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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What is keeping me on the Go go go...

Pure Sin has about 5 or 6 shows before the new year!!!!
 This time of year is the busiest until January and I have so many new seasonal items to make.  New new new innovate innovate innovate.  I am very stressed because of it since school is in full swing.  I forgot to tell you all I am in Speech class which is required to get your Associates degree Tues and Thurs(so lame because I rock at speech and this class is so easy and a waste of my time) and my two online courses are Religion and Nutrition both of which I am interested in, already knowledgable in and generally like.  I love what I do but boy is it hard to keep up with.  Sales on Etsy have taken off and they always seem to be the complicated items haha.  

 New edit I adore from Augusts shoot...

 My newest customers sale items!

 I think I forgot to tell you all I have bangs again ha!  I get told I am Cleopatra like;)  What a neat compliment.
 Ohhh pumpkin and Halloween time.  Decorated all week with the Kids yep I am an early bird when it comes to Halloween decorating and just popped up the new flag outside today...
I am so excited for the pumpkin patch this year!
 New bows for my show this saturday
 The green time of year and the foliage is a beat!
 Other new edit.  Loving this one.  Flows with such a unique beauty and meaning.
 My beautiful Veona
 We are all going to be pirates this year Dave, myself, and Veona.  She goes Mommy we are gonna go Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 Cooking monster lately...

 We had a wonderful summer.  Full of wonderful dinners, BBQs, pool time, nights out, concerts, fairs/festivals, family days, shopping, love, and so much more.  This summer was nice and we both were so busy with work!  No beach trip sadly but we plan to go away in the Fall for a couple days.  October is our favorite time of year and our official year hehe!  I am so in love with Dave and what we share together and all of our inspiration and support we provide each other with.  My beautiful Veona is so smart and I can not believe she starts her social school on Thursday!!! She is so ready and excited.  We went to about 6 fairs this year with her and I took her to many library book sessions and animal nights.  She is a growing girl and just happy as can be.


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