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Monday, November 29, 2010

Xmas list and things I think my loved ones got...

So I loveee TOKIDOKI stuff and I really want this calendar by them its sooo neat :)
Skeleanimals are the freakin bestest Veona has the ;purple backback and I want this lil guy he is too cute! Oh can I say urban Decay
holy moly I love all urban decay I just wish they didnt put such a whole in my wallet. But I really would like soome more stuff specially some more eyestuff.. I already spent 127$ last year but wow thats outa the question now I just love there stuff and got my sister some stuff from them and we got Bare Escentuals stuff too:)
But I would like some clinique Cover up as well ;)
Well this post makes me feel sooo greedy but it continues lol...
And well as far as this callow lily goes I loveeeee her work I would love a print or some clothes or well it inspires me and I have done tonzzz of research on advertising or getting published and thats my goal for Pure Sin :) I have been on an online mag for modeling but not Pure Sin yet but will have some awesome interview blogs of Pure Sin up soon I cant wait that will be this month and on...Oh and also a New TATTOO I want sooo bad to start a halloween piece since well thats me :))))))

Umm Can u say XBOXXXX and DDR and Mat holy smokes I want!

Now this mite confuse you but I want a good 30-50 inch hdtv not plasma but yea and a new tv stand for my living room :)

So here is this onyx ring I want.
its not what you think
I am not getting married nor am I in a relationship
(but that could be in the near future or well some day possibly)
I just love onyx and well black and I have changed my ways on silver. I used to hate it but I loveeeeee change
and thrive on it and I am over gold. Despise it actually... almost hate but yeah
I want silver. I feel gold is bad luck and well yeahhh... I know others who changed that now are older and happily married too and I feel its a good new start for me :) and btw Im bc free if you know what that means lol I dont want to go into detail cuz its personal butt im off of it :) yehaaaa I just want a new me :) and that means natural..

A merry xmas kiss to you all!

So I have always loved wears waldo and well here is a collection omg I want it because Veona has grown to love him too like mama :) we do it together and she giggles and says THERE HE ISSSS to copy me lol its adorable

I have always loved philosophy and all that goes with it so I think I would llove this and it will be beneficial. I have to take philosophy I think but actually will be in English and Psychology this coming semester and LCCC with Eng at school(squeals yay) Cant wait

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fist in mouth)I have been wanting these for my whole life!!!
I do not know why I never treated myself well actually in the last 3 years I do.. im unselfish when it comes to my daughter and loved ones I put them first. But I WANT I WANT I WANT I actually like about 3 diff styles of these dr Martens butt I want to start with these. Soo darn smexyy yess smexyy not sexy ;)

gift this year and sadly I dont think i will get it :(
Im not being greedy since my father did just spend a ton on my today and I have new pots/pans baking pans, utensils and so on oh omg and my cupcake apron sooo cute:) but I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly wanted this puppy. Specially in onyx since it reminds me of my gma and since for thanks giving my whole family LOVEEEED my baking which rocked my boat hehe. So I am now the rocking cupcake diva! Yup that is me ;) sooo I shall be busting out some baking moves (oh snap) lol i never talk like that but Gosh it will take me forever to save for this if I even get it in the next year prolly a couple lol but I want sooo bad. Santa pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Santa baby.

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