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Monday, November 15, 2010

Long time no talk. Heres a BIG one!

So First I want to say sorry for the long wait guys... Been sooooooooooooooooooooo busy with xmas presents for Veona (squels cant wait for her) School research papers and sooo much hwk its a joke, and registering for next semester(yay get to go to a class) and Pure Sin 2 shows and well computer hiatus lol...

Veona with aunty Natty doing her letters which she has it mastered!!! My smart beautiful young lady!

Me wiff my piggy tails the one day hehe

Veona in her adorable pig tails and cute outfit :)
Ok so this is the trick or treating which I have been so late with.......
This first picture is very emotional for me. That was our neighbors house we were 218 when I was a child. Debs house in fact and boy are they different now and the back yards are sooooo diff.... anywho take a peek at this AWESOME trick or treaet time.. I had such a wonderful time with just me and Veona. It was very special and She was great.

Her first trick or treat house!!! I have lots on video too! She is such a beautiful girl and a perfect lil Alice I must say so myself
Here we are before our first trick or treat!!

Omg you cant get more alice then this
Veona you are gorgeous and just the apple of my eye...Mommy loves you
Soo cute


Pure Sin at the Eyer Chilli Cook Off/Craft Fair
So this was pretty weird for me considering I went to that middle school in 6th grade. WOWZAAA made me feel old. Even saw some of my teachers haha. Anywho this was TERRIFIC!!! I made good money and had a splended time. The kids LOVEDDDD my stuff omg and I handed out almost all of my 200 business cards sheesh.

Dinner the other night! Salmon from my dads friend caught from ontario (lake) and fresh asparagush and homemade mac and cheese pene style.(yes I know Penne) lol it was with mozz cheese and creme cheese lol it was yummy tho!!

Bfast that day with Veona was toast eggs and oranges

Me with my new bump it thing!! If I didnt say anything woudl you have known???
Veona eating her dinner one night in the cutest overalls ever!!!!They fit her perfect and I just adore them.

Veona in her Seattles best dress I love it. So adorable and she has had it for a while from seattle from Deb. How we love talking to her almost everyday!! All the handmade clothes from out there are so special and dear to us and we love them. Target clothes get old after a while since I get so many for her so its nice to get original ones :) Gosh but Veonas foot is a size 7 now OMGGG SHE IS HUGE... But it was such a joy yesterday at the store. Well I have always known Veona was very smart but now people are goign out of there way to stop me and tell me when they here how well she talks its incredible. Yesterday she said green frog mommy and a lady goes how old is she? I said 2 in 2 months and she nearly died. She said I am a nusery teacher and she is very smart and advanced I said yeah I work with he ra lot and Im veyr proud that she is not in daycare. I said she knows all her colors and can say sentences and knows all her ABCs to say them but can point out half of them and say them on her own. She could not believe it and was soo ecstatic. Boy did that make me feel great!! I love Veona so much and I still say its all the salmon in my 3rd trimester. And boy is she musically inclined too. I am going to get her in piano when shes 5 for SURE. She always plays the piano and Auntee Nattys and just adores dancing and singing as well.

Pork with peppers sauce rice and fresh yummy bread.! So I never eat pork but I was starving hehe.. It was good even though I filled up on the bread haha

Yummy turkey tom cheese and sadwhich with soem mayo and pears :)

Sorry for the long wait and huge post but I have been sooooo busy and on hiatus from the computer and had a ton to catch up on. xoxo

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