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Monday, June 28, 2010

do da de dot!

So ive really been playing around with makeup lately just for many reasons just to see how good i can do diff stuff for some shoots coming up and im bored haha but anywhosss had a good eventful busy fun weekend. Consisted of pool family time friends food shopping chores (big time) posters for work got cclothes YEAH! and...a tad of drinking with my buddy sunday and seeing my other buddy too whichch was a nice surprise on sunday cuz hes usually not around then.

Tarot Cards

Queen of swords-Lets others suffer the consequences of their actions. Be your own person and you wont get burned.

VIII of pentacles-You want whats best for your loved ones and co workers and you have the strength to provide it. But you have lots to learn. If you lack information, have the determination to find it!

Queen of cups(reversed)-Those arund you are acting stuffier than normal. Pay no attention. Take time to rethink matters, especially your eating habbits.

VIII of wands-All your plans have a green light. Move ahead. Your understanding of people and their problems delivers opportunities to get what you want. Friends and nature bring remedies for what ails you.
I also made a good dinner on sunday for my daughter father and buddy but i couldnt eat it... snuck a bit or so of chicken but in a salad!

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