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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nuktzo week!

Well on thursday we decided to go to aunty nattys and make homemade cucpakes and icing!! From this awesome ladies blog call cupcake blog. They are gourmet and delicious. These were organce cupcakes!! As you can see all of our supplies :)
In the oven!!!

The icing. Which was cream cheese powdered sugar some vanilla and so on.... soooo good
Veona is the most special so she got the very first baby cupcake!!! hehe.. Gosh di dshe have a blast there. Dancing, playing there piano , playing outside. having fun with her toys we brought, singing, playing with all the family. We just love auntty nattys sooo much .. Veona now calls her NAT it is adorable.

The finished cupcakes. omg 2 hrs later. It is a lot of work and well the icing is a bit harder to work with then store bought LOLLLL but omg can u tell the difference of store bough cupcakes and homemade. I want to do the rest of the recipes on her site :)

Now onto another chapter. It has been a crazy week. Ups and downs with things. Sadly my Boss Harold died on Wednesday night :((((
It is very sad
RIP and I shall miss workign at Custom computer Works
My gmas bday was wednesday as well on the 17th and it was pretty good. although that is a wig and shes been very ill we are happy she made it to her 73rd bday. So veona and gma.. and a yummy handmade cake by my uncle which was call love cake or something. It had rocoitta cheese in it..

Well I caved.. I ordered her this tinker bell wooden table and it came in and I just wanted to give it to her. Veona has been sooo good and learning very much the last 3 months that I wanted her to have her own table to draw, do letters, read books, and such at. And she LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS it!

My Tarot Cards
IV of Cups- Take a step back and look at matters from a different perspective. You might notice that your heart has been ruling your head. Share your thoughts-don't be selfish. Do your part to settle disagreements.

XX Judgement- A job well done delivers many rewards; laziness is punished. Make peace dont nit-pick yourself or oothers too harshly. Patience brings success. Don't be cruel. Health improves, but it may take some effort on your part.

III of Wands-You are very good at putting the talents and skills of others to their best use. Be specific about what you want and don't be misled by well-meaning friends. This is not a lonely time. Use the strength of those around you-teamwork brings luck.
Ace of Wands- Now is the time for sending out resumes, starting a new enterprisse, or beginning a journey. Your strenth uplifts those who lack the resources to solve their problems alone.

This meal was amazing it was mini raviolie vodka sauce
and salad with cucumber and tomotoe and lf ranch.

Veona sitting and reading a book!
Late night snack :) Cottage cheese and tomotoes with pepper and salt
Veona in I in bed before we go Night Night

Almost sleeepinggggggggggggMore knom knoms from the other night :) Chicken with gravy, kindey beans(veona loves them) and a baked potatoe
P.s I got an 84 B on my research paper for Art History. Happy but really wanted an A. I worked hard on it but happy since I beat the 73 average grade on the paper. :)) yippy
Now onto more work for my business class
Have a great couple of days guys!

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