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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Pure Sin items! and lunch & din din :)

My new Pure Sin creations folks!!!!!!
A mini top hat covered in glitter with a flower and rose on the front.
Isnt it Beautiful!!!
I really like it and just in time for the holidays... And my bran new line added to Pure Sin
My feather hair clip/accessories....
These are very fun to make and I can not wait to make more!!
Red and black feathers with a red glitter rose on the top and an alligator clip fastened on the back.
**So I have NOTTTT yet added these to my etsy as well as new hair clippies just because I want to wait a bit to see if they sell at my Artisans fair on the 28th in Emmaus which I am not to sure howit will go due to it being a holiday weekend.
;/ not 100 percent positve I will be doign it due to weather and such. Now this dinner/ late lunch was DELICIOUS and i mean it very much so... the shrimp and the yummy four cheese alfredo sauce with fettichi and peppers oooooohhh my I enjoyed it. It has been forever since I have had alfredo and Veona actually loved it which I was sooo flored by. :)

An early lunch more like bfast lol yummy roast beef and cheese sandwhich on wheat toast with mustard and cucumbers and lw ranch. It was good .
Ok so as you know I have been doing crazy xmas shopping/bday for Veona and here are her two online wish lists/gift registries that I created so I can keep track of what I have not yet got her and Ideas for my friends and family/loved ones to get for her 2nd bday!!
So far she has a good amount of stuff from Me and my father but goshhh one can never have enough for xmas an dbday right??? Well anywho I will keep updating so keep checking back. Ps she is a size2t-3t and size 7 shoe!
So the 2nd like the Toys R Us one you must type in My info... which ismy first and last name and my city and state which most of you know
Sorry it wont let me direct link to the registry... o wells no worries :)
Whats neat about this is that you can get it shipped directly to us instead of to you then to me. Pretty clever ehh?
I have had such a wonderful day with Veona today starting out with dancing to black eyed peas "tonights going to be a good night" jam. We had a blast and I even video taped it hehe. We tangoed and spun and clapped and boogied. It was adorable and boy did we laugh and have terrific time. She is just such a joy. We have read, colored, ate, organized, crafted, played dolls, and letter/puzzels today!! This past two weeks has been sooo fun! Gosh I just love her more then words can describe.


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