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Saturday, September 22, 2012

ohh September you brought some goodies.

Tis the season...
My boyfriend Dave's Illustration he painted and graphic designed for Dorney Parks halloween design last year.  He is so good it is unbelievable:)
I had the pleasure and amazing opportunity to work with him on an awesome project for the artsquest center in Bethlehem for octoberfest...I pretty much did all the easy part which was the go girl to get and clean things constantly and I did all of the base oats of all the solid colors 2x and some of the outlining. He did all the amazing shading everywhere and real amazing work.  I did some of the shading on the rock stair case but very basic.  I also did the little yellow flowers;)  He is just supurb...swoon:)

Pure Sin Halloween and other madness

 Love this one, I am preparing a huge awesome show coming
Decorations for Halloween around the house...
 inside windows
 Outside major decorated area...  Just got the flowers and eek sign today:)

 Made this...
 Dave is so sweet.  He surprised Veona and I with these cutepumpkin lights.  He got me skull ones of course:)  He knows me!
Pumpkins I did today.  Totally loving these and how much my painting skills have improved from DAve, watching, learning, and his tips.
Veona and my nice did others that are well lol cute!

It was our celebration Friday night.  For our 1yr.  We went to a fleetwood mac band concert and then stayed at a lovely hotel.  Had yummy classy food and some wine and love.  We got up early and went to yard sales.  Scored some great items.  In fact so sheer surprises.  It is funny what you find when you are not thinking of it or have forgotten about it.  Got this brandddd new purse that matches my other new one that Dave got me before.  Just a mini one.  He got it for me also;)  It had tags and the stuffing in it.  Not a mark on it and just so rad!
This quite special.  I lost my favorite ring with Dave in Bethlehem about 3 months ago.  I was sooo upset and so was he because it was my only onyx ring and they are hard to find.  He was determined to find me it and we never did.  We later for months tried to find one but I never liked any anywhere!  And what do you know at a really cool yard sale event at the steel stacks there was a lady with awesome classic very nice jewelry and steel items from the actual steal mill!  He got me this ring which is onyx and amazing:)  What a neat thing.  I felt God and so loved:)
I could not be happier.  

Have a wonderful weekend.  

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