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Monday, September 10, 2012

Vegfest in Bethlehem was a great success!

I participated in VegFest in Bethlehem selling my handmade treasures of course for Pure Sin
Twas a great show!  Besides the emergency evacuation at 3:30...was a bummer but safety first and it was one wicked storm!
I still made out extremely well in the 4 or so hours.  I was rocked as a matter of fact, so busy and sold so many of my favorite items.  I met great people and smelled good food!

New Etsy items.

Veg Fest poster for this year 2012
Last artwalk of the season I found this on their twitter and on some other art websites for bethlehem.  So proud and the written response just really had me beaming.  I am so happy with how far Pure Sin has come along and thank all my customers, fans, fellow artists, and loved ones for their support and love.  
Janelle busy week once again

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