a tad of cx in a salad!!

Well a dessert i can and did eat!! apples with cinnimin and a tad of sugar!! baked soo good


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